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“Dessert” Notes by Aggiedad77 11-17-15

Aggiedad77:  Ok, while the forum was down I got busy on the dessert notes from last night’s Bible Study CC…..enjoy them Family   Aloha   Randy

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Bible Study CC Dessert Notes 11-17-2015

From Frank:  Wonderful time last night Family…..all Honor and Glory to God.

The CBI and GOI are working so closely together, it seems that not much could slow things down now.

Dr. Shabibi has made a decision….to jump out of a plane….and by doing so he is committed to pulling the ripcord….that airplane held Maliki and other bad men….but Dr. Shabibi is now unafraid of his own actions…he is intent on that ripcord, to be pulled at the appropriate time…..indeed, he jumped into a beautiful horizon.

Well we know the Monetary Reform as one thing.

However, many of you hunger, many of you have called asking information on the Vietnamese Dong.

Back in the day, many items were stamped in some way “Made in Japan.” This was after the end of World War II when we had made tatters of their army and naval fleet, after we had decimated two of their large cities with nuclear bombs.

The devastation from these bombs were complete destruction for miles and miles, further than the eye could see. My Father was there and was saddened by all that he saw. People who were caught standing next to buildings were vaporized, their molecular image was left imprinted upon the wall of the building….nothing more was left.

We tried to become big brothers to Japan, but they resisted for a while…..then we convinced them they could help with the industrial revolution that was going on in the US during the 50’s and we started to import more and more of their products.

While we were busy making bigger and better airplanes and automobiles and finding a way to put a man on the moon, Japan was busy providing for some of our most basic needs. Then we taught them that they could make parts for much of our machinery much cheaper than we could…and as a result many parts began to have that “Made in Japan” stamp as well.

Around 1990 though we finally started to back away from this kind of cooperative effort with Japan.

IMO…..we see today much of the same effort between another big dog and smaller dog…..China and Vietnam.

But they do not require a war to determine who is biggest….they already know. Both are communist countries. The one says jump and the other asks how high. The one can tap their heads and rub their bellies at the same time, such talent they possess.

We see that the economic growth of Vietnam is quite spectacular….in fact it is exploding.

But the big dog China is the one who wants the limelight today….it is the big dog who exercises more muscle and despite the wild economic growth of Vietnam…..China will have its way….they want a picnic basket….they want to be a part of that basket….even though Vietnam deserves that basket, China’s muscle is stronger.

China looks to the US and others and says….why not do business with us instead of little Vietnam…..the success of Vietnam’s economy is causing a jealousy with China….soon many parts of the world we be seeing things stamped, “Made in Vietnam”…..in fact we here in the US are already seeing this.

We know that China has been allowed to crawl into this picnic basket while Vietnam…..the more deserving one…..has simply been blackballed by their bigger neighbor.

You will see things happening faster now…..China’s currency prepares for going to the prom….while little Cinderella, Vietnam, must sit at home and wait.

Review history though Family….the steps that were followed were not exactly the same….no they weren’t.

Today Vietnam knows its place…..Vietnam was ready to create its own CHIP codes…..but China the big dog told them not to do that yet.

So as a result Vietnam is not being allowed to join the picnic basket yet.

Again when you look at history, we understand what Russia and China do to their little friends…..just look at Laos, Cuba, Vietnam, and North Korea….they all hold in their place….why….because they are told to do so….and they do as they are told.

Over the past 3 months many deals have been struck for the elimination of ISIS….not just with Iraq….other countries as well.

China or Russia could not withstand such an invasion of ISIS so they join new coalition forces to help take the head off ISIS.

Many have not yet seen this but we reported last night that France went to the UN Security Council and invoke Article 5…..requesting…demanding that the new coalition forces help France get rid of ISIS.

We are also seeing more and more news articles talking about the lifting of 000’s.

Get this….the Iraqi Finance Committee wants to “study how the USD works with the IQD”……don’t they realize by now how things work…..how their economy is about to explode….remember the USD closed today at 99.75….incredible….it comes to meet the IQD.

Remember the 7-10 days we expect for December, the second week into the third week….IOO…..we will not see the steps…..the movement of the RI into the RV.

Today they even talked about coins….did you notice that.

I talked of Exchange Pillars….they are inside a basket that is designed to help the IQD reach its National Ratio Position.

Yes there was an article that we saw today that talked of the IMF moving the program rate from 1166 to 1500….but don’t be a sucker for this action…..all they speak of is a program rate….what Iraq will be doing is walking away from any kind of program rate….towards an international rate…..both the IMF and the World Bank are using scare tactics…..against those who hold IQD.

Stay focused on the idea that Iraq has a program rate, it matters not what it is….what matters is that they are moving as we speak towards an international rate.

Yes Robdel, look at the XE rate today, it dropped to 1116….why…..remove the 000’s and it becomes $1.16…..and I say this again…..don’t allow any LOP talk scare you.

SydneySam2…..yes we said 7-10 day period between the RI and the RV….NOT….after the RV.

Dr. Shabibi is launching the Monetary Reform Rocket in December…but…..don’t run to it too early.

Due to the full picnic basket Iraq will do very well very soon…..give it time though.

The Vietnamese dong will not be in the first basket…..but it too is poised….IMO…..for 2016.

The 12 were given the number 7 by IMF Lagarde back in March.

Take 7 – 1 = the months unitl the VND becomes a part of the basket.

Good night Family.