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Don961: Member of Parliamentary Finance: Currency auction money goes to four parties, including parties and terrorism (video)

Policy 06/2020 2020 00:05 1249

Baghdad today – Baghdad

Member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, MP Majida Al-Tamimi, said on Monday (1 June 2020) that her research in the Iraqi currency auction led her to shocking results, as money from the auction reached terrorist groups, as well as another part of it going to Iraqi political parties.

During her talk about the program (shortest paths) presented by the media, Dr. Nabil Jassem on Al Sharqia News screen , Al-Tamimi studied : “I discovered that the currency auction goes to four parties, some of the central bank employees, the other quarter to the parties and the other quarter to the merchants.”

She added, “As for the last quarter, it goes to the financing of terrorism,” noting that “the financing of terrorism was through a currency auction.”

Iraqi observers and officials estimate the value of what was sold of the dollar in the currency auction during the past fifteen years at more than 300 billion dollars.   LINK



DELTA:  Oil revenues exceed $2 billion for the month May……

DELTA:  FROM MONEY EXCHANGER IN IRAQ…….. there’s a statement from an official who appeared on Al-Sharqiya TV two days ago that the auction would stop. although the central bank is a normal time, no sales of the dollar have been implemented, no remittances or cash. …………..

DELTA: FROM SOCIAL MEDIA 20 HOURS AGO…… There’s no currency auction that’s been cancelled by the cabinet’s latest decision……..

Edna:  So forgive me for needing clarification here…”There’s no currency auction that’s been cancelled by the cabinet’s latest decision”…um…it sounds good  ..I think…So is this saying : NO currency auction (Because it’s been) cancelled etc?? Just want to be clear…as we all do.

Will:  I think that’s what is being said, just some missing punctuation.

There’s no currency auction.  That’s(the auction) been cancelled by the cabinet’s latest decision…….. 


Samson:  Iraq’s marine fleet gets SOC certification

2nd June, 2020

The Minister of Transport, Nasser Al-Shibli, announced today, Tuesday, that all the ships of the General Maritime Transport Company have obtained, for the first time, a certificate of international compliance with SOC emission after completing all the basic requirements under the supervision of the French Classification Authority

Al-Shibli said in a statement received by “Al-Iqtisad News”, that “all the company’s ships conducted successful inspections under the supervision of the French Classification Authority and obtained the international compliance certificate SOC”, noting that “having this certificate would enable Iraqi ships to sail to all ports of the world without reservation Or an exception

For his part, the company’s general manager Muhyiddin Al Emara said in the statement that “the international compliance certificate SOC in 2020 has become an inevitable certificate and no ship is allowed to enter the ports of the world unless you obtain this certificate by examining the fuel used to protect the global environment from the risk of pollution  LINK

4Cash:  More showings of International….. just need their currency to show it CBI!!! IMO!!!


Iggy:  just gonna leave this video here…  Ronald Reagan Tried To Warn Us!

Warning: Ronald Reagan 1964 New World Order Land Grab & Property Rights Speech Warns Of Agenda 21