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Clare: The President of the Republic approves the 2021 budget and returns it to the government to implement it, starting tomorrow


Shafaq News / An informed political source said, on Wednesday, that the Presidency of the Republic had approved the budget law and returned it to the government to work on it.

The source told Shafaq News Agency that the President of the Republic, Barham Salih, approved today the federal budget for 2021, and it was sent to the Ministry of Finance to start working on it, starting tomorrow, Thursday.

The Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Bashir Haddad, announced yesterday, Tuesday, that the parliament will refer the Federal Budget Law for the year 2021 to the Presidency of the Republic for approval.
According to a document signed by the Deputy Secretary-General of Parliament, Sadiq Jumah Hamid, addressed to the Office of the Presidency of the Republic, and obtained by Shafaq News Agency, that “based on Article 73, Clause III of the Constitution, we send to you (the Federal Budget Law of 2021).”


Bravo13:  So it appears the budget is signed and ready for implementation as soon as it’s published, is this correct ? now just waiting for publication to see the rate?


Samson:  Planning announces that the Ministry will soon finish completing the reform and recovery plan in Iraq

04/07/2021 17:18:29

The Minister of Planning, Khaled Battal Al-Najm, confirmed today, Wednesday, that the Iraqi government is making exceptional efforts to confront the difficult conditions that Iraq is currently facing, in order to address them and limit their future repercussions on society.

“This came during the minister’s participation in the consultative workshop organized by the United Nations Mission in Baghdad today, during which the United Nations Program of Action in Iraq was discussed for the next four years, and the Minister of Immigration was also attended by it,” the ministry said in a statement.

The displaced, Irina Solorano, the deputy special representative of the United Nations for humanitarian affairs, as well as representatives of a number of ministries, representatives of the private sector, civil society and university professors.

The Minister of Planning explained, “The government efforts are focused today, in enhancing the health capabilities to confront the Corona pandemic, and there are other efforts and measures related to youth who represent the largest segment of the population, and they are the main engine of the popular movement in Iraq, as well as the government’s measures to address The displacement file, and the economic reforms included in the White Paper and the Five-Year Development Plan 2018-2022

Indicating that “the Ministry of Planning is about to complete the preparation of the reform and recovery plan, which will be complementary to the national development plan, expressing hope for more cooperation with the United Nations agencies and the international community and uniting efforts in order to face these challenges, revealing that the Council of Ministers issued a resolution called Under which the Ministry of Planning, a national coordinator with the international community.

For her part, the UN representative, Irina Solorano, praised the efforts of the Iraqi government in the face of the current circumstances, noting that “the framework of the United Nations Program of Action in Iraq for the next four years includes many activities, including work to achieve social cohesion and develop the economy, within the framework of priorities. Determined by the Iraqi side.”   LINK

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