KTFA (Delta, MilitiaMan & Samson)


DELTA: The Iraqi Commercial Bank would like to draw the attention of its valued customers to the fact that the receipt of all credit transactions for loans will be suspended from 12/01/2019 until 01/02/2020

Ourcoin:  Because payments for loans can’t be made due to a change in the rate for the IQD?  Wishful thinking?

MilitiaMan:  They did mention awhile ago about the need to modify contracts.. Wala.. They are now telling us a window of that to occur..  A rate change is coming like you have said! Thanks DELTA… ~ MM

Pete2001:  Delta . what does this post mean to you for us?


MilitiaMan: AGREED to that. Modified contracts are in supension while the rate gets taken care of. Wow! – IMO… ~ MM


 Coco:  Important Dates to Watch:

12-1-19 through 1-2-20 Iraqi Commercial Bank suspends receipt of all credit transactions for loans.

12-3-19 Adam Schiff gives committee members until Tuesday, December 3rd to read and sign off on his report recommending Articles of Impeachment against President Trump.

12-5-19 USA will sit in President’s seat of UN Security Council for one month.

12-9-19  FISA report to be released.

Please feel free to add to this list.

DELTA:  12-10-2019………..(fireworks)



Samson:  KRG delegation arrives in Baghdad

1st December, 2019

The delegation of the Kurdistan Regional Government, on Sunday, to Baghdad on an official visit to discuss several common files.

A source familiar with the / Mawazine News /, “The delegation of the Kurdistan Regional Government arrived, today, to Baghdad on an official visit to discuss several common files.” The source added, “The delegation will hold a meeting with Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi to reach an agreement on the budget and oil.”

A government official said earlier, “The forthcoming agreement between Baghdad and Erbil on the budget requires that the region to deliver 250 thousand barrels of oil per day to Baghdad, which is exported through the Iraqi oil pipeline to the Turkish port of Ceyhan, in exchange for granting the region its full share, including salaries, from Financial Budget for Iraq.  He stressed, “Next week will see a delegation from Kurdistan to Baghdad to complete the negotiations.”

 He continued: “This may be crucial to the agreement in the event to continue to send the budget for next year to the Iraqi parliament for approval and the share of the region 12.67%, which is naturally rejected by political forces in parliament is expected to challenge it, considering that the budget granted to the region more than the estimated value , As the budget and the share of each Iraqi province is calculated according to the census and the reality of living in it.

A high-level Kurdish delegation visited Baghdad, which included the Ministers of Finance of the Kurdistan Region Awat Sheikh Janab, the Minister of the Region Omid Sabah, and the President of the Regional Court Amang Rahim, and met with Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi and other officials.  LINK

Popeye7:  Lots of confusion on what is going on at the moment concerning this process of the oil, and gas agreement between Baghdad, and Erbil within the press… But what else do we expect in the land of Babylon, or confusion…

 I thought that Mahdi had resigned, yet he is meeting with the delegation from Kurdistan… Are they going to get this done now, or what for the next government to complete it as the Kurd Interior Minister suggested?…

Have they already completed this, and it is not in print yet?…

Does anyone know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop?…

The inner workings, behind the scenes scheming, as well as orchestration of this process has certainly been fascinating, sad, and frustrating as well…

Thank you Frank, and the teams for the Youbee Toobee, and the information you provided us last night…

May the people of Iraq be comforted, and receive a some relief of the turmoil that has taken place of the last few months as they seek stability within the governing of their nation… God bless, and have a great day


Doodlebug:  So I am chewing a little bit more on the “UN Security Council/US will assume the Presidency in December….” article that was posted yesterday, and I think the timing of it is all too curious. So I went googling and here is what I found:

There are 15 Members that make up the “Security Council” of the United Nations. Each Member has one vote. The position of the Security Council President is a “rotating” chair, meaning each month a member country serves as the President.

So the United States has it’s turn this month.

Wasn’t it the UN “Security Council” that put the “sanction handcuffs” on Iraq, first? Isn’t it the UN “Security Council” that holds the last tidbit of Chapter 7 on Iraq? You know, we have always said, “The UN “Security Council” was the first to put the handcuffs on, they are the last ones to take the handcuffs off”… layer that with Pence/Trump and Barzani, Mahdi resigning, Iran FINALLY being dealt with (chat room November 2017)… oh my it is all so exciting!

Again, from the article, the US of A will sit in the President’s Seat of the UN Security Council starting on December 5th. I think this is FASCINATING and this is all in my opinion only.

The article from yesterday’s thread:

Samson:  Statement By The White House: “The United States Will Assume The Presidency Of The Security Council Next Month”  

The White House announced that President Donald Trump will meet with the permanent representatives of the United Nations Security Council on the fifth of next month, coinciding with the assumption of the presidency of the Council during the month of December.

“President Donald Trump will meet with the permanent representatives of the UN Security Council on December 5,” the White House said in a statement.

“Trump will shed light on the US leadership of the UN Security Council and will invite permanent representatives to act to address the challenges to international peace and security,” the statement said.

“Members of the council will go to Washington and are expected to have lunch with President Trump,” a UN Security Council source said.

 The members are also likely to visit Kentucky, home of the US ambassador to the UN Security Council, Kelly Kraft, from December 13 to 15.   LINK

PollieAnna:  Thank you so much DB!!!  I brought this up in TC last night due to the fact I found Frank’s statement last night intriguing..”If anything at all look for the President to give the UN their next orders, IMO!

Iobey777:  yes!! There you go, Pollieanna!! Looks like Trump will be “in the driver’s seat” next month for the UN! IMO, things will be moved very quickly after he takes the realm! Looking very good to see the RI in December! IMO!

EHankins:  There are NO coincidences!…. December 5th the USA takes their turn.  Brilliance in motion!!

Mryantodd:  I may be missing something, but I am not getting excited by this announcement. The members of the UN Security Council take turns at the presidency and each nation serves as President for one month when it is their turn.  The order is established in alphabetical order by the country’s name in English and it is our turn in December.  I have been in this investment for several years and the U.S. has held the presidency several times during this period. I really don’t think this has direct implications for the IQD.  Of course this is IMHO and I remain hopeful that we are nearing the end of this, but I don’t think there is a reason to get excited because the U.S. will assume the presidency for the next month.

Moparman:  what you are missing is this is the United States chance. It won’t happen for another 15 months. It very well could happen any month. But, the chances increase when the USA has the presidency.

Jay:  While I agree there is nothing to get excited about, I think what Doodles and I are trying to say is the timing of it being “OUR” turn to lead the Unsc NOW with THIS POTUS…AT THIS moment with IRAQ IN THIS POSITION could be something to behold. IOHOO.   Also keep in mind that many countries are socialist/communist countries. Where as this maassive movement of wealth is not only benefitting the super rich but the peasants (us) too. They… (the socialist COMMUNIST pigs) hate that. WE WILL NOW be able to put the NWO take over off for years to come. Maybe a generation.  Deep state is being squashed back into the pits of hell for a while with this RI. Imo.

Don961:  Real reforms maximize revenue and contribute to its multiplicity

Sunday 01 December 2019

Baghdad / Hussein Thaghb – Farah Al – Khafaf

One of the reform steps the government is embarking on in response to popular demands is to correct the country’s fiscal policy.

Financial expert Thamer Al-Azzawi believes that “the financial policy followed by the competent authorities such as the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank, has succeeded during the past period compared to the conditions experienced by the country, especially with regard to the preservation of the value of the Iraqi dinar, and the financial stock, which has increased, despite recent events.”

However, he stressed to Al-Sabah, the need to “correct or update this policy in line with the requirements, in terms of diversifying and maximizing revenues, operating the accumulated funds in banks, and the introduction of the private sector as a key partner for the advancement of the economy.” to reach common points to start in the real implementation.”

The Finance Committee hosted the Governor of the Central Bank and the Director General of the Tax Authority to discuss the issue of maximizing non-oil revenues and assessing the monetary and economic policy of the country.

  Maximizing revenue

The Chairman of the Finance Committee, Haitham al-Jubouri, according to a press statement, “Supporting the Iraqi economic reality and moving it through the correction of financial policy and rectification,

 Real reforms

To that member of the Baghdad Economic Forum Jassem Al-Aradi, “the need to work to have real reforms that move the change of the reality of the national economy and move it to a better stage, and this is not complicated, but we can see the fruits of reforms within a short period, because of the elements of success that are unique to Iraq However, we need good governance to achieve a smooth implementation of the work in its form    link

Iobey777:  Yes!!! This is HUGE …IMO!! Wow!! I especially like this statement:

“especially with regard to the preservation of the value of the Iraqi dinar, and the financial stock, which has increased, despite recent events.”