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DELTA:  In the context of the corona crisis and its associated cash crisis, a new currency-foreign exchange mechanism or tool should be adopted to support the banking and banking sector, as the central bank of Iraq has stopped selling the dollar in cash to the exchange companies through Banks

This mechanism is done by giving companies a foreign exchange by providing a statement of beneficiaries and the need for travel tickets, and then they make payments according to the customer’s desire, either in cash or in the account balances of electronic cards to the public.

DELTA:  Our Whatsapp service provided control of my account (Mastercard from al-Rafidain Bank) and can work on the following services:

Pay bills for electricity, electricity and water if available.
2-transfer from one account to another.

Account Balance query.
4-mini detection of my last 10 operations.


Samson:  CNBC: Russia and Saudi Arabia are very close to an agreement to cut oil production

6th April, 2020

The head of the Russian sovereign fund told CNBC on Monday that Saudi Arabia and Russia are “very, very close” to an agreement to cut oil production

“I think the whole market understands that this agreement is important and will bring a great deal of stability, and it is very important stability for the market, and we are very close,” said Kirill Dimitriev, CEO of the Russian Direct Investment Fund   LINK


Samson:  Oil prices are falling due to the price war and the continued statements of major producers

6th April, 2020

Oil prices trimmed losses in early morning trade Monday after the CEO of the Russian sovereign wealth fund told CNBC that Moscow and Riyadh were “very close” to an oil deal

Brent crude futures made a short shift in the positive area, but were recently trading down 1.2% at $33.69 a barrel, and US crude futures also reduced losses but remained in negative territory, retreating 1.6% to $ 27.84 a barrel

Earlier, US crude futures fell nearly 9% after a meeting between OPEC and its allies was postponed, initially scheduled for Monday. The delay sparked Wall Street fears that cuts could face hurdles

Oil rose last week – WTI and Brent are both their best week ever at a time when Saudi Arabia called for a meeting between OPEC and its allies, known as OPEC +, which indicates the possibility of progress in reducing production. 

The group meeting ended in March without agreement after Russia refused to cut 1.5 million barrels on the day proposed by Saudi Arabia in an attempt to support low oil prices with the outbreak of coronary virus demand. This started a price war between power producers   LINK


Samson:  Trump declares emergency in 50 US states due to Corona

10:22 – 06/04/2020

US President Donald Trump announced on Monday a state of emergency involving 50 states and territories, after agreeing to consider him in a state of confrontation with major disasters.

“This is a comprehensive military operation and we have agreed to it, this is very unusual,” he told a White House news conference.

He added that “the Federal Emergency Management has transported vital supplies and protective equipment from all parts of the world to America.”

He continued: “This Tuesday, we will deploy more than 3000 military public health professionals in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut,” noting that today, Monday, will see the start of the distribution of millions of gags to the American people.    LINK

Samson:  Foreign Office: We are responsible for sending $ 3,000 to each Iraqi individual stuck abroad

6th April, 2020

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced, on Monday, that it will send $ 3,000 to every Iraqi person stuck abroad.

The ministry’s spokesperson, Ahmed Al-Sahaf, said, “The ministry provided for sending $ 3,000 to each Iraqi individual stuck abroad,” calling on the people of the stranded to “come to the ministry’s building to complete the procedures.”

He added, “The amount will be delivered through the Iraqi embassies abroad,” noting that the embassies of Iraq and its missions abroad are Iraqi homes. The newspapers indicated that “the Iraqi embassies and missions provide food supplies to hundreds of stranded Iraqis and residents.” 



Samson:  The fall of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar scares the markets and citizens .. and warnings of the continued decline

5th April, 2020

After the stability of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the dollar years ago, the past few days have recorded a significant decrease in the value of the local currency.

The exchange rate of one dollar increased from 1,200 dinars to 1,280 Iraqi dinars, amid warnings of the continuation of this decline due to the curfew imposed by the Iraqi authorities as part of measures to confront the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, which stopped the Central Bank of Iraq, which was pumping an average of 140 million dollars per day to maintain The value of the currency.

A source from the Central Bank of Iraq, who preferred not to be identified, said that “the dollar exchange rate was affected by a rise due to the interruption of the currency auction, as well as a result of the curfew, and the desire of people to exchange their Iraqi money with dollars, as well as the continuing need for import in relation to traders.” According to the newspaper, “The New Arab.” He revealed that the central bank is in the process of taking quick steps with the government crisis cell to confront the Corona epidemic, with the aim of finding a way to restore balance and provide hard currency in the market, stressing that the rise will be temporary. He added, “The last auction for the sale of the currency was on March 16, and it is expected that the current measures will succeed in reopening it within days.”

The source pointed out that “the cash sale price by the Central Bank of Iraq in the last public auction was 1190 dinars, while the price approved in banks is 1200 dinars per dollar, before the central bank stops pumping currency to the Iraqi market, because of the curfew.” He pointed out that “the central bank will try to pump more hard currency to the market, but the value of what will be pumped will be less than the hard currency entering the central bank as a result of the low oil price and the state’s need for adequate reserves of hard currency.” He said, “The task of keeping the dinar rate at the current stage will not be easy, but it is within control.”

For his part, Adel Al-Ansari, director of one of the banking offices in Baghdad, said in an interview with “The New Arab”, that despite the curfew imposed in all of Iraq due to the outbreak of corona, the demand for buying dollars is very large, because of the Iraqis’ fear of the collapse of the dinar. He added that “some of the owners of capital bought the hard currency in anticipation of any emergency, due to the cautious anticipation experienced by the Iraqis in light of the Corona virus and the escalation between America and Iran and armed factions in Iraq.”

In an interview with Al-Arabi Al-Jadeed, economist Salam Smeisam said, “The rise in the price of the dollar against the dinar is not a result of supply and demand, and what confirms this is that what is happening now is that the amount of dollars in the provinces comes to Baghdad and is sold again by adding profits. It ranges from 7 to 8 dollars per 100 dollars.” She added that “what is raising the alarm today is that the market is not subject to control by the authorities concerned with monetary policy,” noting that “the Iraqi dinar is in an unenviable position due to the low oil prices of less than 26 dollars, in addition to the accumulated crises that it is exposed to.” The Economy.”  LINK

Don961:  The deep state in Iraq is destroying the regular state

– One Day Has Passed  Researcher Shatha Khalil *

The emergence and concept of the deep state

The term deep state was first created in history in Turkey in 1923 by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, which is “a secret network known as“ Derin Devlet ”and its meaning the deep state. This network consists of several groups of police and armed forces officers and some From the judiciary, bureaucrats, and others, it operates in secret. 

Among them is maintaining the secularism of the Turkish state created by Ataturk, and suppressing any ideas, movements, parties, or members of the government that would threaten secularism at the time.

This concept has several names, such as the rooted state or a state within a state that is called to describe some parties and groups that act as a state, but this state is within the boundaries of a recognized state, or the intelligence apparatus of a particular country, and a common example of the concept of a deep state is the deep state in the United States Represented by the Central Security Agency and the lobbies.

From a legal point of view: Based on its legitimacy (or illegitimacy), this approach emphasizes the informal and illegitimacy of the “deep state” considering that it is unelected and not subject to accountability but it is not permissible to generalize, sometimes there are executive leaders and members of legislative assemblies, And among them is the one who comes by way of elections, and they originally belong to the groups formed for the deep state, and they seek self-interests other than the interest of the state.

Some historians have affirmed that the deep state, like the shadow government, works to spread propaganda to stir public fear or destabilize civilian governments that they do not like, while others see that the “deep state” is an invisible and secret “state” that parallels the legitimate, open government. 

This explains two aspects of the “deep state”, namely, ambiguity, confidentiality, and illegality. In this sense, it is not a state within a state.

And because it is the deep state, a complex and heavily intertwined structure, it leaves no space or space (politically, economically, culturally, technically, or sportsly … etc) except that it invaded and swept it. Therefore, its penetration is extremely difficult, and detonating it from the inside is risky and risky, as it may crumble with its daringness the entity of the state.

And the mechanism of the deep state’s work, the state is the only legislator and law enforcement at the same time, and the state may use the law in different, unclear and incomprehensible ways, as it has more powers to carry out many actions and policies, and also from the powers of this state to stop the law To take the necessary measures to defend the state against the danger it faces, it is imperative for the state to fabricate a state of extreme fear and imminence of the imaginary enemy; which justifies the state its actions, and these actions are acceptable to the people, as it gives them a kind of imaginary legitimacy, which from For God is not legal accounting for such acts after the end of that case.

Iraq and the deep state:

After 2003 the foundations of the Iraqi state were destroyed, and thus the one-man rule system ended, and Iraq lived in the era of democracy, but the weak, dispersed and weak democracy that spawned groups and blocs and thus lost the regular state, where it became the one that governed and through which the country was governed Through which it allowed the building of a deep state but not in the aforementioned concept, Iraq differs from the rest of the countries as a disorganized situation and criteria and the reason is the fragility and weakness of the state with the emergence of political and religious parties and militias that have no loyalty to Iraq .. These reasons created mafias and gangs of corruption within State “deep state”, but in a negative way any State works deep as opposed to what the regular state.

What I would like to point out is that it must first be a strong systemic state in order to have a deep state.

Iraq cannot say that it is a state because it lacks the standards of the state .. a “central and weak” authority, and there is no “nation” in Iraq that seeks to establish a state but there Sub-identities competing for power, and there is no stable political system in Iraq, but a system that suffers from all crises of political systems, and there are no sober and strong institutions but fragile and weak institutions that are corrupted by corruption.

And the constitution that was written after 2003 and distant from the country’s interest, even with this constitution that lacks many of the foundations of state building, parties deal with according to the whims of their interests, which indicates that there is no law that applies to everyone, but applies only to the weak and the poor.

If we compare the role of the deep state with the external influence in other countries towards what is going on in Iraq, the external influence will be stronger in making events than the deep state, and therefore the external will is the strongest. It is the only beneficiary of the “deep state” that came to serve external states and personal interests, not to serve and maintain a strong state like the rest of the powerful countries for the purpose for which the deep state is made.

Iraq did not create for itself a firm and strong system and the state is unstable and politically and economically unstable, which made the concept of the deep state as a disease in the body of Iraq, is the closest thing to it (hegemony) mafia from it to the deep state in its known meaning.

Since 2005, precisely with the assumption of power by some powerful parties, the concept of a “deep” corrupt state has arisen to facilitate the affairs of party members in case they need an order, looting, smuggling, or embezzlement, which has facilitated the process of entering other parties in the same way to destroy the state and control most ministries.

Especially linked to the Ministry of Interior, from the Passports, Nationality and Residence departments. Its employees have turned into owners of large sums of money due to the bargaining and bribes that they impose on citizens, as well as the sale and purchase of appointments to the security agencies, most notably the National Security Directorate.

Some observers and those close to the authority assert that “75 percent of the affairs of the state and the Iraqis are run through the deep state, through the personalities and gangs that the parties put inside the official institutions.” These “invisible forces possess political support and legal cover, as they depend on real employees in the Iraqi state, but all their actions are in the interests of their parties and those of their parties.”
And that there is great corruption in “many deals related to weapons and oil that take place between Iraq and other countries, passing first to the parties through their pawns in the ministries, and after studying the files that the concerned minister is supposed to discuss, the parties send their observations to the ministries to be part of the discussions, which can Destroying the country’s economy and making it an open economy for thieves and corrupt.

Iran is a major factor in forming the “deep state” in Iraq thanks to political forces linked to some of the parties loyal to it and some armed groups that work to overcome the difficulties facing some political entities. In the form of directors, deputy ministers, and advisors, officials control the passage of decisions within state administrations. 

The powers of some Iraqi employees of small government institutions may override those of government ministers. The “state” soldiers of the deep state, in all joints of the Iraqi state, work to arrange their interests first and foremost.

Militias, through their practices, confirm every day that they are above the government, above the homeland, and above the law and the constitution.

Shares of investments and shares of investors as royalties, as I entered the sports field. It also works in the oil, drug, and arms trade, detainees, internally displaced persons, and antiquities, and controls many border crossings with Iran, escaping what it deems appropriate for both parties, and helps Iran in overcoming sanctions by smuggling currency and oil and protecting the corrupt people who are harming the Iraqi economy.

It will produce that the deep state in the powerful countries is working to preserve the state from sudden changes .. As for Iraq, there is a “loss of a regular and negative state of the deep state” and is working to destroy the pillars of the state and turn it into a state of militias and parties, which is one of the outputs of the new Iraqi construction after 2003 with all that it carries Gaps, gaps and fragility, in addition to Iranian interference and pushing for the maintenance of the status quo that mainly serves Iran and those allied with it. For Iraq, Iran is a battleground and a drainage market for its problems, crises, goods and products, so it does not accept that Iraq will be strong.

My position is weak, and vice versa, because of his important geopolitical position, so it works to permanently weaken him.

On the other hand, there is an inverse relationship between the state and its institutions, and systems of non-state that operate away from the interest of the state. Whenever the state is weak, the systems of non-state are strengthened and vice versa.

To weaken the non-state systems, as these systems never perform any positive action except to carry out negative actions such as placing obstacles in the face of any ambition for reform and aborting any attempt that harms their interests or placing a veto on a national candidate that could harm Iran’s interests.

Finally, the deep state in Turkey and other America in other countries often have institutions with long lifespans, and the deep state idea and its networks within the state’s jobs have nurtured and become virtually large with experience and influence and need stages and long years to limit or reduce their impact, but in Iraq institutions have been destroyed

The state as a whole after 2003 and was rebuilt on the basis of sectarian and quarrelsome subversion, so no state or institutions were built that would allow the building of a deep state with the true positive concept that supports the state … Rather, it was built to destroy and weak the regular state, and the deep state in Iraq will not end unless by withdrawing all the Loomed from the hands of armed gangs and factions. The centralization and strength of the regular state returns to build a correct political system in order to build the state and build a strong economy in order to be a true and sovereign state.

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