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Samson:  Iraq seeks to move the file of frozen funds in France to buy advanced weapons

24th September, 2021

The Parliamentary Security and Defense Committee revealed, on Friday, September 24, 2021, efforts to move the file of Iraqi funds frozen in France to buy weapons and military equipment.

The head of the Parliamentary Security and Defense Committee, Muhammad Rida Al Haider, said in a statement received by the Obelisk: There are obstacles in arming the Iraqi army in terms of air power, air defense and ground forces, including armored vehicles and tanks, especially after the battle of the terrorist organization, indicating that the French military attaché and political representative of the embassy the French visited us in the Security and Defense Committee and briefed us on the initial understanding of contracting the French Rafale planes, as well as advanced French radars and various air defense weapons.

He explained: So far, the contract has not been signed, but the understandings are there and have been identified, and the Iraqi Defense Minister visited France twice and agreed on some weapons. We don’t know how much money is.

Al Haidar indicated that a committee was formed during the era of the two previous governments to look into this file, and this committee is made up of old officers in the Air Force and Air Defense who have complete information. Iraq and the subject is being searched for.

He stressed that Iraq can raise the issue and take weapons with the old frozen money, because Iraq paid money to France to buy weapons, but it stopped during the siege and remained frozen in France and some officers raised the issue as volunteers. correct.   LINK

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