KTFA CC (Notes by FrostyTheSnowman)

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HIGHLIGHTS FROM KTFA’s CC on November 5, 2015

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

FRANK:  Maliki is a thief – he stole everything.

We put him in as PM … and in his first year, he did ok … then later he became corrupt … stealing one thing … then another of greater value … and continued.

Maliki went towards the dark side of evil.

He pulled out some much money out of Iraq, he about bankrupted the country.

Security … we got it.

Today there was a meeting (that you don’t know about yet) – they can’t have anymore money.

Aug, Sept, and Oct went by without their usual lump of cash to keep them going.

We are in total control of what is going on in there – (not you Iran). We have too much invested.

No more USD … no more foreign currency … they need to grow-up … and guess what … on the 5th of November … Iraq will meet with the IMF in Jordan … and prepare for the “grand-opening” day.

The BILLIONS that are about to be given to Iraq … will enter Iraq for a completely different purpose (not to pay their bills) … but to be distributed to the “BB” [Dr. Shabibi’s baby banks]. These will be used to loan money to the citizens to help build the country, businesses, etc.

The evidence of 1 to 1 is pretty obvious.

They target this month to see if the banks are ready … if the laws are amended … if security is ready … and no money from us. They are about to get TRILLIONS … but not for their bills.

Ernst & Young did a great job in “accounting” and “auditing”

Who gives money to Iraq? The IMF and the USA.

Who is at the meeting in Jordan? The IMF … 5 trillions to distribute to the BB. Is the USA there? Where is your President at?

Maliki stole a lot. IMO … he might have started at the program rate when it was 4000.1 … I really think they are trying to get it to 1,000 … then they lift the 3 zeros … and that is a perfect 1 to 1 number.

When we [USA] went in there … we NEVER, EVER took their assets. Everything that was there is still there. We never took their gold or assets away. The actually have more assets then when we first entered the country.

The CBI is the only bank that is saying they are going to lift their 3 zeros.

What Maliki was to imbalance the equilibrium of the country – which put Iraq in a bad position with the other countries in the Middle-East. OPEC and the GCC were ticked-off. OPEC and SA typically push 9 Billion barrels of oil out a day … then all of a sudden … that was messed up.

Do you know how much it costs to extract oil in Iraq?

In the USA it costs $25 … so we only make $15 profit if oil is at $40 a barrel.

In Iraq … one barrel only costs $2.00 … so they make $38 profit per barrel if oil is at $40 a barrel.

Maliki could not steal that part of Iraq (oil).

Dutch-disease is what happens when a country only depends on one commodity to sustain itself … except for Iraq that is full of oil.

Today … the piece of sheet-metal (Maliki) … you should have seen the smug look on his face [laughing] at Chalibi’s funeral. With two “bodyguards” at Maliki’s side … Maliki is giggling. You should not dance with death, when death will be hungry for your soul. There are over 130 pages of evidence against Maliki … volumes of documents ready to go after you. Maliki stole tons from the reserves from the CBI. It is an horrendous amount.

Do you remember in the beginning … how much was Iraq given? It was about 1.3 trillion USD’s. It was a “gift” from you know who.

Hey we liberated you … watch the Saddam statue fall … in efforts to clean the place up … but Maliki stole most of it. Wait until you find out how big the number is.

Tonight, I have 3 pages of Maliki’s … the evidence surmounting him.

KTFA Staff … do you remember when I gathered you together with our only 2nd emergency call we had … and I told you that we expected to see the Lower Denoms by a certain date. We now have a 2nd CONFIRMATION!!!

American dollar … please try to hit 99.99 by the end of the year, ok?

HCL … are you claustrophobic being in that budget?

This looks like the first time that we’ll see a budget passed for the citizens.

ARTICLE: Economic Parliament — The “benefits” … will fill part of the 2015 deficit.

The USA now has a 2 year budget and the deficit was reduced … oh my!!!!

Remember Kuwait? Does history repeat itself?

Abadi and his supporters that they are NOT changing the budget!!! They just voted on it … passed it … and the HCL is inside of it.


Finally … the media is friendly … the GOI approved a new salary scale … which works out to a 1 to 1 ratio.

The reason why Abadi reduced the salaries … was for “justice”

The GOI is doing just things … especially with their ministers (and their pay scales) – as they work to accomplish entering into the international world with a new rate.

Please pray for the 58 innocent families who died of electric shock due to some heavy rain.

A member of our forum left a text message for me … and they claim that CNBC said that foreign country’s currency was being protected by our military. They also said that a currency was being moved to Iraq … under heavy security from a base in America. Interesting.

CC ended with prayer.