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Samson: For the year 2021..disclosure of the size of Iraq’s foreign debt

27th September, 2021

The American magazine Global Finance revealed, on Monday, the size of Iraq’s foreign debt for the current year.

The magazine said in its schedule for the year 2021, which was reviewed by “Mawazine News”, that “Iraq’s foreign debt during 2021 amounted to 69.684 billion dollars, down from “2020, in which it amounted to 81.153 billion dollars,” noting that “Iraq’s debt for 2019 amounted to 47.705 billion dollars.” And in 2018, it amounted to $50.018 billion.”

She added that “the most indebted Arab countries in 2021 were from Sudan, with a foreign debt of 211.656 billion dollars, preceded by Eritrea with a debt of 175.575 billion dollars, and Bahrain with a foreign debt of 129.417 billion dollars, then Egypt with a debt of 92.858 billion dollars, and Jordan with a debt of 91.172 billion dollars.

One billion dollars, while no debt was recorded in Lebanon for the year 2021, as there were no statistics during this year, after its external debt for the year 2020 amounted to 154.364 billion dollars.   LINK

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