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FRANK:   Yesterday was our 8th anniversary … November 1st was my first post on the internet on a forum regarding the IQD.

The media is normally NOT friendly … but now it is.

As you’ve seen, the CBI articles are indicating they will delete the 3 zeros — (kinda sounds like the KTFA conference call for the last 3 months. Praise God!)

Wall Street Journal article … a Russian plane went down … (has nothing to do with the monetary reform) … very sad. Please pray for them.

We (my Teams and I) study six different newspapers from around the world.

We also need to pray for our President. Article … “Slow Motion Implosion of ObamaCare” <<< I have friends that have passed away due to the repercussions from ObamaCare.

Wall Street Journal article … “Emerging Markets Reward Bold” … what? Can you imagine that L-O-N-G—L-I-N-E? Investors will be rewarded “boldly” very soon.

Where is the oil report for the 2nd and 3rd quarter for Iraq? Humm. That info is on a public website. That is HUGE!!!! Everyone knows what’s going on … and NO ONE wants to get paid at 1166. You don’t see them cashing in on their contracts yet do you? LOL As soon as they change the value of their currency … they will get paid BOLDLY!!!!

Meanwhile … the US government says … “Hey, we’ve got a budget!”

The WSJ says that the Victims Fund was robbed to support the budget. LOL – that’s insane. Obama signs the budget … that’s not possible … we limp along from month-to-month … at an artificial rate.

So is Iraq ready to do their budget?

Milk does a body [Abadi] real good!

The budget deal is done! Look at the articles … article after article. How is this possible?

Is something going on behind the scenes?

What about Hillary? About 8 years ago she bought a mountain of dinars (IMO).

Obama tried to tick-off Hillary and Mr. Clinton by having Joe Biden toy with the idea of running for President.

All of the sudden … Hillary has a “lucky-streak” going on. Hillary is untouchable. The WSJ says calls it the “Myth of Hillary” due to her “big-money”

Do you think you elect Presidents? I told you 8 years ago … it’s a deal … a plan … elections are secured by “electoral votes.”

Donald Trump … (really?) … he is like people on a Friday night who get drunk and called their boss and say they aren’t coming into work on Monday. Then Monday, when they sober-up, they report to work on Monday.

We are in a cyber-war right now with the ones we are in bed with. China is encouraging their citizens to make babies because they need a middle-class.

Obama is going to Qatar … watch what happens next week.

Indonesia met with Obama last week … and their currency increased in value after the meeting. Humm.

When the USA builds something … (like what we’ve built in Iraq) … the world will follow. This is the “next” future. There is a tremendous change coming to this planet.

ISIS came about quickly … and will be removed quickly.

This is what has won the citizens over to come into the banks.

You all send me so many texts … and I’m going to read one … I’m not pointing the finger at anyone … but this has to stop.

What we are about to give you is good information. Many have asked about this … so I’m going to address it.

Frank, I got this email from so-in-so … but I don’t have any faith in this … hopefully it’s a firecracker with no fuse in it … here is what the message said >>>“10/31/15 … 1:06 Baghdad RV’d their currency today … at a one-to-one rate … (blah, blah, blah) … and the text message goes on and on … “

LOOK … I treat this very professionally … please STOP sending me garbage from other guru’s or other people!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to invite you to a new “qualified” Iraq – where laws have been amended … security in place … to Iraq’s international fair. This fair is done every year … and is a call to arm Iraq “internationally.”

Iraq is poised to show their growth to the world. The world await the monetary reform. The price of oil is not a concern … Iraq’s oil will be used to hurt Iraq’s enemy.

This year … VERY LOUDLY … the IMF … the father of the world’s rate … gave their appointed Central Bank Governor permission … that was granted (IMO) by seven.

Seven is NOT a total … or a thing. Seven is a goal of power.

When Christine LeGarde showed you a video about “7” … (which she did at a meeting with some of the most powerful families in the world) … that was in March.

Please count with me … March 13th until October … times up. This month of November is going to be very eye opening … full of goodies just like a Piñata.

Three articles told you … the CBI is in the process of lifting the 3 zeros.

I told my staff of a particular date. November is going to be pretty fun. In November … time is up.

How many articles did WalkingStick put up yesterday? The media sure is friendly lately.


Dr. Shabibi tried back in July to raise the value … but there just wasn’t enough SECURITY … so he turned to the laws … (because that’s what the IMF told him to do).

Dr. Shabibi was told to get the baby-banks ready for the lower denoms.

Shortly thereafter … ISIS was gone … credit given to coalition forces (like China) that want to make international moolaa like everyone else.

Iran is still doing things it shouldn’t be doing … but we have no choice.

If we see #2 this month (the lower denoms) … on the date that I shared with my staff … I have no choice then to move #3 and #4 into December of this year.

I am EXPECTING to see the lower denoms this month … if not … then things may move into the 1st quarter of 2016.

Five cities were conquered in Iraq in the last few weeks. They had Baby-Banks – that came back for Dr. Shabibi. They have their systems up and running.

We have a goal … a goal of power.

Remember what we taught you? It costs millions per month for Iraq to keep their currency at 1166. There is a NEGATIVE factor each month in running the country at that rate. Each month they continue to lose month.

Loans saved them each month. Their budget (and ours) was saved with artificial loans and money … that we’ve a habitual pattern of doing since we got off the gold standard.

ADRS … (Abadi, Dr. Shabibi and Sastani) – got the green-light back in March. Iraq is not going into bankruptcy.

Time has run out!!!


Since July ADRS has set the foundation … the media becomes friendly (just like we said they would) … and the lower denoms are being prepared to be put in place – and not in the American bases. I don’t know why other “guru’s” lie to you.

Iraq and the USA are inches from its budgets … and the inch worm is glowing family.

How do we know that TIME has run out? Countries are visiting DC … and their currencies are going up in value.

Remember I showed you the China currency last week? China is printing a new 100 note. Many other countries prepare their currencies too.

IMO – Dr. Shabibi will take the green-light given to him by the IMF and move forward.

Seven asked 1 question … in 2016, does Iraq want to go bankrupt … or lift the 3 zeros and join the rest of the world?

We American’s fear the Federal Reserve … but Iraq doesn’t.

The monetary reform is Iraq’s ship to control or to sink. The Federal Reserve knows this … but the FEDS sure know how to apply pressure. They gave them 7 … but TIMES UP!

That’s why 2.5 months ago … (on a blue couch) … wink, wink … we told them to “get the Frank out of the way!” They could take the credit … we just wanted the security for Dr. Shabibi.

So gasoline in some areas is $1.89? Not a concern. Supply and demand. Now that there is a budget … there is “true math.” Can we see it?

People have called me that Maliki was in the newspaper

The DAWA continues to cause trouble … telling us that Maliki can and can’t do things. They tell us that Abadi has no support. (They just need to shut-up) – this just may be the month that they get M.

For those who were with us on Team Chat … and you saw the “keyword” … time is up

The GOI is poised by amendments … not one law was passed … nor will they be printed … they were printed years ago … nor will they explain them to you.

In essence, the CBI has the laws it’s needs … just like the IMF said.

So Iraq wants a 5 Trillion loan? Not at 1166. Now more loans to Iraq. They used to give loan when the BIS and WorldBank was trying to be nice. No more.

They [CBI] has worked through July, August and September without a vacation.

There is a power transfer from Abadi to Dr. Shabibi. The laws gave power to bring sweet security to Iraq … to Dr. Shabibi.

I don’t want to see the monetary reform until I see that Maliki is gone. I know for sure Obama will be gone next year. Dr. Shabibi wanted to make sure that all of the enemies were gone. Dr. Shabibi is a good man – not like the others.

Tell me something parliament … do we need a Vice President? Yes, … no?

Oh … that was Maliki’s idea? Abadi told parliament to chill … they are following orders. In regards to the VP … yes, they need one … and NO it will NOT be Maliki! The constitution says they need one – so let’s get to work.

Hey … seven … we made a lot of guarantees to “open the doors for investments” – well … not at 1166. The media continues to squirt good news … and soon it will gush-out good news.

In the last 24-48 hours we’ve seen several articles that state they are going to delete the 3 zeros.

SECURITY and LAWS … gosh … I wish I would have said that last year. (LOL)

Because TIME is UP … the media is friendly towards Abadi and news of a “market economy” – … give that real, deep, deep thought.

IMO – Abadi is now shifting things to a market economy … the only way to do that is to tell these “investors” in back-rooms that they are about to raise the value of their currency. This is HUGE!!!

Time is up and they ca
n’t afford to walk into next year … bankrupt.

They can’t go bankrupt … that would be a LOP … and that is not the goal of Iraq nor the United States.

Post by WalkingStick … “the policy of the monetary reform is moving from a defense to an attack.” This is fascinating keywords.

There are many of them. You can’t have one without the other. They must be AGGRESSIVE and not PASSIVE in the monetary reform! Hoorah! Because time has run out.

They also said … “Baghdad is secure” … they said that yesterday. We were expecting that – because that’s the only way you’re going to get the lower denoms into November of 2015. It is welcome with open arms!

Many of these articles are NOT being translated correctly. If I feel it’s important, I’ll talk to you about it. I just don’t have time for a lot of misinformation.

Apparently there was an article that came out that said they are going to replace the current currency with a new currency. THAT IS INCORRECT! That information is old. What it should have said was … “the REPRICING the dinars”

What is being whispered is about in Iraq among the citizens is the lifting of the 3 zeros.

IMO – what has happened to the amendment of the laws … Abadi is testing the reforms of Iraq with these laws right now. That is rather powerful.

City after city is coming online. Basra wants their “portion” now! Excuse me Basra – “shut-up!” Why would they complain if there was no budget. .  LOL

Now here’s a little about Maliki …

So … where is Maliki?

The people of Iraq have been waiting for decades for money … they are EXPECTING it.

Maliki is in the hospital. I kid you not. LOL

Look for Sky Press Media to report it tomorrow.

The DAWA party says that he has a “boo-boo” … and he’ll be in the hospital.

Once they remove Maliki … they will remove ALL of the cockroaches.

1 Peter 4:8 – “And above all things have fervent charity among yourselves: for charity shall cover the multitude of sins”

I don’t know how to do anything else.

I love you, and I hope that tonight was enriching.

Be wise with your investment, otherwise you’ll lose it.

CC ended in prayer.

KTFA family … we are very close. .

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