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Samson: The US Army reaffirms: We will not leave Iraq

30th April, 2021
Commander of the US Central Command, General Kenneth Mackenzie, confirmed, on Friday, that his country’s forces will not leave Iraq in the near future.

“The American forces are in Iraq at the request of the Iraqi government, and they are continuing to fight against ISIS in cooperation with the (international) coalition,” McKinsey said in a televised interview, adding that “this battle is not over yet.”

McKinsey praised the role of the Iraqi army, which set out to assume a “leadership position,” as he described it, and said, “The Iraqis are fighting on their own. Our mission has shifted from direct combat to greater support and training, and we are far from fighting on the ground. This is the position we want to see.” develop”.

“The future of US forces in Iraq will be determined through negotiations with the government of Iraq,” MacKenzie said, stressing: “I don’t think we will leave Iraq soon.”

The American general referred to “the role of the Iraqi government in taking measures to defend American and coalition forces,” adding: “I am happy with the activities of the Iraqi security forces, and in their protection of coalition partners from attack. This is the responsibility of the Iraqi government, and I am happy that it is successfully assuming this responsibility (although it is It didn’t always work.”  LINK

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