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DELTA: The Central Bank warns a UAE bank

On Wednesday, the Central Bank of Iraq warned the “Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank” that contracts should be concluded with companies licensed by the bank, indicating that a commission will be imposed in the event of non-compliance.

The Central Bank said in a statement that Alsumaria News received a copy of, that “based on the decision of the board of directors and taken in its session numbered at number five hundred and ninety-six after the thousand, it was decided to approve the granting of Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank a final and final deadline until December 31 of 2020 to contract with companies Licensed by this bank. ”

He added, “Otherwise, a commission will be imposed on every movement that passes through the National Switch, at an amount of 500 dinars, which will be borne by your bank and not the customer.”

The Central Bank of Iraq was established as an independent bank under its law issued on the sixth of March of the year 2004, as an independent body, and is responsible for maintaining price stability and implementing monetary policy, and supervises 10 commercial banks, 26 private banks, 16 Islamic banks, in addition to 19 foreign banks. About 6 financial institutions and 31 money transfer companies.


MilitiaMan:  Wow that is a big fine.. lol ~ MM (ROTFL)


Samson:  Joint military exercises between Greece, Cyprus, Italy and France in the Eastern Mediterranean

12:58 – 26/08/2020
The Greek Ministry of Defense announced that Greece, France, Italy and Cyprus will conduct military exercises from Wednesday to Friday, south of Crete in the eastern Mediterranean, where tension has recently escalated between Athens and Ankara.

The ministry said in a statement that “Cyprus, Greece, France and Italy have agreed to deploy a joint presence in the eastern Mediterranean within the framework of the Quartet Cooperation Initiative (SQAD)”. The same source added that these exercises will take place between 26 and 28 August in the south of the Greek island of Crete and Cyprus. The statement pointed out that “tension and instability in the eastern Mediterranean has increased the disagreements over issues regarding the maritime domain (demarcation of borders, migrations, the influx of refugees…)”.

The discovery of large gas fields in the eastern Mediterranean in recent years has raised tensions between Ankara and Athens, which are in dispute over some marine areas. Since the tenth of August, Turkey has sent a seismic vessel “Oruj Reis”, accompanied by a naval force, which angered Greece, which has deployed warships in the region.

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas, whose country holds the rotating presidency of the European Union, visited Athens and Ankara yesterday (Tuesday), in an attempt to calm tension between the two neighboring countries, which are members of NATO, and push them to dialogue on demarcating water borders in the Mediterranean.   LINK