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CC approx. 171 minutes long.

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The last time we were together, I told you that things (in the news) were going to be slow. It looks like that is the case again.

The media is also on our side now. We believe that is the case because Maliki no longer has his “claws” [ownership] into the media in Iraq.

The military is advancing greatly! (that’s all we can share on that right now).

You know when you approach a traffic light … and you see the “yellow-light” – most of us step on the gas rather than slow down to stop. I believe that Iraq is in that position right now. They don’t want a red light.

You know that Dr. Shabibi has the green light. Do you think that Iraq is slowing down the monetary reform? No! Iraq is stepping on the gas. Just keep in mind … Iraq doesn’t care if it goes thru the traffic light if it’s green, yellow or red.

Remember, we entered Iraq with a large mop … and we did a good job … but now Putin has entered into the scene … and in the period of 8 days, he has done a lot.

Is China dumping US Bonds? (yes)

Isn’t China part of the coalition forces? (yes)

Today’s news shows more battleships (China) lining up a wall of defense.

Is Russia and China doing things they shouldn’t? (yes)

It was part of “the deal”

What is China doing un-pegging from the USD?

Is China trying to embarrass the USA?

China, Russia, Iran … sworn enemies … yet we are in bed with them.

Look at this … Iran shows photos/videos of its cave with massive missiles inside.

How can Iran do things without their sanctions being officially released?

Sworn enemies … are we’re (USA) is allowing this.

How / Why ? This is the plan.

At the very, very end I told you they would discover water of Mars … and Hilary will show up to run as President … and now Biden? LOL

Does Russia care what we say? (no – it’s all a part of the plan)

China is dumping all of the USA bonds … no longer buying our debt. It’s the plan.

What plan?

Please join me on my “BLUE COUCH” – because what I’m about to tell you could be something I had a dream about.

China is crashing our financial system … because that is part of the plan.

You see we started a mess. History tried to teach you … certain companies were using the housing industry – they even made a movie about it. LOL

We used the housing industry (manipulation) … deals that you didn’t even know about … especially with Chase Manhattan.

The things being done globally right now … are for us.

Power demands RESPECT!

This was planned a long time ago to cover up the housing crisis.

China dumps the US bonds … destroying our monetary system … de-pegging from the

The Federal Reserve has to “change” – it must do things differently.

So China makes a deal … de-pegs from USA … money printing is stopped … Iraq stock-piles gold.

If you want more information … study what ThunderHawk, BackDoc, PapaJ and others on our forum have to say.

Study what Jack Lew said to you 6 or 7 months ago. He said … “there is an accident waiting to happen” … (because of the Federal Reserve).

Reserve keeps printing money that it can’t back-up.

There are deals … and purposes with our sworn enemies.

I told you yesterday, I can accept this hypocrisy a little longer – because it is fixing our financial failures from a long time ago. Want someone to blame … Nixon never should have taken us off of the gold standard.

What in the world is going on in Iraq? (the same thing)

Do you think we’re going to fail? (no) – the dynamo effect would be huge … it would destroy China and Russia.

Our Skull-Crushers are studying right now … and have for a long time. They study “flags” The day that the Lord blesses us … they have a surprise for you. They study 4 flags in particular. Two of them look alike. They study the Federal Reserve in Puerto Rico. They study shipping, and Spain … and a New World Order. Please do NOT PM them with questions. They come in day and night … they communicate with each other. Unfortunately some other websites have caused us damage at ktfalways.com

I told you that I was going to introduce you to a new war.

I would like to invite you tomorrow (8pm EST) – after Bible Study … I want to show you something. It will take about 45-50 minutes. It will shock you. It may stress some of you out. I would not want you to be ignorant. It is not a currency, or terrorist war. Please come tomorrow and I will show you. This is an unknown war to you.

We understand that the media is working in our direction. The bad guys that once controlled the GOICBI are gone.

Please see post #61 by WalkingStick — the middle-east media has a plan to stop the false rumors. The media is now going to be our friend. We told you that last Monday.

This next part is when we bring in Delta. What Delta did for you, (for us as a family in Christ) – he brought in an article (written in Arabic) by an Economist (who usually is critical of Abadi) … but it is amazing.

What Delta is about to share with you … is at the very HEART of the activities of the GOI. Like we told you 1, 2, 3, and 4 … (#1 being LAWS) – the investment law was delayed, postponed … (LOL) … if you want to believe that … that is your business. But, deep in my heart … they are waiting in a top-drawer waiting to be released when Dr. Shabibi is at the helm of the CBI.

The investment law is just part of what we are going to talk to you tonight. We will also try to make sense of the mathematics of what the economist had to say.


We have a lot of good information for the family.

Today we are going to give some confirmation that we are very, very close!

I want to talk to you about the article that I posted back on the 16th of October.

The article is very long, but very important … and has a lot of “cookies” in it.

The economist is talking about the economic crisis in Iraq – and offers his opinion of how to get over the crisis.

He claims that in the beginning of 2016, Iraq needs to make some changes to avoid some problems.

So many events led to the crisis — (ISIS, corruption, oil prices).

He said that Iraq needs to boost the private sector and agriculture.

He said the solution … (which Delta believes is coming very soon) … the very most important solution would be for the government to reevaluate the Iraqi Dinar.

The CBI – they are spending 5 Billion Dollars a month to give to the Iraqi banks – (to defend the Iraqi Dinar).

Reserves … he said that only has about 55 Billion left-over … which means by the middle of next year, they will run out of reserves.

So what happens then? Iraq would collapse.

The revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar will fix a lot of problems.

We don’t have a rate or date … but if the CBI is losing 5 Billion a month … so they can continue to suck the large notes off of the streets.

So what would Iraq do IF in 5 or 6 months – they had no money?

Remember when the oil was $90 to $100? Now it’s around $45 to $50.

For us, this appears to be good news … because everyone is telling Iraq that they need to revalue at a very good rate to help out with the current situation.

How can the revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar help?

Iraq must be in Article 8 … (to be in compliance with the IMF).

If Iraq came out at .85 to $1.00 … the CBI (who buys dinars and sells dollars) … will do the exact opposite as they introduce the lower denominations.

IMO – Iraq will rebuild their reserves one more time.

The nation of Iraq will collapse if they don’t do something before the end of the year … maybe even November 21st … you might see something.

Abadi knows that the economy will collapse without it. This is 100% fact!

Everything in Iraq will collapse!

Iraqi government is stuck in the corner – they have no choice and they really are out of time.

I’m telling you family, Iraq will collapse, the dinar will collapse and the authors of the plan will lose. This is very, very important. They know what they need to do.

I believe before the end of the year they MUST do something!!!

The CBI announced 4 or 5 days ago on their website … they will extend the sale of the bonds another month … (those are the ones that no one is buying).

They mature and payout in USD and not dinars. You must buy in dinars. I really doubt that anything is going happen in the month of October.

We told you … NO ONE was going to buy those bonds (because they don’t have an international currency). Everyone is waiting for the currency reform.

Why would anyone want to buy bonds from Iraq when they can go to Dubai or SA that are more attractive? LOL!

As long as Iraq is operating under a program rate – NO ONE is going to buy them!!!

We do believe that they have to do something fast!

Looks like tomorrow, Parliament has a lot of amendments … which need to be passed … they have to read article by article … amend line-item-by-line-item and finish it. This is very important.

With this investment law – there are a lot of things that will attract investors. Investors can buy land … and own it for 50 years … with options for the future.

They must pass the investment law.

The GOICBI need to move forward with the currency reform.

Something very, very important must happen because with the freedom of movement of capital … (international companies must be able to move money internationally).

I don’t care … no one is going to invest in Iraq if they don’t protect the investors and pass the currency reform.


My goodness … I think you said every point perfectly.

This country of Iraq … (as you mentioned) … they are running out of money. Liquidity problem.

Delta … before oil prices went down … weren’t they making 6 to 7 Billion a month on oil sales?


FRANK: Those numbers are cut in half … oil is low … and will rise … but probably not until January of 2016. In effect … Iraq is running on fumes.

DELTA: 50 Billion in reserves is nothing!!! They can blow through that very quick – it’s crazy.

I just got confirmation … all of the private banks in Iraq are about ready to file for bankruptcy.

The CBI has sucked in so many dinars … there is no money on the streets … the people are waiting for the lower denoms. I don’t see how they could take another 2 or 3 months which takes us into next year. This is going to collapse unless they do something quick!

FRANK: Delta, this is the first time I’ve seen you say that this could go into next year (2016) – but not much into 2016.

We told you all of this last summer … they must pass these laws.

IMO – the laws are passed … they are just waiting for them to raise the value of their currency.

This is accelerating to a point that you can’t see.

Iraq is about 100 feet underwater and out of oxygen! If they don’t hurry, they can’t even make it back to the surface before they will die.

The Federal Reserve is going to change!

There are more deals you are not aware of – that is why I want to show you something tomorrow night.

Delta do you want to talk about the refinery?

DELTA: This is more confirmation … the money will bring more security. BP was one of the biggest refineries in Iraq.

FRANK: Other gurus are saying that on the 20th this will happen. I doubt that very seriously.

What about the money recovered from Maliki and others? That will be used later.

DELTA: I have no doubt that they will pass the Investment Law. I believe it will be one of the best Investment Laws in the world – I was told that yesterday.

FRANK: You don’t need an Investment Law unless you are EXPECTING something to happen. We must see the LAWS … the LOWER DENOMS … then Dr. SHABIBI.

DELTA: So what about 11/11? That would be nice. LOL Everyone I look, I see 11/11.

FRANK: All of the “old-timers” will remember … in the still of the night … 11/11. LOL

Iraq is not paying their bills … not taking care of their people with this program rate. A lot of things are coming to a collision! The 4 things are set to explode into a new rate!

DELTA: Remember, no one is giving Iraq any loans. At 7 Billion a month … that won’t last … especially since their income is so low.

Iraq can’t come out of the hole unless they do something. We all know what the SOLUTION is … Article 8 … currency reform … print in the Gazette … investors will then inject lots of money into the country. Again … nobody knows the date.

What we do know is that Iraq is running out of time. Just sit back and watch what happens. IMO – they must act fast! Salaries, the military, etc. needs the money to keep going.

FRANK: As we come to an end … the HOT topic was the Investment Law.

#1 – LAWS … (we feel are done) … need to be announced to the International world.

#2 – LOWER DENOMS need to become visible

#3 – DR. SHABIBI need to become visible as the head of the CBI.

#4 – DR. SHABIBI … what rate would you like sir? (That’s why you came back. Wasn’t it sir?)

I believe that in the phase of a moon, we will see the Lower Denoms – because we need them.

The 1, 2, 3 and 4 may not necessarily come in that order.

Be prepared … there is something that may shock you … I want to make you aware of it tomorrow night.

The people who produce a program called “NOVA” did something that I want to show you.

I’d like for you to be spiritually prepared.

NO NOTES will be taken tomorrow!!!

#1 – Investment Law is for who? Investors who want to come into Iraq. YOU are in investor in Iraq – without going into Iraq. That is why this is so important.

I believe that the Investment Law may bring forth the HCL.

#1 is really, really #1!

You probably won’t see #3 and #4 until next year.

This is the latest information we have received – while we were doing this cc.


Iraq has pattern. They don’t break this pattern – even when they’ve had the opportunity to do it.

The pattern with Iraq is … if you tell them to take an inch … they will take that full-inch. If you tell them to take an hour … they will take the entire hour. They will stop at exactly 60 minutes.

There is a reason why we brought you the mathematics of the reserves. When we calculated it … this is the end of March. Please don’t roll your eyes. This trifecta of 3 months … is the finale of the monetary reform of this country. The laws are about to be kicked-in … because we finally have SECURITY now.

How can the other countries wait? Because they know – and they continue to wait.

Iraq will not be getting anymore “chump-loan” to just get by.

The reserves will be drained.

Do you think that what we are doing with China is an accident?

Do you think we did what we did with Russia is an accident?

Let’s end there before I lose you.

CC ended in prayer.

When you are dealing with 3 Super-Powers … along with yourself (#4 USA) – the 4 corners of the world have been covered.

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