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Samson: The Central Bank of Iraq issues new financial bonds   

26th September, 2021

The Central Bank of Iraq announced on Sunday the issuance of new bonds in two financial categories.

The bank stated in a statement received by Shafak News Agency; In continuation of the role of the Central Bank of Iraq in developing the local financial market and mobilizing savings, the Central Bank offered the first issue of (construction) bonds of two categories (500,000) dinars (five hundred thousand dinars) with annual interest (6%) for two years, and (1,000,000) dinars. (One million dinars) with annual interest (7%) for four years.

The central bank confirmed; That “the purchase of these bonds will be through authorized banks, which receive purchase requests from those who wish to do so and deliver them a receipt for the amounts of purchase of these bonds, where the Central Bank issues them and delivers them to the banks within a short period.” LINK

Ryan1216:  Frank always spoke of bonds being issued .  Does anyone know if the 2021 budget has been.opened fully?

Billuke:  IMO…my understanding that it has passed back in the beginning or around 1st QTR but it hasn’t been fully implemented…if that’s what you mean.

For the first time.. Iraq signs a regional agreement to deliver its mail to various cold in the world

26th September, 2021
The Iraqi Post signed an agreement to transport mail with EgyptAir to improve the postal services provided by the General Postal and Savings Company for citizens and to ensure the speedy arrival of mail issued from Iraq to all countries of the world.

A statement by the General Postal and Savings Company, received by (Baghdad Today), said that “the agreement resulted in providing enormous capabilities in delivering Iraqi mail to various cold areas in the world in a record time characterized by accuracy and safety, and to ensure the duration of the arrival of the outgoing mail to various countries of the world from 3 to 7 days, and to avoid Cases of delays or loss of postal items and parcels by relying on the advanced IPS system in tracking.”

He added, “This system provides the possibility of tracking various postal items, as this step is a very important achievement in the way of competing with international companies according to the latest technologies in force.”

He expressed the company’s endeavor to improve its postal services provided through cooperation and contracting with solid international companies in order to improve the type and quality of services provided.  LINK

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