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KTFA CC – Dinar Detectives

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FRANK: The last time we were together I was pleased to announce that the 1, 2, 3 events that we were looking for … were complete.

Not everything people see is about the monetary reform.

The things that are happening right now … (at lightning speed) … is about the monetary reform.

This is not “double-speak” – this is about the information we bring to you.

I believe … I can comfortably say … the tangible things regarding the monetary reform … (which we thank God for) … are real and happening quickly.

We’ve basically gone from Mars (which means RED HOT) … to the time frame of our condition “Red”

We are all on pins and needles in paying attention to the activity of 3 people.

Abadi, Shabibi … and who do you think the 3rd person is?

We are no longer dealing with Mars … we are dealing with the phase of Mercury. I’m not an astrologer … not at all.

I am an astronomer. We are more in a position of “Mercury” – which represents SPEED … quick … quick … also finance and commerce (after the Romans).

The 3rd person is the “Holy Man” – Sastani.

Things are happening so fast in Iraq right now … we can’t keep up with it. There is something going on with the media … and we’ll tell you about it tonight.

Abadi and Shabibi have been meeting a lot.

Abadi has been grateful for Sastani for educating/directing the people.

Abadi is catching many bad guys … doing a masterful job.

Dr. Shabibi wants security – which is now showing up everywhere … in many forms.

The positioning of Russia and Iran … it comes with some embarrassment to O … but Mr. President need not worry about China … he needs to worry about Russia.

Russia knows its place … for now.

[Frank held up a copy of a news article] – Iran test fires new missile

While Russia ties to play the “new USA” of the middle east … Iraq is somewhat putting Putin on a pedestal.

A lot of things can happen with missiles. Iran is test firing missiles … do you think it matters where they land … IF … they are on our side?

The significance of the Holy Man of Iraq working with the army, politicians is huge!

Sastani is helping Dr. Shabibi take his place at the CBI

Remember 1, 2 and 3?

#1 – Pass the laws

#2 – Lower Denoms

#3 – Announce that Dr. S is back at the CBI

What will Sastani do? Will he invoke a “Holy Law” that would take care of #1 and #2 … but is Dr. Shabibi ready for #3?

We believe the Sastani will invoke a FATWA to finish the monetary reform of the IQD.

So … where is Maliki and Allak?

Last week Maliki tried to buy 3 buildings in England.

They found out who moved the funds to purchase them … which came from someone from the Nineveh providence.

Apparently Allacab (sp?) is M’s new girlfriend … tried to pay people off … and he got caught.

Many meetings continue.

The GOI does NOT need to pass any new laws … in my opinion … they have all of the laws they need.

No need to worry about Kurdistan.

Inside of the 2016 budget is the HCL – I promise you. This is a HOT issue with the GOI.

When you see articles about laws … they are wrong … (in my opinion). I’m here to tell you … it’s NOT true! They are using stories in the media to confuse and blind you. Why? I don’t know why … perhaps cover while the lower denoms come in or Dr. Shabibi takes over.

Buying politicians is the way to buy votes … which is what Maliki just got caught doing.

WalkingStick is even taking a rest because he recognized there are a lot of recycled articles right now.

They are distracting you from what is really going on inside of the GOICBI.

The reforms are done.

They are ready to go.

All of the reforms are also in the Long Line waiting.

Everyone pays attention to the Holy Man of Iraq.

Watch to see Sastani invoke a Holy Law (FATWA) to help Dr. Shabibi get what he wants.

Dr. Shabibi got the message from the Holy Man and he will finish the monetary reform.

The World Bank and the IMF also told Abadi … if you get these laws out … we’ll give you anything you want. I believe there was evidence that within 24 hours … over 350 Million was given to Iraq by the World Bank / IMF.

The media and even oil prices are confused.

We told you that oil would go up … and today … they went down. They want to know what the FATWA says. Oil prices adjust according to what world leaders say.

The confusion is on purpose.

We told you that the news reports would be dead this week.

Abadi already fulfilled what was asked of him. The laws were passed but need to be implemented.

ISIS continues to take big hits … but Baghdadi is not dead.

They did get 10 of ISIS’ high Islamic ranking officials.

The monetary reform marches on!

There is some bad news. ISIS found a big cache of American weapons (significant). Most likely they’ll try to sell it so they can regroup. Good time to retarget the weapons and who’s standing next to it.

1, 2, 3, and 4

1 – Laws (need to be in a public forum) announced to the world.

2 – Lower Denoms (the 50’s and 100’s) that are already in Iraq … and others that are still across the pond due to delays. This is why I had an emergency staff meeting.

3 – Dr. Shabibi to announce that he is back in charge of the CBI

4 – Dr. Shabibi will have the FATWA … and the green light from the IMF at a rate that Dr. Shabibi wants.

These are the final steps of the monetary reform.


Everyone in Iraq stops to listen to Sastani

Abadi, Shabibi and Sastani … all one voice … this is called “timing!”

Abadi directly told parliament to give him the laws or he would pass them himself. (Executive Order)

Again … all of the laws are ready.

FATWA – a legal opinion or decree handed down by an Islamic religious leader.

I’m still at a 50/50 chance that this is the “set-up” for the monetary reform of the IQD this year.

If they don’t do anything, then I’m excited about the 1st quarter of next year!

Again, we believe all laws have been passed and are just waiting to be implemented.

The philosophy in the middle east … “never let a good crisis go to waste” … a smokescreen … distraction … while something else is going on.

Yes … we are at MARS RED!!!

Sincerely … this has to be the part where we walk into the end.

Please continue to pray and support each other.

Think about what is going to happen this week.

I’m going to give you a translation from Arabic to English that will bring the truth.

Think about the trifecta (Abadi, Shabibi and Sastani) who will bring this together.

Sometime this week we’ll probably have to communicate some more information to you.

CC ended with prayer.