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MilitiaMan:  They handed over the database of the employees. That would cease the multiple salaries and or payments. This is a deal and it is now accountable from the looks of the signing. They have their unified position and is all about transparency and accountability.  (See articles below)

The fake made up employees are not going to fly anymore. Well they surely won’t be getting more than a fair share.

So, this article is on the last day of this week, which is today!!

This looks to be the comprehensive deal that is done now and what we have been waiting for.. imo!

Love it! imo  It is timed right before the adjustments to be made at the borders with taxes, tariffs and fees that will be electronically monitored allocated accordingly..

Wow… The timing is imo HUGE!! The HCL/2019 FMLA, salaries, etc, is in this … Wow !! ~ MM

Don961:  Parliamentary Finance decision: Kurdistan has handed over its employee database to Baghdad .. This is their exact number

Policy 2020/06/27 21:31 381     Baghdad Today – Baghdad

The decision of the Finance Committee in Parliament, Ahmed Al-Saffar, confirmed today, Saturday, that the Kurdistan Regional Government has handed over its staff database to the Federal Government in Baghdad. 

Al-Saffar said in an interview with him (Baghdad today), “The technical delegation of the Kurdistan region who visited Baghdad recently handed over the federal government a database of the region’s employees at the request of Baghdad in addition to other files.”

And that “the number of employees in the region is estimated at about 753 thousand employees registered within the biometric system in addition to the groups that benefit from social care, martyrs and retirees, the number reaches approximately one million and 250 thousand people.”

He pointed out that “the regional government is working, at the request of Baghdad, to solve the problem of multi-salaries in terms of social welfare, martyrs and retirees.”

Yesterday, Osman Karim, the deputy in the Kurdistan Parliament, confirmed on Friday (26 June 2020) that negotiations between the federal government and the regional government are still ongoing and have not reached a dead end.

He added that “Baghdad has many conditions, some of which are inconsistent with the constitution, and this is what finally reached the signing of the comprehensive agreement, but the negotiations were not stopped or were officially announced.”  LINK


Don961:  The delegation of Kurdistan holds talks with the American and British embassies in Baghdad

2020.06.25 – 14:57  Baghdad – people

The negotiating delegation to the Kurdistan Regional Government, headed by Deputy Prime Minister Qubad Talabani, in Baghdad, on Thursday, held talks with the American and British embassies in Iraq.

A statement of the provincial government, followed by “people” (25 June 2020), said that “the meeting highlighted the outstanding problems between Erbil and Baghdad, and the latest developments regarding the general situation in Iraq were discussed.”

The delegation of the two embassies said, according to the statement, “their full support for resolving all disputes between the Kurdistan Region and the federal government and facing all the problems that Iraq suffers from with a unified position, especially the risks of the renewed corona virus and the recent movements of ISIS terrorists in the disputed areas.”

The delegation of the regional government is scheduled to hold its last meeting this week with members of the federal government with the aim of reaching a general and common understanding of the outstanding problems between the two sides.   LINK

Don961:  Al-Kazemi directs the finance to expedite the salaries of employees

Policy 2020/06/27 23:57 146      Baghdad today – Baghdad

Today, Saturday, Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi directed the speedy distribution of the employees ’salaries.   

A statement issued by Al-Kazemi said that he directed the Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, the Ministry of Finance to expel the salaries of employees, during a meeting today, Saturday, with the Minister of Finance, Mr. Ali Abdul Amir Allawi.

The statement added that “Al-Kazemi stressed that the launch takes place without delay, and that the Ministry work with all its capabilities to put the solutions that were discussed into implementation, and that the government apparatus continues to maximize non-oil revenues and find financial cover for employee salaries.”

He continued, “The Prime Minister affirmed during the meeting that the current financial crisis constitutes an opportunity to face the challenge of implementing financial and administrative reform, and that the government has resolved to proceed with this reform until it is positively reflected on economic development, and the provision of welfare and good governance to all Iraqis.”  LINK


DELTA:  The Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kadhimi, directed the Ministry of Finance to quickly release the salaries of the employees.

This came at a meeting of His Excellency, on Saturday, with the Minister of Finance, Mr. Ali Abdul Amir Allawi.

Al-Kadhimi stressed that the launch should take place without delay, and that the ministry should work to put into practice the solutions discussed, and that the government apparatus is continuing to maximize non-oil revenues and find financial cover for employees’ salaries.

During the meeting, the Prime Minister stressed that the current financial crisis was an opportunity to meet the challenge of implementing financial and administrative reform, and that the Government was determined to proceed with this reform until it had a positive impact on economic development, welfare and good governance for all Iraqis.

The Prime Minister’s Information Office

27- June-2020

Deepwoodz:  Can’t stop that lava!!!!!