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Don961: Advisor to the Prime Minister: 73 billion Iraqi debts payable

Thursday April 15, 2021   Baghdad: Shaima Rasheed

Advisor to the Prime Minister, Mazhar Muhammad Salih, stated that Iraq’s internal and external debts amounted to 73 billion dollars payable, in addition to 40 billion outstanding debts to eight countries.

Saleh said in an interview with “Al-Sabah”: “The largest debt of Iraq was before 1990, when its debts were more than 128 billion dollars. Under the Paris Club agreement for the year 2004, it was agreed that all creditors write off 80 percent or more of each debt in return. Iraq to conclude agreements with these countries separately ». 

He added, “There are countries that have waived their debt a hundred percent and the other part of 90 percent, and of this debt only 3 billion remains and is about to expire,” indicating that “the problem is that there are nearly two billion in debt to the private sector in the form of bonds, and these are It will be liquidated in the coming years.

Saleh added, “There are other foreign debts that have accumulated due to the war on ISIS and are estimated at 12 billion, and there are debts due to development projects provided by some global funds. Therefore, this debt is estimated at 23 billion dollars owed to be paid except for 40 billion dollars pending.”

“Iraq’s internal debt is very large and amounts to about 50 billion dollars, but what distinguishes this debt is that it is a debt owed by the government.”    LINK

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