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Frank26: We’re looking for, what we call ‘chatter’ from the CBI and the GOI…It’s not hard for the IQD to de-peg from the American dollar because the IQD’s assets and natural resources simply embarrass the American dollar.

It is going to happen. The process is revealing itself right now of the new small category notes and the new exchange rate.  Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it is not happening.  With all deep sincerity in my heart, I am more than satisfied that it is happening. I wish you well. If you’re hurting because you need this money, I pray for you.

MilitiaMan: Article: “Ports call for accelerating electronic transformation” This has been a work in progress for years. They have not just started this. They have been hard at this for many years. Now it is effectively go time…We know the IMF, UN, World Bank, Bank of international Settlements, etc have a pulse in the on goings in the monetary reforms and digital transformation that Iraq is presenting to the world now.

It is very clear they are gearing to interlink globally via land, sea and air…All borders, ports and airports will have codes for all goods. A requirement for Article 8 and or WTO ascension. imo ~ They are obviously educating everyone in the matter. The most important at this level are the those 200 banks, as they clear money globally… They all have a need to know and at the same time. They got the message…This is very very very exciting times imo!

Samson:  Finance Committee: Iraq needs 27 years to pay its internal and external debts

9th May, 2021

A member of the Economy and Investment Committee in the Iraqi Parliament, Mazen Al-Faily, revealed that Iraq needs about three decades to pay off its accumulated debts.

Al-Faily confirmed in a statement that there are internal and external debts and loans, which expire in the year two thousand and forty-eight, which means that Iraq will continue to pay the debts during the next twenty-seven years, indicating that the Parliamentary Economic Committee objected to borrowing without there being alternatives to oil or Reducing expenditures, while Al-Faily pointed out the absence of any practical steps on the ground to maximize Iraq’s imports in the industrial, agricultural and tourism sectors.   LINK

Samson:  Learn about Iraq’s ranking with the largest gold reserves in the world

9th May, 2021

The World Gold Council announced, on Sunday, that Iraq possesses more than 96 tons of gold as reserves of the precious yellow metal.

In its latest schedule for the month of May 2021, seen by Mawazine News, the council said, “Iraq ranked 38th in the world out of 100 countries listed in the table with the largest gold reserves in the world, and ranked fifth in the Arab world after Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Algeria and Libya.”

He added, “Iraq’s possession of gold amounted to 96.3 tons, which represents 8.1% of the rest of its other reserves.    LINK

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