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FRANK:  This is a special cc … and I thank you all for coming.

We are KTFAlways.com … that is when we can stay on the internet 😉  LOL  … they keep knocking us off the internet.

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Please take this information we give you tonight in prayer.

KTFA stands for Keep The Faith Always … in God.

Please join us in prayer.  (prayer by Frank)

Frank: I asked you to be here on this special occasion.

We had a phone call early Friday morning … we took the information … verified it through our Teams.


I’ve been waiting to say that for a long time!

The monetary reform of the IQD was like a kite caught in a hurricane for almost 2 years.  The years that Obama would not renew the SOFA agreement that would allow us to protect our military.  This shocked many, especially the military officers and it cause a lot of problems between the chain-of-command.

So … during a 2 year time period … that gave Maliki a window to go crazy.  Maliki followed the blueprints of Saddam.

March 13, 2015 when the IMF gave the Green Light to Dr. Shabibi.
We (the US government) put the USD’s in Iraq to keep Iraq afloat … just like we did in Kuwait.  The government in Iraq is a parliamentary government.

How did the budget get paid for?
How did President Clinton do it?  He walked away a hero.

IMO – there are about 30 to 40,000 troops in Iraq.  Do not be ignorant or naive … just talk to people in your neighborhood where their sons or daughters are that are in the military.

When I say “we” … I mean the IMF and the US government.
Iraq is our “girlfriend” – and we will be taking her home after the prom.

Our American dollar … we are in control … we are in charge … it is that simple.
The “powers” that make this USA are in control … (not the President) … you know what I’m talking about.

So Christine LeGarde talked about the “7th house” – where she delivered a report to the “Baker’s Dozen” … that they were not ready in March when Dr. Shabibi got the green-light … because he was not ready … needed more security for himself and the banks.

So what happened in June and July?  We snuck in more troops … (but Obama said that we weren’t over there).  LOL

At the end of July the article comes out from the IMF and said that Iraq had intentions of lifting the 3 zeros.  So they then said that that wanted things to be finished by the end of 2015.

The only time you got a glimpse of it was about 2 weeks ago.  All of the sudden, O was caught commenting about all of the troops in Iraq … but when questioned further … he wouldn’t answer the question.

Russia cannot defend themselves if ISIS came into Russia.  So a coalition force was made to help.

In July … when we thought they were going to lift the 3 zeros … they told them they wanted them to get things in order in August & September.

The LAWS were passed in 2004, 2005, and 2006.  These laws are now done by “amendments” 😉

Security was not ready in March, nor July.

#1 – We needed to see the LAWS AMENDED.  They are.

#2 – We needed to see the LOWER DENOMS.  If we saw them, then we have #3 and #4 … which may run into early 2016.

#3 – Dr. Shabibi needs to tell the world “officially” that he is in charge of the CBI

#4 – To launch the monetary reform.

<sorry family … live stream stopped … and the phone line I use as a back-up was too broken-up for me to hear>.

Maybe Dr. Shabibi will do a free-float … which will only add more value.


The LOWER DENOMS are no longer in the United States (IMO) … they have moved!!! 😉

The citizens are coming in to pick up their “Unity Cards”

Maliki becomes weaker and weaker by the day.  Why is he still around?  He was the key to finding the corruption … just like turning on a light to see where the cockroaches scurry away.

Shabibi and Dr. Abadi have become one – ADRS … (Abadi, Dr. Shabibi and Sastani).

When the Arabs hear their holy man … they listen. 😉
When Sastani started to talk to the citizens and to the GOI … things started to move … laws were moved along … voting done … in record time.  Now the HCL comes to the surface … especially the 4th part that will help the citizens.

The Iraq Cleric … came out about 2 -3 days ago and said on the TV … broadcast into the mosque … verified by our Teams … and Delta … the Iraqi Clerics are DEMANDING the reforms!!!

We talked with iTeam … and they thought it was interesting that the former Secretary of State said that they were guarding some currency … and then 1-2 days later … they moved them!  They moved the Lower Denoms!  (IMO)

Chronologically … things are moving according to plan.

YESTERDAY … it happened again.  Sastani was on Iraqi TV … he was calling out parliament … talking directly to the camera … telling them to stop the procrastination and implement the reforms now!  In uncertain terms, he told them to stop horsing around and get things done right now!

All of these things are in the LL (long line)  … (just like you and I) … all of these things are in the Long Line because of parliament.

There was a meeting on the 5th between us (USA) the IMF and Iraq … and the 5 Trillion … which is not a loan … it’s the LD’s!!!

We think that by December that the banks will have the money to “loan” to the citizens.


We have #1, #2 and we have no choice but to move #3 and #4.

The timing of all of these … the lava flow is very fast of this monetary reform.

You need to appreciate the fact that we are in control!

We’ve (KTFA) have never failed you except when I thought that Maliki would be put back in as PM again.

So about 590 companies came to the International Fair … and they were not there to waste their time.

They have qualified for Chapter 8!!!

By the time CNBC interviewed the former Secretary of State … the currency had already moved.  I can’t tell you where … but it’s not in Iraq … but I can’t tell you anymore right now.
I am expecting more news in about an hour.

IOSO (in our strong opinion) the LD’s have left the US … and the Kurds should be happy with their language on them.  And wait until you see the coins. 😉

All glory to our Heavenly Father … I’m just a messenger.

Remember when I had an emergency staff meeting?  The internet mocked me because of it.  It was about a month ago.  I told all staff to take the info to prayer.

On or before November 21st … the LD’s will be moved.  Humm … they did it 3 weeks ahead of time. 😉

#3 and #4 … may move into DECEMBER 2015!!!!!

I have to wait for permission to share more.

With the LD’s … they are Article 8 qualified … which will mean they will only be using their own currency … no more USD’s.

One person on our Team shared the total amount >>> that’s a lot of cash flow!!! 😉

#3 – we believe that Dr. Shabibi will tell the world.  We believe that he will continue to supervise everything.

< sorry audio broke up again >

#4 – to give the IQD value.  How much?  We don’t know.

Because I’m moving #3 and #4 into December because of what we know about the LD’s.  I know that other guru’s aren’t saying this … they cast stones … but it seems that about 3 days later they change their tune.

When Iraq amends their laws … the open market economy can begin.

This won’t happen at 1166.  There is no point of a market economy at 1166.

IMO – once we see the value go up … it is the introduction of Armageddon.  This may be the “last wealth” that many will see.

Remember, the IMF told Iraq to raise the value back in March … and they were made to look like fools because they didn’t.  That won’t happen again.

By the way … the autopsy on Chalibi … you will find out that he died of a heart attack.  Leave it alone – let him rest.  He told us where the WMD’s were at.  Let him rest in peace.

My Teams would like you to know that before Chalibi turned in all of his files of corruption to Sastani (the Holy Man of Iraq).  Everyone fears the holy man … but not the Prime Minster.  Those files are about to be opened … and there are hundreds and hundreds of them that will implicate Maliki.

Remember when Maliki showed up in Obama’s office and asked for more weapons?  All of the sudden Maliki was sent home early because O had “Kodak” moments of Maliki … and the election laws were passed pronto.

Abadi is on the move with the monetary reform as of NOW!!!

The month of November will become one to remember.

This morning another Iraqi Cleric went on Iraqi TV — (but this guy is kind of a bad guy who has been a pain to the USA for the last 12 years) … but it appears that even he has joined Abadi and Sastani … as he has stated on TV through the mosques … said they had a “pow-wow” last night and there is real change coming to Iraq … that reforms would need to get done … and parliament needs to get the reforms done.

All of the sudden … everyone has turned 180 degrees and are now supporting the reforms.
My Teams said that Sastani “barked” at parliament to get things done!

Maliki … and all of the time he was running amuck … he could never get any time with Sastani.

Please pray for the city of Mosul (Anbar providence) where there were some problems today.  You’ll probably hear about it tomorrow.

News article:   Many translated it incorrectly.  The CBI is not “replacing” it’s currency.  The CBI is “re-pricing” its currency. 😉

Sastani and Iran do not exactly get along.  Sastani (an Iraqi) wants the best for Iraq and the Ayatollah from Iran wants the best for Iran.

The keyword is “IMPLEMENT NOW”

Maliki is still trying to say that people support him and that he’s still a VP.  Abadi basically said to him … “oh yeah Maliki … show me your paycheck” and those in parliament apparently laughed at Maliki.

The USA had to pick between Abadi and Mahadi for PM … but since Abadi was “non-confrontational” – he was selected.  Look what he’s done this year! 😉

Hope you enjoyed your conference call. 😉
IMO we are extremely close!

I don’t know when our forum will be put back up … but I’d like to reach across the Internet and tell Dinar Recaps that I am grateful to the owners for being respectful of our forum.  Thank you. 😉

I’m very proud of our Teams, Staff and members.  Thank you for your efforts! 😉