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We are walking into a “cash-less” society … and world of ZEROS and ONES.

You can see my face and my hands. This is important for you to understand. How is it that John [from the Bible] knew in the caves of Patmos … that our hands and faces would be the places that can be laser tagged in the end times?

Ever seen the Coalition Forces work as one? In the end, the whole world will be against one … just one.

You are entering a world of symbols. These lines and symbols will evolve into points of communication on the Internet.

[Someday] you will find these numbers on your body … the only place where your body is exposed.

For the faithful … its interesting … the Cyber War can reach into a person’s heart (who has a pacemaker) and make it stop.

Some call this the rapture. Indeed – the meek will inherit the earth.

I want to start out by telling you that the Wall Street Journal … which we as a team love to dissect.

I have some very good news tonight.

Many interesting articles in the Wall Street Journal today.

WSJ – article about hackers.

WSJ – today … Obama takes the military hostage.

A coalition force was put together because our President won’t support our troops to fight the enemy. Is Obama an enemy to our troops? I would think so … because even his commanders have abandoned their posts around him.

Assad’s march may drive out more refugees.

With Russian airplanes above and Iranian troops on the ground … this will drive more refugees out into the world.

China’s data stirs doubt. We talked about that last night. China’s data being mess-up is on purpose (IMO).

Today … US Tempers (pull back) control of Yuan controls … but yesterday our President complained about it … but today he says it’s ok?

WSJ – Europe Oil Firm Vie over Iran. We told you that Iran was already selling oil to Europe.

These countries are being treated special because of what we talked about.

Yesterday … we told you (IMO) that we wouldn’t see the RI until next year … and Delta said the end of this year.

Teams say that both of us are correct … perhaps more like the end of the year. (That’s what Dr. Shabibi wants).

Iraq is doing something right now with something that we talked about over 2 years ago. “If you think there’s gold in them thar’ hills” … wait until you see the mountains of gold in Iraq.

IMO – as we near closer to the new rate … Iraq is selling gold … but not to the world … it is targeting someone very, very important. The CITIZENS!

As you know, the CBI wants the citizens 3-zero notes … has enticed them with bank accounts, with ID Cards … and now … the CBI will sell GOLD to the CITIZENS of Iraq. It has “value” … (more importantly “perceived value”) – because the CITIZENS LOVE GOLD … they TRUST GOLD.

This is also help Iraq with their reserves. Do you think that they are going to wait until March of next year?

The GOICBI doesn’t want the citizens to hang onto their 3-zero notes … and selling GOLD to them … should do the trick.

The selling of GOLD will also pull USD’s off of the street!!!

Dr. Shabibi knows exactly how many 3-zeros are out there (IMO).

I have something else to tell you …

Dr. Shabibi is the director of the CBI … and he wanted to raise the value of the dinar back in July … but he and Abadi agreed that the timing wasn’t right. Security wasn’t right.

One of my Team members told me … “you know Frank … we’re 2 – 3 months behind … behind schedule.” 2 or 3 months ago was JULY … <<< that’s what he meant.

Teams claimed that they needed to “educate” our troops about “CULTURE” – to teach our troops in how to get along with their new job.

ISIS will not be around much longer.

As you know … we (our troops) are not going anywhere.

We’ve never educated our military on culture before an attack … but now they will be “taught” how to understand the culture of the Iraqi citizens.

They will no longer be fighting and protecting. We have to change our way, because we are in their country.

IMO – a soldier that is willing to protect … and sees an Iraqi citizen firing in the air … they are told not to react. They need to be calm … as this is how they react to celebr___.

IMO — Maliki was supposed to be arrested yesterday. Even the GOI was expecting it.

The GOLD is actually #2 — and I’ll get to that in a second.

OPEC is going to decrease their output. So what will happen to the price of oil? Remember your economics 101 class?

The price of oil is going to go up dramatically.

This action is not just for Iraq … (it will help Iraq significantly) … the price of oil will be around $60 a barrel … which is exactly what we want … especially when we’re “expecting” something to happen.

Please get this into your soul. The increase price of oil is not just for Iraq … this is all coalition countries.

Supply and demand … jack the price up … maybe right after Dec. 31, 2015.

Gold is being sold by Dr. Shabibi to the citizens of Iraq which will bring in the last 3-zero and will introduce the lower denoms.


The LAWS are done!!! I don’t care what others say!!!

Question: What is #1?

SECURITY was #1 … but right now … #1 is … we need the LAWS to be put in the Gazette … and all of the LAWS are in the Gazette! Team leader says … “the LAWS that we’ve been seeking for are already in the Gazette … and were put in the Gazette in 2005 and 2006. The international world already knows that. They are only AMENDING LAWS … they are not passing them.

The AML (Anti-Money Laundering Law) has passed … already in the Gazette.

Team Leader said that the IMF told them to pass the laws … but the English translation was supposed to be that the LAWS needed to be AMENDED TO INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS!!!

So … the LAWS are passed! It’s done. It was already in the Gazette … it just needs to be amended.

The AML now fits International Standards.

Iraq was been to get their LAWS into INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS by October 1st – (which they actually got done before Oct. 1st).

#1 is DONE … scratch it off!!!!

I’m so proud of what is going on.

They are not re-writing the LAWS – they are just amending them to fit International Standards.

This is ingenious!

Back in 2006, a company in SA called ARAMCO – they take contracts from all over the world. They were sabotaged … and so the Saudi’s took them into the backyard and beheaded them. They don’t mess around.

When it comes to Cyber War – things are at a totally different level today. Middle East countries are doing this to each other right now. We are a coalition to fight this NEW WAR – because there is no more ISIS. We got in bed with the bad guys … to STOP THIS!!!
ISIS will soon be forgotten.

That’s why we didn’t want to give Iran a deal … but we let them out of sanctions so that we could get things.

Electronically speaking … cyber warfare will control “the system”

They need to assign responsibility concerning cyber warfare in the middle east – and that’s why the US is involved in a coalition setting.

We are entering a global change.

Is the investment law, amnesty law in the Gazette? YES! (they are just amending them) … and you’ll see them Monday (IMO) … and you’ll see #1 amended … and you’ll see things move VERY QUICKLY for the monetary reform for Iraq!!!

SECURITY continues to advance … and Abadi is in control!!!

The trade minister … and his brother went on a plane … (headed towards Kurdistan) … they had over 9,000 files on them of corrupt individuals. LOL Under pressure … he sang like a canary and tattled on everyone. The charges on them are financial corruption.

GOLD is spot on and will be used as a psychological point with the citizens – because they trust it.

Do you remember Mahmoud (the judge we called Maliki girlfriend) – he is out!

Abadi is becoming an amazing leader!

Kurdistan still owes Baghdad over 30 Billion.

Abadi is also paying the Peshmerga Army. How? Remember the word “rider” – more appropriate … “waivers”

The new way of paying the Army now … the “National Guard Law” – it’s in the Gazette … go look it up. It’s called the Conscript Law.

Come with me to my BLUE COUCH — which is perhaps a dream.

So citizens of Iraq … did you go into the banks and buy gold? Yes

How much or what type of GOLD did they buy? (Bullion, Coins, Bars … NO!) The citizens can’t shave off flakes of gold to buy bread … perhaps this is the start of the lower denoms … FILS that lead to the lower denoms.

GOLD is valuable … more so to the citizens than 1166. They love to show it off.

So Dr. Shabibi will also pull in the USD’s … because when the IQD goes international … the USD can no longer be used.

#2 – INTRODUCE THE LOWER DENOMS … (starting with gold coins).

How else would they start the lower denoms? Not with bullion and gold dust. LOL

Remember … Iraq bought 90 tons of gold … and they did it with the snap of a finger over 2 years ago.

This has nothing to do with reserves … nothing to do with their economic growth.

So what would they need by the end of the year? Lower denoms before the end of the year.

This gold CONCEPT is Dr. Shabibi’s orders from the CBI … because the Holy Man in Iraq gave Abadi and Shabibi orders, and they are obeying!

Regardless of the articles that say that Dr. Shabibi is corrupt … they are balogna!!! HE IS NOT CORRUPT!!!

#1 – (done)

#2 – you can put one line crossing it out … (almost done)

Remember when banks told you (last year) that they were down? They were trying to hit your money.

Your money can be targeted. Be careful.

Remember … all of this is in my opinion as we conclude all of this on my BLUE COACH.

#1 and #2 is for this year … Delta and I are on middle-ground.

CC ended in prayer.