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Frank26: The CBI will give the Iraqi citizens all the information about the new exchange rate and the new small category notes and IMO this would happen probably within 2 weeks.

MilitiaMan: From the amount of convergences we see…the timing is clearly in our favor for an exchange rate change. …They are openly talking about digitization and with currencies being apart of the future outlook and much more…the new economic environment is ripe to grow and big time! …The environment will need the exchange rate to be with out occupation. As, in not at a program rate…They even told us that it is inevitable and that they already have it in the cards to evaluate oil pricing in Dinar. A digital transformation that will be global is fully underway and cannot stop, imo…They are going to end the occupation of the DINAR and that means they are to have practical sovereignty over their national product, their currency!!!

Samson:  A “historic” financial crisis threatens the United States… and the Treasury is appealing

20th September, 2021

“US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen appealed to Congress to raise the debt ceiling to avoid a “historic financial crisis

In an article published in the Wall Street Journal, Yellen noted that the United States had always raised the debt ceiling before it was exceeded

The United States has never defaulted. Not once” “Doing so (defaulting) would likely lead to a historic financial crisis”. She explained that “a default could lead to higher interest rates, a sharp decline in stock prices, and other financial turmoil”

The debt ceiling, which only Congress can increase, was reinstated on August 1, after being suspended for two years. The current debt ceiling, unless it is raised, prohibits the United States from borrowing more than the current ceiling of $28.4 trillion

The issue usually raises differences between the Republican and Democratic parties, and the debt ceiling has already been raised 80 times since the 1960s. The Treasury Department warned last week that the government will run out of money in October

In her last article, Yellen enumerated a list of potential financial disasters that could inflict on the country if the debt ceiling was not raised and the United States was not able to repay its debts within the specified deadlines

Within days, millions of Americans will be short of cash she said and she continued, “Social security checks may be cut off for about 50 million elderly people. Soldiers’ salaries may stop. “We will emerge from this crisis as a temporarily weaker nation

Yellen recalled the 2011 debt crisis, noting that the policy of putting the United States on the brink of the debt ceiling “has pushed America to the brink of crisis. During the crisis related to the debt debate under former President Barack Obama, the United States was closer than ever to default. This prompted Standard & Poor’s to downgrade the US debt rating to “AAA”, which caused a shock in the markets

Yellen stressed that acting as soon as possible would enable the country to avoid the worst outcomes of 2011. “Time means money in this case, billions of dollars, she wroteShe stressed, “Neither postponement nor default in payment can be tolerated

“The last 17 months have tested the economic strength of our country. We are just emerging from the crisis. We must not completely immerse ourselves again in another avoidable (crisis)  LINK

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