KTFA (Delta & Samson)


Zeeman:  so yesterday was the 15th … did Alak leave or is he still there?


Pete2001:  Delta, what should we conclude from this fact?


Coco:  Looks like they were shooting to have the RI done by July 15th, but were unable to.  Hopefully a new date will be given for Alak’s departure in the very near future.

Samson:  The arrest of stores in counterfeit currency in Baghdad .. This is what he found in his possession

07/16/2020 10:43:32

The Intelligence Agency announced today, Thursday, the arrest of a suspect who trades counterfeit currency in Baghdad.

“The detachments of the Intelligence Agency in the Ministry of Interior arrested a suspect in the Mansour district of Baghdad, who traded counterfeit currency,” the Interior Ministry said in a statement received by {Al Furat News}.

She added: “Where he was arrested for the crime and was found in possession of (30,000) US dollars (100) dollars,” indicating that “the counterfeit currency was seized with a fundamental arrest record and the accused was referred to the competent authorities.”   LINK


Samson:  Finance directed to distribute the salaries of employees before Eid al-Adha

18:14 – 07/16/2020

On Thursday, the Ministry of Finance directed the launching of state employees salaries for the month of July, starting next week.

The ministry said, in a statement received / information / that “after the salaries were secured for the month of July according to the internal and external borrowing law for the year 2020, the ministry seeks to distribute salaries according to the schedule, the timing of each ministry.”

She added, “The distribution will be from next week until before the blessed Eid Al-Adha.”   LINK

LarryH: Very interesting for the month of July. IMO Very odd when they are still paying salaries for June. Just in time for meeting with the United States. Secured BY INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL BORROWING LAW. I LOVE IT.