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Samson: Parliamentary Finance: The budget will be applied and implemented retroactively for the past months

4th April, 2021

On Sunday, a member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Muhammad al-Shabki, stated that the budget will be applied and implemented retroactively for the past months that were not enacted, pointing out that the budget must be effective from the first of last January.

Al-Shabaki said in a press interview, that “the federal budget for 2021 is supposed to be published in the Iraqi newspaper Al-Waqae’ after it was decided by Parliament and voted on in general.”

He added that “the budget is considered effective from the first of January of the year 2021, despite the parliament voted on it on the 31 of last March.”

He explained that “the budget is applied and implemented retroactively for the past months, after Parliament voted on it after exceeding the specified date for its implementation.”   LINK


Samson:  A government statement about paying salaries in dollars: a flawed matter, the flag and the currency are state sovereignty

4th April, 2021

Advisor to the Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers for Financial Affairs, Obaid Mahal, on Sunday described the proposal to disburse salaries in dollars as a “flawed matter,” pointing out that the flag and currency are the sovereignty of the state.

Mahal said, “The payment of salaries in dollars to employees, as suggested by one of the representatives, is defective.” And he added, “Regardless of the economic damage it will cause if this proposal is implemented, the fact that the flag and currency is the sovereignty of the state, and we are in a sovereign state, and sovereign states have an exclusive right to dispose of their currencies.”

The head of the Parliamentary Human Rights Committee, Arshad al-Salihi, had attributed his demand to the government that salaries should be distributed for the next three months in dollars so that the aggrieved citizen could return part of his stolen right, which would lead to an increase in the value of the Iraqi dinar.

In a statement, Al-Salhi said: His demand comes after the Oil Ministry’s statement on the amount of its exports for the month of March, whose revenues amounted to $ 5.8 billion, the amount of exported oil 91 million and 311 thousand and 929 barrels, at an average price of $ 63.329 per barrel, despite OPEC’s decision to reduce production The poor segment has been exposed to outrageous damage due to the high price of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar by the Central Bank.

He added that the responsibility entrusted to us is part of our supervisory duties, and based on the principle of preserving the rights of the citizen, we demand that the salaries of employees be distributed for the next three months in dollars.   LINK

OlLar:  Hmmm, could it be that most of the Dinars have been sucked in, time to give the citizens notes they can use, IMO

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