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Article: “Iraq: Activation of the first phase of the Kuwaiti grant for the reconstruction of the affected areas” Quote: “…that the President of the Fund Mustafa Al-Hiti signed a contract to activate the Kuwaiti grant phase I, amounting to $ 15 million… “He added that projects will be launched on Wednesday.”  [I thought this was only going to be released after a full MR,(monetary reform)  or did I miss something?]  YES YOU DID MISS SOMETHING…TODAY IS SAT …NOT WED YET…

With what we have over the last couple weeks is outstanding! imo… FA (final Article)…is game changer… Quote:  “The Parliamentary Financial Committee is moving in current legislative session to develop mechanisms, to change, the Monetary and the Monetary Policy, in coordination with the CBI and aimed at raising the dinar exchange rate and maintaining the stability of inflation. The change will raise the exchange rate of the Iraqi Dinar against foreign currencies.”

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