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DELTA: The current economic crisis is required in Iraq and Reform

10. re-evaluation of the Iraqi dinar:

The central bank spent $ 5 billion a month in defense of the exchange rate (123 000 versus $ 100) This means with a reserve of 50 billion by the steadfastness of the dinar against the dollar will continue to be at best to the middle of next year.

Especially with the scarcity of oil revenues, and they went to the oil companies operating in Iraq and finance the purchase of heavy and light weapons and aircraft operations.

What makes it imperative for the government re-evaluation of the Iraqi dinar is reasonable and the fight against financial and political corruption that is going on the auction of foreign currency for years?



Iggy:  Re-evaluation  Noun

1.Re-evaluation – the evaluation of something a second time(or more)


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My question, is this all of the article or is there more to it….

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