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Don961: Most of the countries and banks refuse to lend to Iraq .. Sayssem reveals the reasons by video



Dan:  PERFECT. MY wife was interpreting this for me. This is very good news for us. No one is willing to lend Iraq ANY money…..only way is to RI RV your currency Iraq…booya

Samson:  Officials: The Iraqi financial crisis may make us borrow from the International Monetary Fund again  LINK

MilitiaMan:  Alak seems to want to say that there are pressures now on many fronts, yet, they may (pressures) not be to severe. I’ll bet because he knows that there is a fix for the concerns that people are having: i.e., low oil prices and the virus, etc .

The citizens on the street may get far more volatile if they don’t get their demands met. I think Alak knows that all to well and is suggesting that the pressure on the GOI is forefront according to his words.

Just imagine the “Street” now saying to themselves, “hey, you all are not for us getting our monetary reforms and are holding up our money, our purchasing power? “You politicians can fix this and your not”? Um… That sort of thinking is not going to go over very well.

In fact, Alak probably said what he said for a purpose and to get an end result. The citizens know from the media out lets, as to who is who and who is against them and or for them now.. That could be or could get very dangerous for those against them..

Alak tells us that they are wanting to meet with the IMF, yet, the out look there looks bleak and may not bear fruit.

The IMF (USA) knows that Iraq has value, can pay it’s external debts and with imo the long awaited financial reforms; i.e., a “new exchange rate”, not the program rate it is presently at!!

So getting the IMF to loan them money when they can Re – Instate the IQD to avert the crisis glaring at them.

Those against them know that the neighbor is going to feel the pain, hence, the sand bagging has gone on for so long.

 Now it looks like the proper pressures are in place and with oil being the last straw.. The relief value needs to be opened! imo ~ MM


2Cents:  IMO…..watch the Shiite factions….if two-three agree on Z and two-three say no, we are home free ….. i believe the Sunni’s and Kurds will agree so, along with two-three Shiites, Z can get confidence…..If all the Shiites say “No” to Z, Saleh will be picking another…..

Additionally, note the articles stating the Revolutionary Guard (Popular Crowd) is not a factor……We saw that most have finally submitted to the Iraq military Authority and we know others were taken out by the US bombings.  Mahdi(IMO fearful probably due to threats and intimidation) started this but never completed.  I believe the last round of bombing from the US was VERY persuasive…..Go ESPER/TRUMP

Just as MS13 has been severely weakened in the US through mass arrests this week taking away a large ability of the DS to carry out disruptive actions (create fear and intimidation), seeing the Popular crowd taken out by the US and many of the others succumb, the DS(Iran) has been limited.  Hopefully the “good” politicians now feel more confident to move against DS (Iranian) influence….the sooner the better

Pattycakes77:   this weekend going into next week looks good. When things are at its worst then will the dinar arise. Fingers crossed.

2Cents:  But we may not see it…..10 days of darkness

Godlover:  With states now starting to implement stay at home orders….. are you thinking there may be an internet black-out as well?   I will say one thing myself & others have noticed since this virus scare….. many website already seem to be unmanned so to speak imo.

2Cents:  Perhaps………IMO, ultimately “total National shutdown”….no TV, No Radio…….probably no Internet……

IMO….We appear to be headed to a period of only limited essential employees allowed to leave home…Look at California today, Pennsylvania today, reportedly Ohio as early as tomorrow evening….(Note Israel, Ecuador, Australia, Germany, Italy, Spain, Canada)…..I don’t think the media can be considered essential if we really have a Federal order to stay at home…….Reports are 10ish days…….Will it be 3/20 -3/30 or 3/30-4/10???  I believe it will be one or the other…..Certainly all this resolved by Easter……during that time, IMO, all will be much safer at home and I am not talking about the “virus”….

The question is whether the Internet requires “employees” to maintain or if it will be the already hypothesized “undue stress” from everyone at home as opposed to many work places that allegedly causes it to “go down”……..

No-one knows yet for sure but it is obvious that there is more going on here than a virus….

Enjoy the Show!!!!

I am just trying to guess as to the “why” we are told the Internet is down…….There are many “experts” coming out this week stating everyone at home on the Internet is likely to overload the system…..I believe these reports are perhaps setting the stage………


ChrisC:  I am a huge smart A and kidder most of the time, but I will say with some seriousness that the stockmarket is holding around 20,000 way longer than I anticipated and longer than really makes sense.

Maybe Kim Clement is going to pick it right.  I, personally, have always liked Friday afternoon, although any minute of any day works for me.

I really believe the signals are being dropped that an all clear is about to be rung and the panic is about to be reversed.

With the supposed success of the Malaria drug (not sure how this is happening) and the everybody is back to work call from China, this is about to be over, interestingly, right on cue for Trump’s timing.

Still may be one more “let’s all hunker down for another two weeks until this takes effect” statement during which we hopefully have an RV.

I really did see the market being trimmed to 15,000 but this works for me too, my main thing is that we are safe when we go to the banks and I don’t know how that is going to happen unless they are nationalized and their massive debt is no longer a guillotine over OUR head.

World govts, especially ours, move the sidelines and the goal posts and anything else they want, so they may have figured out a way around all that debt.  I don’t know.

As a whole, the rules only apply to plebeians and not patricians.  Although, pretty soon we will be patricians.


Clare:  Tax Day moving to July 15 amid coronavirus crisis, Mnuchin announces

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin announced Friday that the deadline for filing federal taxes will move from April 15 to July 15 — a move to ease the burden the coronavirus outbreak has put on individuals and the economy.


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