KTFA (Delta & Samson)

  In KTFA 

DELTA:  Issued by the new central bank governor Mustafa Ghaleb…….

To reprint the currency with the aim of raising the signature of Ali Ismail Al-Alaq…. it will cost $50 million 

Frometad:  Delta…did you mean erasing the signature?


Iobey777:  it means they are printing it WITHOUT Alak’s signature!! Thanks DELTA!,

IAM:  Modern currency printing presses can print, inspect, cut and package approximately 450,000 bills per hour.

DeepWoodz:  The good news is, they have had a lot of practice printing dinars over the last 17 years so they should be pretty good at it. When Delta brought the last photo of a new bill in I did a little fact checking on their printing history. I found that they print new stuff quite often. I don’t have the info to share right now, sorry for that, but I remember they were printing different stuff every couple years at least. Imo, they are a LOT more savvy than people think. I have a feeling we are all gonna be pleasantly surprised. All imo

Samson:  Tomorrow .. the anniversary of the independence of Iraq from the British mandate

2nd October, 2020

Marks tomorrow, Saturday, 3 / October / 2020, the 88th anniversary of Iraq’s independence from the British mandate.

The Council of Ministers decided, recently, on the third of October of each year, as a national day for Iraq, while it is still awaiting its legislation by the House of Representatives.

The legal expert, Tariq Harb, said in a post on his Facebook page, that “tomorrow the national day must be celebrated and its law must be enacted,” adding that “tomorrow is the anniversary of the third of the tenth month 1932, the day that Iraq was transferred from a mandate subject to the state No. (57) In the world with independence and full powers in accordance with international law, as the submission of Iraq to the mandate began in 1920, when Iraq, Jordan, Palestine and Egypt were subjected to the British mandate, and Syria, Lebanon, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco were subject to the French mandate, and this mandate acquired the legal status from the League of Nations that formed after that ( Similar to the current UN).

Harb continued: “Where the state that holds the mandate (Britain) is responsible for the state subject to the mandate (Iraq), and Baghdad and Iraq was the first country subject to the mandate that moved and managed to get rid of the mandate and obtain full independence and the transformation from a region to a state and the state became No. ( 57) in the hierarchy of world countries and the new member of the League of Nations, which now includes 57 states, by entering Iraq into the League of Nations (the international organization at the time), after the world’s 56 countries were states.

And he added, “A decision by the League Council, which is similar to the current UN Security Council and which represented the international legislative authority at that time, was issued to recognize Iraq as the state 57 and to end the British mandate that was imposed on it under the Charter of the League of Nations.

Baghdad was able to obtain the status of a state according to international law in the third of The tenth month in the year 1932 AD and the end of the mandate before any other Arab country until Egypt delayed the termination of the British mandate until 1937.   LINK


Samson:  The President of Kurdistan Region comments on the injury of Trump and his wife in Corona

2nd October, 2020
The President of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, Nechirvan Barzani, on Friday expressed his wishes for a speedy recovery for US President Donald Trump and his wife from Corona virus.

Barzani wrote a tweet today, in which he said, “My thoughts and prayers are with the President of the United States Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump, wishing them and the injured all a speedy and full recovery.”

US President Donald Trump announced earlier today that he and his wife Melania had been infected with the Corona pandemic, after undergoing an examination that gave a positive result.

Trump wrote on “Twitter” today, “My wife and I have tested positive for the Corona virus. We will start the quarantine and recovery process immediately. We will go through this together.”

The White House said that the US President will continue to perform his duties during the quarantine at the White House And Trump had confirmed in a previous tweet from today that his assistant Hope Hicks had tested positive.

Hicks has traveled with the President several times recently, including during the debate in Cleveland on Tuesday, and is seen aboard the Marine One, along with several of the president’s closest aides, such as Jared Kushner, Dan Scavino and Nicholas Luna, who were not wearing masks on Wednesday. While Trump was heading to a rally in Minnesota, according to CNN.   LINK