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MilitiaMan: FROM……..Sunday 19 May (As of now only released to us, imo. Wink to Frank26) ~ MM

DELTA:  Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs and Minister of Finance presides over the third meeting to prepare the general budget strategy for the year 2020-2022

The Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs and Finance Minister Fouad Hussein chaired an expanded meeting of the Special Committee to prepare the State Budget Strategy 2020-2022

During the meeting, which was attended by a number of members of parliament in the Finance Committee and members of the advisers and agents of the Ministry of Finance and Planning discussed several key pillars in the preparation of the general budget, including determining the cost of extracting oil per barrel and expanding export capacities and taking into account the activation of the local market and the movement of local capital

On the other hand, the exchange rate policy and the monetary policy strategy of the Central Bank were discussed

The meeting included the study of the strategic plan of the General Authority for Taxation and the forecasting of tax revenues expected to be collected for the strategic years for the medium term

The meeting also included the provision of non-oil revenues from customs and customs duties and the pursuit of the implementation of the modernization project (customs) based on the requirements of the work of customs and as an urgent need to reach the stage of maximizing revenues

The meeting was attended by a number of general managers in the Ministry of Finance and other ministries and the Central Bank of Iraq and the provinces.


MilitiaMan:  This article is packed with data that is all about being a real player in the way they, (Iraq) are to do things in the future and have shown in acts in recent past.

Exchange rate Policy Activation of the local Market! They are clearly talking to us like they mean BIG BUSINESS! They even tell us they have a monetary strategy to come.

Think about it. They had this meeting weeks ago now. Then they told you yesterday they Ernst & Young was in town.. lol 

The Board of Directors of the CBI were there and approved their positive opinion of them. I can just imagine Iraq’s new Credit Rating being an eye opener Globally once they raise the IQD rate to meet their real value expectations based on oil, taxes, revenues of many types, etc…

They even go so far as to show that transparency and disclosure is at the level that gets the nod now! Maximizing revenues? Who doesn’t like that! lol ~ MM

The Central Bank of Iraq, on Wednesday, the completion of the international auditing firm Ernst & Young (Ernst & Young) audit final financial statements of the Bank for fiscal year 2018 in the legal deadline the end of March 2019.

ozkrt Accounting Department of the bank in a statement that « The Board of Directors of the Bank has approved these lists which were issued with a positive opinion (without reservation), which indicates the level of transparency under which the Bank operates, the efforts made in presenting the activities and operations, and the level of disclosure that this institution has. ”

“Capital is a term for financial assets, such as funds held in deposit accounts, as well as for the physical factors of production; that is, manufacturing equipment. Additionally, capital includes facilities, including buildings used to produce and store manufactured goods.”

“Capital flows refer to the movement of money for the purpose of investment, trade or business production, including the flow of capital within corporations in the form of investment capital, capital spending on operations and research and development (R&D).”

The exchange rate policy refers to the manner in which a country manages its currency in respect to foreign currencies and the foreign exchange market. The exchange rate is the rate at which the domesticcurrency can be converted into a foreign currency.

MilitiaMan:  I am wondering who can breathe after reading this one? They dealt.. Get it? They DEALT with the most important developments in the Iraqi economy.. lol

The future budgets are based off what it is in the 2019 budget they have not released dealt yet, as we all know by now.. (I.E. they talked about the 2012 – 2018 and 2020 – 2022 budgets to come.) 

I had a nice laugh at the salary adjustments.. Go figure.. They Salaries are part of the most important items? Ya all the knuckle heads working in GOI jobs are smiling biggly.. I’ll bet. ..IMO

Now again this is printed May 29th.. They have sat on this til now.. Why? Imo, because the rate is related.. They have to bleed the data out in a timely fashion and directed with purpose.. imo.. lol ~ MM

DELTA:  Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs and Minister of Finance is conducting a television interview with a program under two lines with media Karim Hammadi

Wednesday 29 May

Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs and Minister of Finance Mr. Fuad Hussein held a television interview with the media Karim Hammadi in a program under two lines, which is shown on the screen of the Iraqi satellite channel.

The meeting dealt with the most important developments in the Iraqi economy, supporting the private sector and the  plans of the Ministry of Finance for future budgets, free zones, customs, taxes, salary adjustments and reforms in the Iraqi financial system and economic relations with the countries of the world.

Link:   Program under two lines


Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs and Minister of Finance chairs the first meeting of the preparation of the State Budget Strategy 2020-2022

FROM…….Thursday, May 9,

Chaired by Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs and Finance Minister Fuad Hussein , an expanded meeting of the Committee for the preparation of the state budget for the year strategy 2020-2022 which was attended by Chairman of the Parliamentary Finance Committee MP Haitham al – Jubouri and a number of members of the Finance Committee and the advisers of the advisers and Deputy Minister of Finance and was at the meeting Discussing the oil revenues, the price of a barrel of crude oil, the quantity of planned production and the revenues of the oil and non-oil region from the revenues of customs tariff, direct and indirect taxes, as well as the presentation of the development plan and the initial framework of the government program

The attendees also put forward a number of viewpoints in order to present a budget for future vision in the coming years to prepare a precise budget and identify the documents that can be applied.

Emphasis was placed on the adoption of some things that fall within the budget, including how to reform the economy and financial and monetary management in the state administration and encourage the private sector , And on the other was discussed encouraging the investment law and national investment projects in the field of oil, agriculture, industry, tourism and transport in addition to foreign investment and included in future budgets and the proposal to allocate funds to create investment opportunities Provinces

The meeting was also attended by a number of Directors General of the Ministry of Finance and other ministries and representatives of the Kurdistan region


MilitiaMan:  I will have to say that with all the talk they speak from the past they clearly have held the data until the timing was right.  For a reason.. The 2019 Budget is their template.. imo.

This one is similar to the prior one. A reiteration of revenues and their future budgets and that they will be precise.

That is transparency be sure! Just as the plan has been to defer the corruption..  ~ MM

MilitiaMan:  This is about payements.. E – Payments.. So international it reeks! lol ~ MM   IMO

A training course entitled (Credit risk in banks) for the period from 25-2019 to 6/27 and 16-18 / 8/2019

13th June, 2019

To / Bank Alravedan- General Administration / Arashid- / Agricultural Cooperative / Commercial Iraqi / Islamic Arab / Islamic Zain Iraq / Sumer Commercial / Islamic spectrum / Islamic country / Erbil General Administration for Investment / International confidence ( on the clearing system ACH , ) … To view Press here

General Directorate of Agricultural Cooperative Commercial Iraqi Islamic Arab Zain Islamic Iraq Asomer Commercial Islamic spectrum Islamic country and Erbil OFF Greetings later, our knowledge number (15229) and fun Lee 19611, and utilities copy attached to the list of names of candidates in the course (electronic clearing system ACHI, which will be held at the Center for Banking Studies at the ninth hour In view of the many nominations, we would like to inform you that the candidates have been divided into two categories, as shown in the following table: 1 1 Please advise your candidates to attend the time and place specified above with the appreciation of the attendants.

We would like to inform you of a training course entitled “Electronic Clearing System ACH” for the period 2019/5/97, at 9:00 am as per the details below. Conditions of nomination – Employees who are related to the subject of the course Name of the Lecturer: Sahar Dawood Odeh / Central Bank of Iraq Announcement of training fees (75000) dinars (seventy five thousand dinars) for one participant Andwellna has the power to deduct from your account (in Iraqi dinar or Please send the names of your candidate who is open to this bank and you can e-mail the bank in the center of bank studies with the letters of the nomination by the official mail later and a week before the start of the session and in the case of the nomination to inform your staff to attend the time and time specified with appreciation Accompanying conditions and instructions to participate in the courses.


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