KTFA (Clare, JimmyJJ & MilitiaMan)

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Clare:  Another HISTORIC breakthrough today! Our two GREAT friends Israel and the Kingdom of Bahrain agree to a Peace Deal – the second Arab country to make peace with Israel in 30 days!— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 11, 2020

JJimmyJJ:  I think we need to take another look at these Middle Eastern peace deals involving Israel.

All of this is in my opinion, of course, because it is all speculation on my part.

To recap:

On Aug 17, Trump announces that UAE and Israel have signed a peace treaty normalizing relations.

On Aug 20, Iraq’s prime minister meets with Pres. Trump after several days of high-level meetings between the Fab 4 and Iraq.

On Sept 4, Serbia and Muslim Kosovo announced a treaty with Pres. Trump “normalizing economic relations” and Kosovo ESTABLISHING DIPLOMATIC RELATIONS WITH ISRAEL.

And now, on Sept 11, Pres. Trump announces a peace deal between Bahrain and Israel.

Now, from a political standpoint, announcing a new, historic peace deal each week is pretty amazing; and, seeing peace breaking out in the middle east between arab countries and Israel is something I never thought I’d see. But, that’s not why I’m spending my time bringing this info here.

No, I want to remind us all that these peace deals all started being announced when Iraq and these countries were in Washington DC and economic deals were announced between the US and Iraq.

IMO, Iraq is the key to all of this incredible news. As Frank has taught, the US hasn’t put trillions of dollars and much US blood into Iraq just to leave it behind.

I believe that the US has big economic plans for the Middle East, and they all revolve around Iraq. And, somehow, the meetings in DC seemed to set it all in motion. And further, I believe if any other Muslim countries want to play in the US-Iraq sandbox, the price of admission was making nice with Israel.

Frank has told us for years that huge economic opportunity would come through these reforms, and I believe we are seeing these countries jockeying for a good starting position. AND THEY ARE IN A HURRY.

I think that Iraq will be the epicenter of US economic development in the middle east, and it appears that the US just let the Muslim countries know what the black friday deals are going to be.

This would seem to be very good news for us and our investment.

MilitiaMan:  Well done JimmyJJ.. Very exciting times before us. Money can ease many ails. Not everything, but, is sure helps out for the needy.. imo We are witnessing history in the making. ~ imo ~ MM