KTFA (Delta)


DELTA:  FROM IRAQI TV:  The Iraqi dinar and its value is still below the logical limit.

Osmosis:  As is everything related to the RI of the Iraqi dinar

JJimmyJJ:  Pres. Trump presided today at a signing ceremony of an “economic normalization” treaty between Serbia and Kosovo.

He also explained that muslim Kosovo was agreeing to recognize Israel, and Serbia had agreed to move their Israeli embassy to Jerusalem.

This gives me great hope for our investment.  Not because I think this is required for an RV ( although,  IMO, the incentives that Trump is offering to these countries is related to the wealth generation from Iraq joining the international economy), but because it reminds me that Trump is a doer.

He likes to get things done,  and I believe that getting Iraq fully operational will eat at him until it is completed. IMO, we’ve never been in such a position before with this investment because we’ve never had a president so interested in seeing it finished before.

Musings on a Friday…Oh,  and on the original topic,  we haven’t seen anything like this before with Israel. It is truly historic. I never thought we’d see such a thing.