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Samson: Integrity arrests officials on charges of embezzlement and damaging public money

10:48 – 11/04/2021

The Federal Integrity Commission announced, on Sunday, that it was able to carry out two seizures for a treasurer and official of warehouses for a company for the distribution of oil products in Najaf and Nineveh.

The authority said in a statement that the information received, a copy of it, that “a team from the Commission’s investigation office in the province of Najaf, and after conducting investigations about information received from the field team of the Ministry of Finance and its departments in the province, moved to the tax department – Kufa branch, where he was able to catch the cashier in the act of tampering with receipts of receivable accounting (37 / a) for the amounts of revenues and trusts during the past two years.

The statement added that “the priorities that prove the accused’s manipulation and embezzlement of financial sums amounting to more than (70,000,000) million Iraqi dinars as a result of that manipulation have been linked,” indicating that “there are other sums of money that have also been embezzled, but they have not been counted. That the office’s audits are ongoing; In order to uncover all the misappropriated amounts.

In a separate operation, the department revealed that “a team from the Authority’s Investigation Directorate in Nineveh Governorate managed to arrest the official of one of the warehouses belonging to the Oil Products Distribution Company in Nineveh according to the provisions of Article (340) of the Penal Code. Because there is a shortage of large quantities of regular and enhanced benzene, and an increase in white oil. She noted “the investigation and investigation procedures carried out by the team through the on-site inspection of the tanks in the warehouse, confirming that it had noticed the effects of withdrawing the product from the tank on the ground, and the absence of“ flow after the adrenine ”(tank openings).

The statement added that “fundamentalist arrest warrants were organized in the two operations, and they were presented together with the investigative papers, the accused and the seized exhibits to the two specialized investigative judges who decided to arrest the accused pending investigation.”   LINK

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