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FRANK: Welcome to another one of your conference calls.

Will I open new files?

Will I share with you topics that are not in articles yet? I don’t know?

Are things ready and cooked to be served? Yes

I think last Monday’s cc was very important.

We need to understand this path.

In my opinion … the MR of the currency of Iraq … it got going real good after July.

In July … remember, I was in Hawaii … we decided to stay an extra month.

We learned together when they were doing in Iraq.

We know that the lower denoms are coming.

Last Monday … all of your notes were amended.

I believe the RI started on December 21st due to the 2% compliance.

Some are concerned because an article says that the dinar was devalued.

We are so close … we are not like the other “internet” sources.

The IMF said to Iraq in July … “are you ready?” They weren’t … because they weren’t Article 8 compliant.

The requirements … to be within 2% compliance … and to change the rate.

The calculations for a new rate we believe were given to them when they became within 2% compliance.

The “Big-Boys” looked over Iraq’s homework … and calculations are being done right now. They will approved the rate that Iraq wants to introduce.

In the past, we thought 10 cents … then we watched the price of oil.

The mathematics are approved by US.

We are in the phase of going from the RI to the RV … and the “big-boys” will remove them off of the “program rate.”

The “big-boys” scrubbed the 1st set of numbers … and the 2nd set of numbers.

I think the mathematics look good … and the RV should kick in.

The RI is none of your business. That is for the citizens of Iraq. We believe that the RI will come out 1 to 1 … which will control inflation and “tempt” the citizens to come into the banks. When the IQD exceeds the value of the USD … then the Iraqi citizens will come into the banks.

Remember, a “dinar-is-a-dinar.”

So … could an Iraqi take a dinar out of country and make more money? No. Because he is a citizen of Iraq.

At 1 to 1 an Iraqi citizen will just keep their USD’s … but when it exceeds the USD … that will work.

So … remember the “lag” of 2 weeks? IMO … we might be at the RV by the 14th or 15th of January.

Will people in say Germany turn-in and trade IQD’s for IQD’s? Probably not, because the German money is not worth as much as the USD right now.

Ever go to Las Vegas? What happens when you “cash-out?” You quit, right? So you don’t want to “cash-out” your dinars … you want to EXCHANGE them.

Global markets … banks … stock exchanges … brokerage houses … ForEx … outside the country of Iraq … the value of the IQD will increase in TWO different ways.

You will make money when it hits the GLOBAL MARKET on the stock exchange … which will add stability and security to the IQD … adding value.

The more they use it … and trust it … the value goes up. All of the sudden, you’ll have this currency that will go up … otherwise they will have inflation. There is a lot to learn. Some are afraid to learn. You need to learn how to sit and think. If you think about what I’m saying makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it?

We are looking for “markers” … we are looking for the lower-denoms … which we may see this week sometime.

Mirror, mirror on the wall … were there any auctions at all? Only one person posted on the forum today … apparently there were no auctions today.

So many people called, texted about currency being “fake.” Almost everyone I talked to … I asked them if they LISTENED to the conference call … and they said “no” – they just heard from someone … and AggieDad does his best to type up the notes … and I dare you to try to do what AggieDad does. Unfortunately, the note will not give you everything … certainly not the “flavor” of my face.

Back in 2004, the DeLeRue was commissioned to redo the IQD without Saddam’s face on it. The Kurds also wanted the currency with their language printed on it.

When the time is right … our “boys” will escort the new IQD (lower denoms) to the banks.

Everyone knows that there was some counterfeiting going on with the IQD. An unsanctioned currency. And seriously? People ordered IQD and Iranian Rial off of eBay? Sorry … that is undisciplined.

If you had a $1,000 in the bank and $25 in cash in your pocket. What do you do to replenish the $1,000 when you run out? (You “work” for more money … right?) You replenish those funds.

I can’t tell you by batch-numbers if your IQD currency is counterfeit or not – you can’t put that on me. My currency is fine … please don’t ask me about others.

Our new website … is about a month away from being finished. It will be dedicated to help with our ministry. The Lord has sent some amazing people to KTFA.

I hope our prayer-coordinator is listening … GeorgeJr … the blood-count is looking better … he appears to be in remission. The good Lord has answered our prayers.

What about Wakra? Some wonder why Wakra won’t return emails. I don’t have a Wakra account or any account in the middle-east. In my opinion … Wakra is a small bank. It was created by our American soldiers so that our military could cash their military paychecks. Wakra exploded in growth due to the size of our military. Apparently Wakra has gone for months without answering emails. Do you think they are busy now?

The battle in Ramadi is not quite over … but is going VERY WELL. Closure is coming.

Remember me talking to you about the country Turkey? Sometime they have been caught in the middle telling lies. They are in a bunch of trouble now … and they don’t want to draw attention to themselves.

I do want to tell you … we discovered a month or so ago … Abadi (article) said in regards to their budget and their economic growth and reforms … he said that even if they take it to March 2016 … they could make things RETROACTIVE to January the 1st.

There was a man in South Dakota … (about a week ago) … who was selling IQD … selling without a license … and guess what … the dinars he was selling … they were smuggled. You’ve got to ask a lot of questions about where you get your currency. Interesting. We are still standing.

Ok … let’s take some QUESTIONS.

I realize that the other forums are talking about China … and we covered that weeks ago.

I haven’t talked to any of my teams today because I was at the dentist.

The reason why I communicate over “LIVE-STREAM” is so that you can see my facial expressions.

I really feel that the LOWER DENOMS will be introduced BEFORE the end of this year.

The “Big-Boys” are in the driver’s seat. Iraq is merely waiting for the “Big-Boys” to give them the rate.

I think the RI going into the RV will be 1 to 1 – IMO. Then between the 31st of December and the 1st of January will be when that happens … again IMO! It could take 2 weeks after that for us to see it.

Two problems with TURKEY … well … the media will tell you … IF … they want to talk about it.

China is thirsty … and Iraq wants to FEED the largest country with their needs.

Some question if the price of oil will go back up in January? Keep watching.

Taxes? Capital gains? We will not know until after the RV.

The taxes and tariffs (which have already been activated) … and Iran’s sanctions will be lifted … all due out by the 31st of this month.

Will my broker stop selling IQD’s? To you and I … yes. You and I won’t be buying 1 Million IQD with 1 Million USD’s. LOL!!!

Everyone, have a wonderful Christmas!

CC ended in prayer.