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Samson: Al-Jubouri: The salaries of political prisoners and “Al-Rafhawawi” are more than the Saudi loan

23rd May, 2020

Today, Saturday, the former deputy, Mishaan al-Jubouri, called for stopping the payment of salaries of political prisoners and detainees of Rafha, which together constitute a higher amount of the loan granted by Saudi Arabia to Iraq

Al-Jubouri wrote on his account on the “Twitter” website and followed him “Gilgamesh Press,” saying, “Finance Minister Abdul-Amir Allawi announced that Iraq obtained a three billion loan from Saudi Arabia to cover the salary deficit

He added, “Note … the amount of salaries that are paid to the so-called political and Al-Rafhawi prisoners annually is more than this amount   LINK

GodLover:   Should we be concerned that Iraq is now getting loans?


Don961:  The dialogue between Baghdad and Washington … a parliamentary condition that precedes negotiations and talks about exceptions that allow American soldiers to remain

Policy 05/23/2020 21:44 949 Editor

Baghdad today – Baghdad

The timing of the launching of dialogues is the first of its kind, approaching between Iraq and the United States, since the withdrawal of the latter from Iraq in 2011, which is scheduled to take place in the middle of next month, and with what she described as “very important”, with regard to its role in the military and security, talks are underway On a “condition” for negotiation between the two countries.

On January 5, the Iraqi Council of Representatives approved a decision to remove foreign forces from Iraq against the backdrop of an American plane carrying out a strike that killed the deputy head of the Popular Mobilization Organization, Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis, and the commander of the Iranian Quds Force, Qassem Soleimani.

This decision imposes itself in any prospective dialogue, according to Iraqi lawmakers, while others indicate that the decision caused the suspension of the work of foreign forces and US military flights in Iraq, which allowed ISIS to move freely again and carry out several attacks in the month of April and May this year, which necessitates placing this danger in Take into account the upcoming negotiations.

After the formation of the government of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, the international coalition aircraft flew back to carry out strikes against ISIS, and some of them were carried out in Kirkuk during support operations for the anti-terrorist apparatus.

Member of Parliamentary Security: Iraq will prioritize the removal of American forces from the upcoming negotiations, and there is a condition permitting exceptions

Member of the Parliamentary Security and Defense Committee, Kata al-Rikabi, said in an interview with (Baghdad Today) that “the strategic dialogue is the completion of the strategic framework agreement, which was held in 2009, in the sense of agreeing to implement the provisions that were not applied and left loose.”

He added, “The Iraqi delegation will put in its priorities the removal of US forces from Iraq, in accordance with the decision of the House of Representatives in January 2020, stressing that this is a” condition for negotiating with Washington. ”

He stressed: “What we do not accept as deputies is the continued American presence, and we will focus on the issue of removing all forces, with some exceptions in terms of advisers and trainers only to provide military and intelligence advice.”

It is expected that next month, dialogues will be the first of their kind between Iraq and the United States of America, since the latter withdrew from Iraq permanently in 2011, according to what senior Iraqi officials announced recently.

Parliament describes the upcoming dialogue important, and confirms the absence of an invitation to participate

On Saturday (23 May 2020), a member of the Parliamentary Security and Defense Committee, Abbas Srouat, described the strategic dialogue between Baghdad and Washington, scheduled for mid-next month, as very important.

In an interview with (Baghdad Today), Zrout said, “The security and defense committee in the Iraqi parliament, until now, has not been informed or received any notice of any role in this dialogue,” noting that “it is a dialogue with the government, especially between the commander-in-chief of the armed forces.” Iraqi, top military leaders and the American side. ”

And between, “The strategic dialogue between Washington and Baghdad is very important for Iraq, and it has very great benefit, especially with regard to the aspect of armament, training and development.”

The idea of a strategic dialogue between Baghdad and Washington dates back to the period before the outbreak of popular protests in Iraq in October 2019.

And Iraqi officials confirmed, earlier, that these dialogues, which they described as “comprehensive”, came with an American offer, which they considered a project to set a road map for the relationship between the two countries, in the light of which a stable policy is reached and governed by several agreements, including the issue of the American military presence, The support provided to Iraq from a security and economic perspective, and guarantees of a democratic transition of power in Iraq, are also likely to place Iran’s file at the top of what will be discussed.   link


Don961:  Member of Parliament Finance reveals the existence of 80 billion dollars of Iraqi money in the American treasury

Policy 05/24 2020 01:36 1336
Baghdad today – Baghdad

Member of Parliamentary Finance Committee Muhammad Sahib al-Darraji revealed, on Saturday (23 May 2020), that there are 80 billion dollars of Iraqi money in the US Treasury.

Al-Daraji said in a televised interview I followed (Baghdad today), that “Iraq possesses financial reserves of approximately 80 billion dollars in the money of the central bank, in the form of cash, bonds and alloys in the US Treasury.” 

And he talked about the financial situation of Iraq and its economy, which depends only on oil imports, and said that “Iraq is more like a gas station, if its prices rise, the standard of living of the Iraqi individual becomes good and if it falls, then his affairs decline and deteriorate.”

And Al-Darraji said, “Iraq’s financial imports for the month of April reached nearly one billion and 400 million dollars, while Iraq needs an operating budget that needs approximately 5 billion dollars.” He pointed out that “Iraq’s financial imports during 2019 amounted to nearly 78 billion dollars. That is, what he enters in monthly money was more than $ 6 billion.

The UN Security Council committed the Iraqi government at the end of 2010 to develop a plan to receive it the tasks of overseeing the Development Fund for Iraq from the United Nations at the end of 2010, after which Iraq would place it in the US federal treasury to ensure immunity by the US Presidential Law on it that would protect Iraq’s imports Oil from seizure by many creditors. ”

And revealed the member of the Finance Committee in the Iraqi parliament, the deputy from the “Kurdistan Islamic Union”, Jamal Kujer earlier on the details of the debt funds owed by Iraq.

He said in a press statement that “the debts incurred by Iraq include two classes: the first is odious debts, and the second, regular, includes international monetary loans, JICA, the Japanese loan, and another group of loans, which the state has resorted to in special circumstances, for special projects.”

Cougar added, that the odious debt, “was 48 billion dollars, of which about 22 billion dollars was paid, and it includes compensation for Kuwait, the Gulf War, and others.”

He continued, “As for the debts of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, all came from the issue of Saddam Hussein’s purchase of arms from it, and from the rest of the Gulf states, in his war with Iran in the eighties of the last century.”

He continued, “Also includes the odious debts, resulting from Iraq, from Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait and parts of Saudi lands.”

He continued, “40 billion dollars in debt to Saudi Arabia, Iraq refuses to recognize, and pay, because Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states were supporting Saddam Hussein in his war with Iran, and after the American invasion of Iraq in 2003, these countries transferred these funds from Support to loans, so the new governments did not recognize them, they did not recognize, and only recognized the debts arising from the invasion of Kuwait.   link

Samson:  The Stock Exchange: We will reorganize five sessions a week after Eid Al Fitr

24th May, 2020

The stock exchange announced, on Sunday, that it will reorganize five sessions per week after Eid Al-Fitr, indicating that its first session will be on Sunday, May 31

The Stock Exchange said in a statement, “Economy News” received a copy of it, “The Stock Exchange will reorganize five sessions per week after the blessed Eid Al-Fitr after the Board of Governors reduced the number of trading sessions from five sessions per week to three sessions per week organized on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday

The statement added, “The first trading session will be after Eid Al-Fitr on Sunday, May 31, 2020

It is noteworthy that the Iraqi Stock Exchange was established in June 2004, and was previously dependent on manual trading. In April 2009, electronic trading was approved by some companies, and electronic trading began for the companies registered in the year 2010, and 104 companies affiliated to eight sectors are banking, industrial, Hotel, tourist, agricultural, investment, insurance, in addition to communications  LINK


Samson:  Iraq wants Saudi Arabia to obtain the largest share of electricity projects

24th May, 2020

Finance Minister Ali Allawi on Sunday expressed the desire of Iraq that Saudi Arabia be the one that gets the largest share of electricity projects.

Minister Allawi stated that “the electricity sector was taken into consideration during his meetings with Saudi officials in Riyadh the day before yesterday, and it is one of the important projects, and we want Saudi Arabia to be the one that gets the largest share of these projects.”

He added: “It is necessary to connect the electrical network in Iraq with the Saudi and Kuwaiti networks, and this diversity is important in relation to the economic balance in Iraq.”   LINK


Samson:  The Relations Committee sets out an important step for Al-Kazemi’s government to win regional and international cooperation

24th May, 2020

The Foreign Relations Committee in the House of Representatives, on Sunday, identified an important step for Mustafa Al-Kazimi’s government to win regional and international cooperation.

The member of the committee, Dhafer Al-Ani, said, “The Al-Kazemi government was born amid the complexities of the Iraqi scene economically, security, healthily, and even internationally, and therefore Iraq is unable, according to its current capabilities, to meet these conditions without external assistance.”

Al-Ani added, “The government, which is based on an initial positive external impression of it, is trying to invest this in overcoming its ordeal by opening a wide range of countries that are characterized by assistance, in order to consolidate the pillars of the new government and push it towards rational rational decisions.”

Al-Ani explained that “the Arab Gulf states, especially the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Emirates and Kuwait, have ties of Arabism and neighborliness with them, and have previously helped Iraq in previous years, and they are at the forefront of countries that will initiate Iraq to seek aid to support its stability, driven by a certain awareness that the stability of Iraq is stability For the entire region, and that strengthening the new government is an important factor in restoring its independence and sovereignty to Iraq.”

And, “The Al-Kazemi government, if it wants sustained and broad regional and international cooperation, should send sufficient assurances that it is determined to take serious steps towards consolidating the independence and unity of Iraq.”   LINK