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Aggiedad77:  Good Morning Family….sorry that it took me until this morning to get these typed up….but here are the notes from last night’s “DESSERT”…..enjoy…..Frank as always feel free to make changes or share cookies as you see fit.

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Wednesday Night CC “Dessert” Notes   From Frank:

Things were a tiny bit unusual today….received a strong Team report where they called today and expressed their feelings.
Remember 2 days we told you that the media is working with us for a change?

Just like we have been doing for the past seven years they are now using keywords….our fire flies are picking up on these….they are planted subconsciously with you….and then used later to explain things.

We said back in July that if Iraq fails to amend their laws they will walk into bankruptcy at the end of the year….well they got this done.

At times I must walk on rice paper….and I need you to also hang in there….be strong….then be stronger.

For the past one to one and half months the Investment Law, the HCL, in fact all the laws have been long passed….but what they have done is “amend” the laws, not make new laws, before our eyes they have been doing this with ALL laws.

So why are they telling you this now? Because something is EXPECTED!! The LD’s….and the KTFA staff know the date….they pray for this.

But these are not the laws they will release and use….this week they will be shown to you….but again they are not for use as we might expect them to be.

BRAVO for their enthusiasm…..they had these laws ready weeks ago…in fact they were designed and amended to meet IMF standards….you see these laws getting into the LL.(Long Line)

In Biology sometimes you use something called a “marker” often that is a gene that is to aid in the study of other genes, this is a common practice…..well these laws….they are like a marker for all the things in the LL.

Another example….these laws have ALL been done to INTERNATIONAL standards…..now get in the LL (Long Line)  and activate what is in the LL.


Laws were posed to you last Monday…..and are ready to go FULL throttle.

In thinking back to last year….in November I believe I told some of you….expect the LD’s in November….they will drive the rate of the currency up….but not just yet.

We know the Investment Law and its amendments will protect international investors who come into Iraq…..we know it will also protect domestic investors….those who reside within Iraq as well…..this law and its amendments will cause things to explode.

The Iraqi’s stand “poised”……just like a mouse trap that is SENSITVE to work with….the International structure come to Iraq to cause an EXPLOSION of the Iraqi structure.

The House of Representatives (Parliament) in their 32nd year, 1st legislative agenda they cleared the slate last year.

The Investment Committee and the Economic Committee finished the amendments of all their laws…but they are not to be printed yet.

They unanimously approved all the laws yesterday we believe….but they are not ready to be released yet.

Intel for next month tells us simply……GOOD TIMING.

The Monetary Reform is POWERFUL…..today you saw the CBI making a big announcement and showing you a photo of a big new architectural structure…..the new CBI Tower…their new headquarters.

The same place that four rivers met….wealth transfer is coming to Christians….the same place as the Tower of Babel….same place as Baghdad of today…..it will become a “monolith” (there is one of my words…oh be quiet)…..that will overshadow the entire nation.

Christians will play a role…a small part in the end times….but our time is coming.

The CBI Tower conveys core values for Iraq:

1. Solidarity….and they have this
2. Stability….and they have this
3. Sustainability….will come with the raising of the currency

Remember these words: BANKRUPTCY….RECESSION….INFLATION….these are the keywords they use in articles now.

Emotional things….there is ETERNITY about the decisions that Iraq is making….PM Abadi and Dr. Shabibi are appointing their cabinet members….why now….because they no longer have fears of death.

I want to visit the CBI Tower and tell the person running the elevator I want to go to the top floor….not because I am some wealthy business person but simply to get as close as possible to wink at God.

The Middle East is creating a joint national effort to better align their media these days.


Yes the Top Teams called in today and they had one thing to say, “WE ARE VERY CLOSE.” I said what…..sir….”WE ARE VERY CLOSE.”

For the past month our intel has been changing every 24 hours….Sir my orders state, “WE ARE VERY CLOSE”…..because of the laws….they will be “on the books only”….not printed in the Iraqi Official Gazette….simply kept in the books, in Arabic only not translated…..Dr. Shabibi is fighting back…why now….because no one is pushing back against him….maybe it is that Maliki has been picked up.

They have 100% security
They have 100% laws
NO LD’s yet…..but are EXPECTED in Nov

The acting governor of the CBI Alak…he is angry he wants to keep his post….but he is being replaced…..as are cabinet members.

If you study the media there is no guilt today about announcing boots on the ground in Iraq….remember the media is much more friendly…this action is being talked about almost carelessly in the media.

Americans only pay attention to the things that cost them money, sadly.

With regard to the new cards being issued to people in Iraq…..it is most difficult to differentiate between Iranians and citizens and foreigners….all the Iraqi people are being told to come in and be prepared to prove who you are in order to receive your new card, otherwise you will be taken care of.

Teams say that no one is talking about this new card….do you want to know what it is called…..NATIONAL UNITY CARD…the Investment Law has brought this forward….the people are definitely having to prove their citizenship…this card is taking the place of the Ki Cards….

These new cards instead of having just a few functions on them will have 120 functions…..if you need to get a loan, be paid your salary, retiree payments, do any kind of banking these new cards will handle this and much more.

Going into next week we need to look for these things for the Teams:

1. The Conscript Law (formerly the National Guard Law)….it had to be hidden for Abadi to be able to pay the armies;
2. Iranians to lose more influence in Iraq;
3. More stability (couldn’t understand Frank)
4. More stability with the economy
5. More stability with political decision making

6. Final removal of ISIS
7. Final removal of DAASH

Again from the Teams….our STRONG opinion….”WE ARE VERY CLOSE.”……citizens, National Unity Card, HCL…..close

The Teams would also like to see the English version of the “Black Box Interview done by al-Jeerza entitled “Corruption in Iraq”…..why do they need this…..to better evaluate files.

In closing Frank asked….are we different than other sites……than other CC’s…..or are we useful…..take this to prayer with God.

The call ended in a prayer and the blowing of the shofar.

Aggiedad77:   Remember Family……”WE ARE VERY CLOSE”

Aloha   Randy