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Don961: A list of 200 figures accused of corruption and murder is being prepared by the demonstrators for the American Treasury. Who is on this list?

 Policy  ,   03/1920 2020 00:09   Baghdad – Iraq today:

Protesters are likely to go ahead with the selection of a new prime minister, without looking at the protest arenas, while some activists have begun a massive move to internationalize the crisis of protests and file a complaint against more than 200 political figures to international destinations.

The list includes the names of characters accused of killing the demonstrators.

But other protesters expressed rejection of this behavior because it creates an excuse for foreign intervention in Iraq, if the matter is taken seriously.

It is assumed that Monday, March 16, 2020, the second constitutional deadline, for the appointment of a prime minister to replace the former commissioner, Mohammed Allawi, who failed to persuade the parliament.

The protest movement in the country is facing the most difficult moments since its launch about 5 months ago, due to the spread of the “Corona” virus, and the Authority’s attempt to break up the demonstrations on the pretext of blocking the epidemic.

It was noted that the number of protesters decreased in Tahrir Square, in the center of the capital, in conjunction with the high numbers of injuries and deaths recorded in Iraq.

But protesters explained the decline in numbers, in relation to the ongoing political stalemate in the country, following the withdrawal of the former commissioner to form the government, Mohammed Allawi, and the non-nomination of a replacement.

The protest squares are preparing, according to activists, to escalate the demonstrations in the event that the political forces return to the “scenario” of forming Allawi’s mandate, whose government did not see the light.

Protesters have resorted, in the past three months, to following the “tactic” of calling the million, on occasions such as Women’s Day, or recalling victims, to restore momentum to the arenas.

Activists say to the media, that a preliminary list has been issued with a number of figures within the political class that ruled Iraq after 2003, accused of corruption and violations of human rights, will be submitted to the American treasury. Activist Muhannad al-Baghdadi said, “The first list, which includes 50 names out of 240 names, will be submitted to the US Treasury.”

The “American Treasury” had issued a list at previous times, bearing the names of politicians and leaders of armed factions in Iraq, and said it would “restrict the movement of their money around the world.”

The activist adds, “The list includes the names of two former prime ministers, deputies, ministers and their children, along with the names of directors and agents, and directors of responsible offices.”

The former deputy, example of Al-Alusi, had said in a statement to the media, that there is a list that includes about “100 Iraqi personalities,” including former prime ministers and ministers and sons of officials accused of squandering billions of dollars in Iraqi money. The money and put it in the account of Iraq.

Earlier, US President Donald Trump threatened to take the money of Iraq to the United States if Baghdad refused to pay the costs of building the military base in Iraq, referring to “Ein al-Assad” west of Anbar, if Iraq requested the departure of foreign forces.

Trump said in his last meeting, that Iraq has “35 billion dollars” in the United States, which he will use if his country is forced to withdraw troops without payment.

But Iraqi money in Washington may be greater than the amount Trump mentioned. According to leaks, “the money of politicians abroad amounts to more than 500 billion dollars.”

Demonstrators, the statements of the United Nations representative in Iraq, Jenin Hennes Blackshart, about the crisis of protests, explained to the UN Security Council that it strengthens the position of the demonstrators from internationalizing the issue of the protests, to stop “the killing of power by the demonstrators.”

In her briefing to the UN Security Council, Blackshart said that the security image in Iraq is “complex and difficult to manage”, adding: “We have seen armed entities that have been identified with ambiguity and have unclear loyalties, and we have seen groups or individuals take advantage of the cover of peaceful demonstrators and security forces to disrupt matters and mislead the public …” . According to activists, politicians and jurists are reaching out to the European Parliament and US officials to internationalize the protests.

The 16 countries in the world condemned the end of January 2020, the continued violence in Iraq, while calling on the Iraqi government to respect the right to protest and to reveal those involved in the killing of demonstrators.

Since the Prime Minister-designate Muhammad Allawi’s announcement, in early March, his withdrawal from the task of forming the government, the protest squares are discussing its role in the next stage.

Ideas were put forward in the direct intervention of the protesters in choosing a prime minister, calling for early elections, and the dismissal of the Presidents of Parliament and the Republic.

And names were leaked during the past days, names had been presented earlier, before assigning Allawi, and the demonstrators put their pictures (X) in reference to their refusal.

Days ago, the protesters held banners bearing pictures of Abdul-Mahdi, saying “Your return is unsuccessful, unsuccessful.”

In contrast, the former Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, in the context of the “candidates bazaar”, seemed to be in harmony with the demonstrators’ calls to form a government with limited powers to run the country in the next stage. Al-Abadi presented a new initiative last week, which includes forming an independent “mini” government that does not exceed one year old, with the participation of activists, as well as forming joint committees of “demonstrators, UNAMI and the government.”

Activists and observers have interpreted the initiative of the President of the victory coalition, as an attempt to present himself as an alternative to Allawi.

A few days ago, a spokeswoman for the victory coalition, Ayat Al-Mudhafar, revealed that Abadi had made one condition in exchange for the prime minister receiving again, that he be a candidate from the protesters. link


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