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DELTA: Our valued customers ..

The Administration of the Iraqi Trade Bank would like to inform you that the new schedule of prices for bank commissions will be implemented as of  07/01/2020.

To request the new price schedule, please visit one of our branches. So it required notice …

The Iraqi Trade Bank

MilitiaMan:  They are giving notice, like the notice that was given out recently for border fees, taxes, etc., and for shipping lines.. imo  ….With a similar time frame? Isn’t that interesting. I suspect they’ll need those prices changed prior to or at least when they re instate their new currency.. The interesting thing is they have the new pricing now, from the looks of it.. lol ~ MM

Samson:  By documents .. Al-Kazemi decides to keep Al-Fayyad and Al-Alaq in their posts

18th June, 2020

Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi decided, on Wednesday, to keep the head of the Popular Mobilization Authority, Faleh Al-Fayyad, the governor of the Central Bank, Ali Al-Alaq, and the director of the retirement board, Ahmed Abdul-Jalil, to continue working in their positions.

According to documents issued by Al-Kazemi’s office obtained by Al-Akhbariya, according to the approval of the Prime Minister, it was decided to continue assigning Faleh Al-Fayyad to continue running the affairs of the Presidency of the Popular Mobilization Authority.

In a separate document, it was also decided, and will continue, on the relationship to manage the affairs of the Governor of the Central Bank, as stated in another document, which decided to continue assigning Ahmed Abdel Jalil to conduct the affairs of the retirement board.   LINK



DELTA:  The United States negotiating delegation presented Iraq with the idea of using economic and financial experts to help the government develop the economy and move towards a market economy, which led the Iraqi government to agree.”(wink)

“Iraq has begun negotiations with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to borrow $5 billion to support the budget and correct the economy through a strong reform package (wink) similar to the credit readiness agreement Iraq signed with the IMF in 2015.”


Samson:  A source reveals a recent visit by “Al-Kazemi” to America

17th June 2020

A well-informed source revealed, today, Wednesday, a close visit of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi to the United States in the middle of next July

The source told “Gilgamesh Press“, “Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi to the United States of America in the middle of next July at the head of a high-level ministerial delegation to resume the second round of Iraqi-American negotiations that started its first round on the eleventh of this month

He continues, “Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi will be at the head of this delegation, which will negotiate with the American side, and he will be met in the dialogue by the American Vice President with the Foreign Minister.”   LINK

Don961:  Zain prepares for an era of encrypted transactions and codes by joining Hedera Hashgraaf’s Board of Directors

Economie 06/16 2020 12:41 349 Editor: hr
Baghdad today – Baghdad

Zain Group (Kuwait Stock Exchange: Zain) announced that it has joined the Board of Directors of Hedera Hashgraph, a network targeting the enterprise sector, and that is based on distributed ledger technology or “Distributed Ledger Technology” (DLT) that includes blockchain technology.

Zain Group revealed in a press statement that it is the first company in the region to join this project, in order to participate the largest community of innovators in the world, as Hedera Hashgraph Board of Directors includes international companies from all sectors: Boeing, Deutsche Telekom, DLA Piper, FIS (WorldPay), Google, IBM, LG Electronics, Magalu, Nomura, Swirlds, Swisscom Blockchain, Tata Communications, University College London, and Wipro.

Zain, which owns and operates 8 advanced telecom networks in the Middle East and Africa markets, explained that the tasks of the work of the Board of Directors (Hedera Hashgraaf) is to develop practical plans to ensure the reliability of work and lead decision-making, as Hedera Hashgraph provides the next generation of distributed accounts, which is Faster and safer than traditional blockchains.

The group stated that the project provides a new way for communities of individuals and companies whose members do not know each other or trust each other to cooperate safely and interact online without the need for a reliable broker, indicating that it is through this cooperation that it will gain innovative insights in its digital operations on trends and applications in areas Distributed Account Book (DLT), where you will be able to evaluate opportunities for future development of its products.

Zain stressed that as a leading international institution in the digital services sector, it is constantly looking for the best technological options that can provide new solutions for its individual and corporate customers, and that the (Hedera Hashgraaf) patented platform addresses environmental issues of global importance as Its energy system is extremely efficient, given that part of the energy used by the blockchain platforms is used. This trend is in line with Zain Group’s membership and commitment to the Carbon Early Detection Project, which provides a reporting framework to address climate change.

Its vision aims to focus on addressing four basic challenges of adopting a distributed book of accounts (DLT): technology, security, stability, and governance. In order to achieve this vision, it is required to be governed by a wide range of different sectors, distributed over geographical regions.

Distributed Account Book (DLT) technology uses a consensus algorithm based on hashgrave to allow multiple branches of blocks instead of one chain, according to a digital system for keeping records of owners of specific assets, and to ensure the balance of accounts, and this technology works in place of the centralized system used and recognized, This technology also allows everyone within this mechanism to view and approve transactions, as the system saves data dated for all transactions in the encrypted ledger record.

The Vice Chairman and CEO of the Zain Badr Group Nasser Al-Kharafi expressed his happiness for the Zain Group joining the Board of Directors (Hedera Hashgraaf) in which a list of the most innovative companies in the world is participating. Able to facilitate payments and file storage and support smart contracts, needed by the development of the digital economy. ”

He continued, “We also hope that our participation in (Hedera Hashgraaf) will contribute to advancing technological innovations and areas of electronic commerce and the enterprise and business sector in the markets of the Middle East region, and also enhance our initiatives on the interface of our applications, through which we provide financial technology, e-health, The Internet of Things, fifth-generation applications, as well as drone solutions, are all areas of sophistication and improvement with distributed notebook technology. ”

For his part, Chief Executive Officer of Hedera Hashgraph Mans Mans Harmon said, “We are delighted to join Zain Group in the company’s board of directors, due to its long track record of initiatives and innovations in the Middle East and Africa markets, where it possesses a rich balance of services and advanced products in the digital services sector.”

It is worth noting that the Board of Directors of Hedera Hashgraph will work on drawing the technical roadmap for the network, and will provide commercial expertise to manage commercial operations, the necessary expertise in the fields of economics and currency markets to manage cryptocurrencies, in addition to legal expertise to help navigate the evolving regulatory environments in the global markets. Management to build decentralized governance of distributed notebook technology.  LINK


Don961:  Al-Kazemi is in a “critical situation” .. Iraq needs a “miracle”

Free / Private – Washington June 17, 2020

In the darkest conditions that passed in Iraq, there was always abundant money flowing in the hands of the government, often used to boost security spending or create jobs, which would later lead to stability, albeit shaky, of the situation.

However, according to economic and security professionals who spoke to Al-Hurra, the “current crisis is very dangerous” and threatens countries that have not known long-term stability, perhaps since the 1950s.

“When there is money in the hands of people, other problems are more likely, but the economic threat is what makes people make desperate choices,” economist Pioneer of Tribulation told Al-Hurra.

At this time, the government of Mustafa Al-Kazemi, which many expected to be a rescue government, faces very big problems, perhaps the most important of which is the decrease in Iraq’s financial imports and the pressure that the private sector is exposed to due to the procedures to confront the Corona virus.

“This is a global problem,” says the ordeal, “but in Iraq the situation is more dangerous. Years of dependence on the rentier economy and the lack of revitalization of the economy and the adoption of an appointment policy in order to silence people paralyzed any ability of the Iraqi economy to face challenges.”

Over the past years, many small investments have been closed under pressure from import subsidies that the state was indirectly doing, because of its support for dollar prices.

Now, thousands of hectares of farmland have been lost, thousands of small factories closed, and craftsmen have closed their stores due to import, “everyone relied on the government salary,” says the ordeal.

Building an economy from scratch is an almost impossible task even in countries that enjoy stability and resources, and the task is more difficult in Iraq, whose government appears to be the weakest player in it.

“Any initiative to impose security will collide with the will of parties and militias, and with corruption, which are often one thing,” says security journalist Abdullah Al-Muhammadi.

According to al-Muhammadi, “parties and militias control border crossings and ports, and run an active smuggling trade that is devastating to the Iraqi economy and security, and that weapons and people pass through the outlets for amounts of less than $ 200 per person.”

And Muhammadi adds to the “free”, the government can not impose security “by using its army torn allegiances, or by using its police, which is controlled by militias and parties, especially since the prime minister who used popular officers to manage security centers, may himself become a hostage of those officers who protect him” From the power of the militias that threaten him. ”

Al-Kazimi was subjected to serious accusations and threats by the militia even before he was voted on in Parliament, as he was accused of facilitating the American bombing that led to the killing of Qassem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis in early January, near Baghdad airport.

Political analyst Samer Saad told Al-Hurra that “the decisions that Al-Kazemi must first need to be studied in depth, and it is clear to Al-Kazemi through recent decisions that he does not like this type of decision and prefers decisions that have media repercussions.”

According to Saad, “Al-Kazemi does not face opposition in parliament, but he also does not have support in him. He does not have the papers that allow him to win this support, and he may be thinking about a political future for this, so critical options may not be presented at this time.”

“In addition to this, the media machine of Shiite parties and militias harnesses its capabilities to attack it and it does not have the support of civilians and secularists even though it is accountable to them, so it is in a critical situation,” Saad said.

Iraq is currently facing a stifling economic crisis and a very large health crisis, in addition to its “chronic” security and political crises.

“We need some kind of miracle,” says political analyst Samer Saad, “but unfortunately miracles usually happen late.”

Free / Private – Washington   LINK

Don961:  Two political analysts respond to the announcement of the “empty treasury” that Abd al-Mahdi left … One of them holds Al-Kazemi responsible for his escape

Policy  ,   06/1920 2020 04:47     Baghdad – Iraq today:

When Hisham Dawood, Adviser to the Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, revealed that the new government received from the previous government of Adel Abdel-Mahdi, an empty treasury in which there is only $ 300 million, and this came in a tape recorded by a press conference, in which he reported information that Adel Abdel-Mahdi And his government, they left the state treasury empty, and the country needs everything, especially as it has a serious global epidemic, and it has many requirements, as it is waging a fierce war against terrorism.

Many elites, political experts and bloggers commented about this dangerous disclosure, as some of the specialists praised the government’s initiative to disclose and announce what is in the treasury, where blogger and activist Walid Al-Taie considered it a good thing, because this is the first time that the government reveals what it has in the treasury, which is In fact, it reveals that Al-Kazemi’s government is confident in itself, and in its plan that I have planned for the next job.

As political analyst Ehsan al-Shammari said in a tweet to him, “It is only Abdel-Mahdi who has accomplished (the empty treasury) who can bear what the financial situation has reached at present.”

As for the former adviser to Abd al-Mahdi, who left when Abd al-Mahdi was prime minister, writer and politician Laith Shubbar, he has another opinion, where he said in a tweet, through which he addressed al-Kazemi, saying: “Your predecessor gave you an empty treasury and rewarded him with praise, a huge pension, and let him flee To Arbil instead of being imprisoned by him and his aides, for the crimes he committed, his mismanagement of the state and the loss of Iraqi money. ”   LINK


Samson: Parliamentary Integrity: Iraq has property and real estate abroad, of which nothing is known

17th June, 2020

Member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee, Abdul Rahim Al-Shammari, confirmed today, Wednesday, that the Parliamentary integrity has documents about financial waste in state properties, in addition to Iraq owning property and real estate abroad, nothing is known about.

Al-Shammari said in a statement to “Degla Satellite TV,” that “the border crossings outside the control of the state and corruption are dominated by them,” noting that Iraq has properties and real estate abroad unknown about anything and there are no things whose nature can be inferred because of the corrupt, although we addressed the Ministry Foreign, but did not respond.

He described the government’s attempts to prejudice the salaries of employees and retirees as “unfair”, stressing “the need to find alternatives to other alternatives to prejudice the salaries of employees and retirees.” He pointed out that “many MPs have opened the file of state real estate, which is in the hundreds and has been granted to the parties at low prices”, wishing Al-Kazimi to “take care of this important file and work on it.”

Al-Shammari believed that “if the border ports and airports are used correctly and without corruption, they are considered an approach to oil in terms of financial resources, but unfortunately there is widespread and widespread corruption in the file of the ports.”

It is reported that Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi has pledged his government program to eliminate corruption and hold corrupt people accountable.  LINK