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DELTA:  Al-Kazemi’s government officially won the confidence of Parliament

BuckEyeTree: Celebration!! One can only imagine that Iraqis are dancing in the street since this now confirmed and approved PM is for the people. We shall see just how quickly things move along.  Companies that would do business with Iraq are eagerly watching also this historic event.

MarkC:  A new government does not equate to a RI..there is still a process that needs to take place..IMO

Youngsc:  Based on the data brought to us by Walkingstick, Frank, Delta, MM and teams it should be sooner. ISX, financial problems, Salaries etc… its just too many layers. If everything is ready set and go then i do not see the CBI waiting another month and half to show the new rate. IMO

BillA:  IMO, The Budget needs the Rate…….the Rate doesn’t need the Budget

Popeye7: Great news concerning the Iraq parliament finally voting on a government that will benefit the people of Iraq… May God be with them on this new beginning… I do find significance in dates, and tomorrow (Thursday) is one of those dates that add, or in the words of Christine Lagarde over 6 years ago, compress to the number 7… 5/7/2020=5+7+2+2=16, 1+6=7… And tomorrow (Thursday) is the last super moon of. the year… It is being referred to as the “flower moon.”… Wouldn’t it be a sweet smelling aroma if all went well with Frank’s surgery first, and foremost… Than to finish off the evening with an RI as dessert… What a blessed day that would be…


Don961:  Finally .. a new prime minister of Iraq

– One Hour Passed

BAGHDAD – The Iraqi parliament settled the months of controversy over the successor to resigned Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi, where it approved by the majority of the government of Mustafa al-Kazemi, an intelligence man who has broad support from Sunni and Kurdish parties and a number of Shiite parties.

The consensus on Al-Kazemi’s government did not hide the extent of the deep differences between the parties forming power in Iraq 16 years ago, which also showed the extent of Iranian influence in the country through the parties and their militias supporting Tehran.

The new Iraqi Prime Minister will have a daunting task in dismantling the power of militias protecting Iranian influence, in addition to testing his relationship with the American administration, which requires supporting the new government by dismantling these militias in order to reach a solution that ends disputes over ministerial and quota positions.

After granting confidence to his government, Al-Kazimi stressed that he will work “with the ministerial team in an earnest way to win the trust and support of our people.” My gratitude to all of our support, and my hope that all political forces will join hands to face the difficult challenges, the sovereignty, security, stability and prosperity of Iraq, our path. “

The Iraqi President, Barham Saleh, had assigned Al-Kazemi in early April to head the government in the wake of Adnan Al-Zarfi’s apology for the mission, due to the pressure and disputes of the parties loyal to Iran.

In his speech to members of Parliament, Al-Kazemi said that his government is “a solution government, not a crisis.” Early this year.

Parliament gave confidence to the Iraqi Prime Minister and his government, as the majority of the parliament approved the interior, defense, finance, housing, electricity, planning, and higher education ministers.

The Prime Minister-designate had announced before the extraordinary session of Parliament that he had presented the composition of his government, stressing at the same time keenness to secure political, parliamentary and popular acceptance of government candidates. “Our goal will be to serve the people and achieve sovereignty, security and justice,” he added in a tweet at his expense.

Al-Kazemi, a former intelligence man, had stronger fortunes than his predecessors, Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi and Adnan al-Zarfi, who had been tasked before him to form a government and failed to do so due to the incompatibility of political forces around them, while he was alone in broad support among the Sunni and Kurdish parties and a number of Shiite parties.

Out of 329 deputies attended the session, in which they gave confidence to 15 ministers in a government of 22 ministers. The vote on the oil and foreign ministries has been postponed, although Iraq is currently going through the most severe economic crisis in its history, with its oil revenues falling five-fold in one year.

For the government to obtain the confidence of Parliament (329 seats), an absolute majority vote (50 percent + 1) is required for the number of members present (not the total number) to grant confidence.

To date, the number of deputies who announced their refusal to vote for the Al-Kazemi government reached 81, namely, the solution party (14 seats), the State of Law coalition (26 seats), the Turkmen deputies (8 seats), the National Coalition (22 seats), and the Reform and Development (Iraqi Decision Alliance) 11 seats.

Al-Kazemi will succeed the government of Adel Abdul-Mahdi, who resigned in early December 2019 under pressure from popular protests calling for the departure and accountability of the political class accused of corruption and wasting state funds.

The Arabs   LINK


Don961:  The first comment from Mustafa Al-Kazemi after assuming the presidency of the Iraqi government

2020.05.07 – 01:16

Baghdad – people

Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, at dawn on Thursday, launched his pledges for the next
stage, after he gained confidence in the parliament.

Al-Kazemi said in a post that “Nass” (May 7, 2020) followed, after the parliament voted on
most of his cabinet, “Today, the esteemed parliament has given confidence to my government,
and I will work with the honorable ministerial team to earnestly earn the trust and support of
our people.”

“My gratitude goes to all of our support, and my hope is that all political forces will join hands
to face the difficult challenges,” he added.

Al-Kazemi concluded his post, “The Sovereignty, Security, Stability and Prosperity
of Iraq, Our Path.”     

BuckeyeTree:  Kazemi said a few words but among them — the Security and Stability of Iraq.  Alak at the CBI has been on the lookout for Security and Stability in Iraq.  Those two seem to be on the same page.

Iobey777:  PRAISE GOD!! Now … on to the economic reforms which have been waiting on this! Everything happens in God’s timing! IMO, it is now time for the new rate to come forth and to bring the citizens the economic value they and their currency deserve!

Samson:  Pompeo makes a pledge to Al-Kazemi

7th May, 2020

On Thursday, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made a pledge to the new Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi.

“It was wonderful to speak today with the new Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi,” Pompeo said in a tweet on Twitter. Pompeo added, “Now comes urgent and serious work to implement the reforms demanded by the Iraqi people.”

The US Secretary of State made a commitment to the new Iraqi Prime Minister, saying, “I have pledged to help him implement his bold agenda for the Iraqi people.”

“In support of (Pompeo) for the new government, the United States will press ahead with granting a 120-day exception to import electricity from Iran as an expression of our desire to help create the conditions for success,” the US State Department said in a statement after a telephone conversation between Pompeo and new Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazemi.”   LINK


Samson:  Washington announces a position on the Al-Kazemi government : We will help with three files

7th May, 2020

The United States Embassy in Baghdad announced, Thursday, a position on the declaration of confidence in the government of Mustafa Al-Kazemi, in what it assured would help his government.

A statement to the embassy said: “The United States Mission in Iraq congratulates the Iraqi people on giving confidence to Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi and his government at the Iraqi Parliament’s session on May 6.

We offer our support to Prime Minister Al-Kazemi and the Iraqi people to combat the pandemic (Covid-19) and achieve victory Comprehensive on ISIS, providing humanitarian assistance and stabilizing the displaced and liberated areas.”

The statement added: “The new Iraqi government must now turn to the difficult work of implementing urgent reforms and meeting the needs of the Iraqi people. The next strategic dialogue with the Iraqi government aims to reaffirm the value of the US-Iraqi partnership for both countries.”

The statement concluded: “We have taken good notice of Prime Minister Al-Kazemi’s promise to hold early elections and his will to strengthen the democratic system in Iraq.  We look forward to working with this new government to give the Iraqi people the sovereignty, dignity, prosperity and security they deserve.”   LINK

Samson:  The central bank invites financial investment companies to merge

7th May, 2020

Proceeding from the goal of the Central Bank of Iraq towards achieving financial and banking stability and creating a competitive business environment, this bank invites private investment companies wishing to merge to form an investment institution consisting of two or more companies based on the Companies Law No. (21) of 1997 amending

This bank confirms that this process will create strength for the merged corporation and thus will provide it with rapid growth and that the formation of a larger entity covers wider services commensurate with the large size of the merged corporation and thus its access to broader financial services by this bank commensurate with its size

The Central Bank of Iraq



Samson:  Member of Parliamentary Integrity: We approached the judiciary to prevent travel of former ministers

09:40 – 07/05/2020
Member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee, Youssef Al-Kalabi, revealed, on Thursday, that the judicial authorities have approached the former ministers by preventing them from traveling outside the country.

In a statement to Al-Maalouma, Al-Kalabi said, “The Parliamentary Integrity Committee addressed the judicial authorities to prevent former ministers during the era of the Abdul-Mahdi government from traveling outside the country pending investigation.”

Al-Kallabi called on Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi to “bring the ministers who were accused of corruption to the judiciary.”

The House of Representatives voted, at dawn today, Thursday, 15 ministers in the government of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, while refusing to pass four others and delaying the vote on two ministers.