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aggiedad77 » October 14th, 2015, 9:48 pm

Culmination of Tuesday October 11, notes and Wednesday October 12 notes:

Tuesday Dessert Notes

(Frank26) First off Family who can tell me what the initials ADRS stand for?

Yes PM Abadi and Dr. Shabibi….WRONG…..well just not completely right…..they actually stand for three people, three movers and shakers within Iraq…..PM Abadi – check….Dr. Shabibi – check…and…Ayatollah Sistani….yes the leading cleric of all of Iraq.

These three gentlemen have a commonality in their voices….they stand in congruent agreement concerning what is needed in Iraq and with their commitment towards the future of Iraq the words they speak are so very time sensitive.

Yes of course there are still issues to be dealt with….car bombs, terrorist attacks, corruption, yes but trust us when we say that what we formerly called #1….SECURITY…..it is being well taken care of even as we speak.

This is said to you not to be coy or deceptive in any way….but to help you better understand just how fast things are advancing, we are way past Security as a #1 issue.

These three voices have come together and are coaxing other countries “work” together on high level intel at an extremely high rate of speed….blink an eye and things have changed.

Monday night Frank spoke of 2 events involving Maliki or were believed to involve Maliki, one notable event was an attempt to purchase three hotels in London….shut down….because they found out who was backing the deal, where the money was coming from and wanted no part of such a transaction.

The second event caught some Maliki backers and supporters actually trying to bribe or buy off a number of politicians…again this was shut down.

So this leads to the question….where is Maliki?

Frank joined the call at this point and added the following details

Fear is what causes things in Iraq to move and get accomplished. Previously, with the old government it was fear of Maliki and his henchmen taking your life if you didn’t do as he said and jump as high as he asked.

However today, the fear is really a countrywide respect for their Holy Man, the Ayatollah Sistani. People fear that they cannot do as he asks of them, but he is not going to cause harm, he wants to see the Iraqi citizens succeed and become successful for the entire world to see.

Expectancy…..remember Frank posted about this word earlier on Tuesday.

The Holy Man, Sistani, is expecting 1, 2, 3 and yes 4…..this is what he is asking of both PM Abadi and Dr. Shabibi…..

#1. Are the laws passed and ready to be published;

#2. Are the LD’s ready;

3. Dr. Shabibi are you sure you are ready to step up again….

and #4. Dr. Shabibi I have proved the FATWA, are you ready and have the head nod from the IMF for whatever rate you believe is right….these are his EXPECTANCIES.

Beware Family this week of smoke from the news media, from sources that may not be wholly credible.

There will be no problems or issues from PM Abadi, none from Dr. Shabibi, none from the Iraqi Army, nor even the Kurds, they all believe in the Ayatollah Sistani and they fully understand his EXPECTATIONS.


Wednesday Dessert Notes

Frank started tonight out in a rather strange way speaking of a time 22 years ago when a young man was told by his wife that they were EXPECTING….for the first time. This was Frank and TINK….when their son was delivered he ran up and down the hall way of the hospital telling everyone who would listen to him of his new born son.

Prior to the birth though they spent maybe 8 months buying things for the EXPECTED baby, things like a crib, blankets, diapers, baby rattles, bottles.

A while ago Frank introduced the letters ADRS and most thought that mean PM Abadi and Dr. Shabibi….but no this actually means three people…..PM Abadi, Dr. Shabibi, AND, the Ayatollah Sistani, the main cleric in Iraq….yes we told you this last ngiht too.

These three are in cahoots with each other, one voice, one accord….all three are talking to the people.

They too are EXPECTING something and they EXPECT it this year….yes THIS YEAR.

So in 2015 they EXPECT something to occur.

A wanted the government to be well established away from any influence of Maliki
Dr. S wanted greater security in the CBI

Then PM Abadi took Dr. Shabibi to visit with the Ayatollah Sistani because at the time of their first meeting SECURITY had been well established.

IOO (In Our Opinion) we think they are doing things that we as a Family don’t know about that even our teams don’t know about. We believe deep in our hearts what they are doing is sort of a “smoke screen”….yes you heard that right….a “GOOD” smoke screen

The MR (Monetry Reform) ??? – NO…..for there is nothing left to do.

The military is who has something left to do….remember we talked about a new Coalition back in June…..then in Aug/Sep we said that something historical would happen in Iraq and we couldn’t give details of it because it involved a military campaign to bring even greater SECURITY.

In the past they had a FEAR….a FEAR aligned not around SECURITY but because of Maliki and what kind of person he was….see if you didn’t do as he demanded your life and the lives of your family would be threatened…yes M would harm them….there were also money issues during that time.

Remember the CBI, Dr. Shabibi and members of his staff were publicly threatened…again by Maliki….and as a result we began to offer protection to Dr. S and that continued until recently.

Well Maliki is out, in fact where is Maliki, remember we asked that question last night.

Sistani, the Holy Man is in and has given PM Abadi, the government, Dr. Shabibi and the CBI, and the Iraqi people a new EXPECTANCY that is far away from anything that Maliki was doing.

Maliki delayed things because of his greed and his need to steal money.

But there is a new sheriff in town….the New Coalition

And there is a new FEAR as well….yes FEAR can be a good thing for this new FEAR is the Ayatollah Sistani

See he speaks and many others listen….he speaks and asks people to do things and they get done…remember he asked PM Abadi to do the reforms we’ve been hearing about and they happened….the Iraqi’s have a FEAR of this man but it is a good FEAR, for they believe if they don’t do as he asks that God will punish them….yes that is a part of their belief.

Well a while back PM Abadi brought Dr. Shabibi to see the Holy Man of Iraq….they spoke in a meeting and Dr. Shabibi was asked if he was ready to do what would be asked of him and he said yes.

The Ayatollah Sistani has built an EXPECTANCY with Dr. Shabibi and the CBI just as he did with PM Abadi and the government and he has assurances from Dr. Shabibi that things will get done, just as he did from PM Abadi with regard to the reforms and the government.

We think that Sistani will issue a FATWA for the benefit of the CBI and Dr. Shabibi making it easier for him to do what needs to be done….to do what we would like to see done.

Back to the smoke screen….we can’t say much about this at this time…why….because we believe it to be related to another military campaign….as such…..Family….we do not need to be curious about this at all…..not asking questions or seeking answers….

Just know that Iraq supports and is willing to help with this new action that IOO will help bring about 1, 2, and 3 this year….we aren’t sure about 4 because of how short time is for this year….but it looks very favorable for the first quarter of next year if we run out of time now.

FEAR is RESPECT….We need to FEAR the true God, not some man who tries to put himself in between us and our God.

These three are EXPECTING something….one is the MR

Once the military campaign ha been brought into the public’s eye, then we can talk more about it.

The call then ended with a prayer.

Aggiedad77:   I hope you can make sense of these notes Family.

Aloha    Randy