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Aggiedad77:  Below are Franks “Dessert” notes to me as well as the notes from his portion of tonight’s CC….enjoy.

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Tuesday Night CC Notes 11-03-2015

Frank26:  Today Family you saw that the US of A stated they were withdrawing USD’s temporarily from Iraq….there was some excuse about funding terrorism/DAASH/ISIS or some such thing…..probably a valid concern at some point….in the past.

Note too that we are being fed what information the media wants us to hear….if they were to choose to “starve” us….they would simply stop funneling information our way….and they would do this if they were told to do so.

What we see today actually started way back in August…the first week of August….remember last week on the Monday CC we talked about goals, one thing then another…..look at your notes as to what we discussed…..

One such goal was to be the removal of the USD from Iraq by 1/1/2015…..well heads up…..they are FAR FAR ahead of schedule on this topic as we saw them stating today.

In fact this is GREAT news to us…..but we have to keep in mind this activity actually took place dating back to August….that first week of August.

Think back to July even….the IMF was in conference with Dr. Shababi we believe and told him “you aren’t ready yet”…..you need to do a few more things….one of which we saw last week, the National Security Card…the one that replaced the Ki Card, more functionality for all Iraqi citizens….

BIG Monetary Reform step and effort on their part….but they don’t tell it to us this way…..instead they come up with the story of the USD being used for terrorism funding and we, the US, is going to stop sending the USD to Iraq.

AHHHHHH???????? Right….NO

What we need to keep in mind is that Iraq cannot revalue their IQD as long as the USD is being used in Iraq…..Randy interjected….Alan posted of this today…..Frank…”really I didn’t read that…honestly…..I had no idea he said that”…..Alan….Alan who”……Alan brother we love you….and love that you understand and we know there are other members of the Family who too understand.


Frank will share more tomorrow night after a shortened Business CC, he will dedicate an hour or so on more of this same material.

Now how about an example of what has transpired that we don’t yet know about.

PM Abadi went to the masques on Sunday evening and via a live feed TV broadcasting he spoke to all the Iraqi citizens….saying…Iraqi citizens I offer to you VALUED citizens of Iraq….security, stability, and prosperity without exception to the upcoming EID.

Circle four key words here

Family…..SECURITY….STABILITY….EXCEPTION….PROSPERITY it was on TEAM chat last Friday night if you were there that we were asked by the TEAM to seek keywords….these same keywords….in fact the same KEYWORDS we’ve been sharing with you for almost six months.

We have a news feed to prove this information, but it is not yet out on the internet. We believe the feed to be true but seek confirmation of the use of these keywords.

When have you ever heard PM Abadi speak like this…speak so forcefully using these kinds of words? What we need right now is more proof.


He ended this part of the dessert with my by saying that he and the TEAMS have three other files they wish to discuss with the Family.

Frank came into the CC at this point and then shared the following information:

Remember Family and it is hard to believe, this news is already old. We are given information and told to protect it, and by the time we can release it the information has become old….it is like some things are taking on a persona of a three month projection in some ways.

We had a staff meeting last month and a date was shared with KTFA Staff members of when the LD’s would be brought back into Iraq…when they would be brought forward.

Again, refer back to July, they were supposed to do all this back then, but the timing wasn’t right….it was like a missile countdown 3-2-hold…what hold please.

Remember the US walked in and escorted people out of the way and the people were told get out of the way….we took over…did some things that had to get done and then we allowed Iraq and the new coalition of forces take the credit……Laws, Banks, Baby Banks, LD’s….but the timing wasn’t right…then the first week of August….this is when the US actually stopped sending USD to Iraq, loans were being made in USD up to that time…but it all stopped, yes terrorism was to blame, partially.

Now is the SEASON…..to be PROSPEROUS.

Frank mentioned he had been writing for 3 hours today in the car taking notes from TEAMS. Everything that is presented should make logical sense…..especially the news media info….they WANT you to see this NOW, but we (the TEAMS) knew this would happen….

Been talking for months to the TEAMS about banking via posts at various times. They were asked to got o certain banks and make withdrawals to see with what ease that would be…..before now getting $10,000 USD in cash was not really a problem….however in the last several weeks they were asked to do this and it took several weeks to do so, but more importantly it took going to FOUR banks to make it happen….to get $10,000 USD in hard cash in their hands….this is unheard of….but largely due to the US stopping the USD from entering Iraq.

For the time being Iraq has essentially eliminated the USD from their diet….this was to happen by 1/1/2016….but has happened already…..that much USD, $10,000 in cash is not that easy to get even within the US now.

But now today…the USD is flowing back into Iraq but not in the manner we would think….it is going back for “our use. The Iraqis know their citizens have hoarded the USD….so this slowdown has made some sense and yes it partially had something to do with ISIS and terrorism funding….but where is ISIS today….gone or for all practical purposes gone.

We’ve seen recently that Dr. Shabibi has started talking once again about the lifting of the 000’s….then PM Abadi beating his chest like a gorilla talking about security, stability, prosperity….all this is phenomenal news.

Yes we still have lots to share tomorrow.

The article that is out regarding the USD and terrorism funding is old and dated…..yes there was corruption within the CBI….not with Dr. S…but with others…..Maliki pointed that out….but he had fingers pointing back at himself too because he was a guilty party as well.

Reuters has been asked to be a watchdog over the CBI and its transactions.

Well all of this….all of what Randy brought you…..rumor or not.

PM Abadi was at the mosque Sunday evening….he did speak to the citizens….telling them he was offering a full life of security, stability, prosperity without exception to the upcoming EID.

Where did these strong words come from….as we’ve said there are EXPECTATIONS for November, watch for these keywords from Abadi in the next few days.

One more thing Abadi is seen as the Commander in Chief…but that title is changing to Commander in Chief of all Forces in Iraq…this is important….it needs to happen to give Iraq the full and complete credit they need….status means quite a bit in the Middle East…in Iraq.

The call was closed with a prayer.