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KTFA Thursday Night CC Notes

Aggiedad77:  Hello Family…..here are the notes from last night’s Dessert after the Dr. Garland and Frank show….enjoy.  Aloha   Randy

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CC Notes Thursday 11-19-2015

Frank26:  I am so overwhelmed, I am hoping we have our prayer warriors, admins, staff, get this to our prayer warriors…..update on mother-in-law, Dawn, MIL of Ben Maxwell she has throat cancer.

Just shut up and talk Frank…..did I say that….no…..but Frank did. LOL

Many of you are asking Frank what do I do when it comes time to exchange.

There will be many places to exchange, you don’t need to worry about that right now. When it comes time, other currencies may also be affected. The banks will want your attention at that point in time.

The best example I love to offer is the Foreign Currency Exchange Kiosks in many airports. Many places may be trying to reach out to you by mail. At one point I was trying to put together an organization that would assist you in exchanging…but I dropped that like a hot potato.

Let’s pretend you go to a bank, don’t go by yourself…..if you have at least half a million dinar or more, get in touch with a lawyer…..IMO….maybe an international lawyer….have that lawyer get in touch with a banking institution to have them come to you, not to have you go to them. The banks make a profit in their exchanges….if they don’t have exchanges they don’t make money….they are going to come after you for your business. Some currencies will go up….but some will go down…..be aware of that.

It turns out that the CBI has banks here in the US….maybe 12-14, one in Michigan, one in Texas. Take good notes on this, I won’t talk of it again. We are so close. These CBI banks are under the scrutiny of the US laws of banking…..yuck….how about if I go to a credit union…..you could but they don’t have a great deal of volume…..probably not that helpful.

Where else could I go Frank….you could go many places….even Wall Street…..if you have the right license….many places you can go….watch them reach out to you….compete for your business.

You are now Mr. Jed Clampett……act accordingly.

In the last 8 years I haven’t been too thrilled with the leadership of our country…..I got outvoted by electoral votes…..the banking industry has modified itself for what is about to happen. It usually happens every 10 years.

Yesterday I tried to explain it to you….what happened in 1969-1970 in Saudi Arabia….then again from 1979-1980 we tried with Iran, but their Ayatollah Komaneni said you aren’t messing with us…..then again in 1989-1990 we did it again in Kuwait…..every 10 years….you know the rest of the story…..it matches our Stock Market….it’s the same footprint.

So all these banking institutions are going to salivate because you have large volumes….they want your business. Me personally I will study this carefully….I will watch what happens after we know the RV has occurred….watching for maybe 2 to 3 weeks….the rate will float we think…..watch what happens don’t rush in…..don’t be greedy.

Our government wrote laws in the last 8 years…..now the government can ask…..you have money in that safe deposit box….well yes but why do you ask…..they have the laws in their favor to get into your safe deposit box…..they have laws to get into the shoe box under your bed…..now they have laws about buying gold….every gram you buy you must report to the government.

Here is what I’m thinking of doing….getting international lawyers, with a secure escort…..private jet….to go with me wherever…..we will be met with an armored car….well protected….we will meet with bankers…..at a mutually agreed upon location….not the bank though….the lawyers make sure all the transactions are done properly and then I return home.

Once I’m home I decide…..maybe I want to buy a home in Hawaii….I call my international lawyer…..get in touch with our overseas account…..what is the IQD rate today….oh really…..I want this home….have them convert one million dinar to whatever it converts to in USD…..have them wire a million plus whatever more to pay my taxes on capital gains….I won’t give this to the mortgage house….I’ll use the international lawyer to set up a package…..a vehicle….that will produce annuities that will create a monthly income that would equal the payment on the home…..basically I’m not paying for the home…the dividends interest I make will pay for the home.

Life is good…..don’t worry about where to exchange….take your time….let others trip up and make mistakes for you to learn from….think twice about what you will do.

This is a foreign currency and once it goes into a US bank and is instantly converted to USD…..you pay capital gains instantly….I would rather control my capital gains as I see fit…..don’t try to tell me what to do with my hard earned money…..especially when you try to take it away…..the Good Lord tells me what to give to you….I will gladly give this to you. In the last 8 years stupid laws…..crazy laws.

This came in while we were sitting together. Let’s see how we can do this. Around October 5th or 7th when we had our Emergency Staff Meeting…..I gave them a date…..Nov 21…..I told the staff on that day we will see the LD’s…..well we saw them way before that….at least we saw them….know they came over and are in Baghdad.

Today we saw the 500…..I can’t believe the number people who called today asking if this is going to be a LOP…..to me and my teams….these bills only have 2 zeroes….we consider them to be LD’s…..then on the 7th of November we told you “The Eagle Has Landed”…..then the 10th of November they had a meeting as to what to do….

The following Monday we told you the LD’s were at the banks where Dr. Shababi wanted them to be….then last Monday we told you they decided on the 10th they would float the currency in December….this is not speculation….read it….read it…..granted I told the staff this before we told you…..but it came out way before we thought on the 21st…..as a result we had to move 3 and 4 into December.

Every 24 hours there are clusters of intel exploding around my teams…..I want to tell you that our teams are very calm….our teams could have their toes smashed with a hammer right now…and they would just laugh…nothing bothers them right now…..now with all of this I want to tell you something……3 and 4 will stay in December. If I had it my way they would be in November…but that would be pushing it.

Our teams right now are studying a file that we call ISIS versus the International Community…..when we as a team see that ISIS is further infiltrated than they are at this moment….when we see this….we are going to have to talk to you again….because in our opinions they are speeding everything up…..we know that…..IMO….we know about 80% of DAASH and ISIS…..are not solid soldiers…..only about 20% are the diehards…the hardcore bad guys…..killing…then using women and children to kill for them as well, and use them as protection.

I can’t tell you exactly what I want to say…..but we don’t need to see ISIS or DAASH completely gone….but if we see more infiltration in the direction of the 20% then we will need to talk to you more….because December will even be much faster…..

They have LD’s coming, they have coins coming out….they have laws coming out….the budget is ready for 2016….they have Maliki up against the wall…..the international community is going ballistic getting ready….and when they enter this RI into the RV phase you may not see this….and I don’t want you to see this….you don’t need to run to the banks then….this is for the whales and sharks…..let them eat at that low rate….I told you about their margin….look to you notes from yesterday.

The lifting of the value of the Iraqi dinar is here….please enjoy….you are at that final stage….you are actually beyond that final stage.

Ended with a prayer.

(Monday I will give a progress report on where we are with the financing of our website. I remember in the early days it was tough getting things going and many of you helped and I am thankful. I’m trying to get in touch with you to thank you for your efforts. Your generosity has been overwhelming. You are going to have a new forum, it will be fast, and secure. We met with the developers today and we are excited. Your assistance in helping us with this website funding, your giving honors God, thank you.)