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DELTA: JUST IN FROM IRAQI TV …..surprise regarding the currency sale auction that the bank valued Iraqi Central.


Parliamentary finance is drafting proposals to save Iraq economically and financially

June 15, 2020

Baghdad / Iraq News Network – Member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Jamal Kujer, confirmed on Monday that his committee presented a financial plan that includes ways to address the economic crisis, which the country is going through to the new government, while pointing out that a new plan is being prepared and will be presented to the government as well.

“The Presidency of the Finance Committee held a meeting with the Ministers of Planning and Finance, during which the most important ways to overcome the financial crisis in which the country was passing were discussed,” Cougar said in a press interview.

He added, “The plan presented by the Finance to the government of former Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi was resubmitted to the new government,” noting that “the Parliamentary Finance is in the process of formulating a number of points and solutions to be submitted to the government as well.”And, “The government’s going to tackle the crisis without returning to the financial committee is dangerous and massive, given that it is governments that have caused corruption and waste of money, and then government reforms have enacted laws and need to amend, repeal, or new legislation, because the government is obliged to return to the legislature To complete her mission.

” The country is beset by a financial crisis, against the backdrop of low oil prices, the invasion of the Corona virus, and the consequent decisions that exacerbated the crisis, from preventing travel, stopping flights, and closing some border points.

The appearance of Muhammad Salih, the financial advisor to the Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, Monday (8 June 2020), revealed government measures to tackle the financial crisis, including the preparation of a new salary scale to be presented within three to four months, while he revealed a surprise regarding the currency sale auction that the bank valued Iraqi Central.


MilitiaMan:  They just told us the other day that a POSITIVE SHOCK was coming to the citizens and foreigners (us). That was in respect to the their currency, imo..

Raising the value of the currency will benefit the locals and us outside investors. 

Now they are telling the citizens that a surprise is coming to their value of the Central Bank, i.e., their currency is to have new value. Their currency auction window is where it will be reflected.

The surprise is a rate change to come.. A surprise is a good thing. A Positive Shock is a good thing..

Don’t worry about the new salary scale… It will be adjusted accordingly to most likely fit and be inline to reflect their new purchasing power.. imo ~

So on the surprise, it means to me we are home  and host in very short order.

They have citizens ready by the millions to take to the streets if they don’t get their reforms.

The new PM told us he was in a hurry to get reforms done because of that.

Well, they last night started telling them on TV that surprise was coming then they published it in writing.. That will not go on deaf ears..

They will have to move fast now.. ~

WOW!! Is some one at the door.?? lol I heard a bell ring.. lol ~ MM

LornaCCB:  does that mean 3 or 4 months for the exchange rate change? i don’t understand these translations…

MilitiaMan:  Not in my view.. As noted in post (above) . “Don’t worry about the new salary scale… It will be adjusted accordingly to most likely fit and be inline to reflect their new purchasing power.. imo” ~ MM

Popeye7:  All is looking good, and coming to a conclusion very quickly IMO..