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MarkC:  Another long year folks…stay strong..IMO

YoungSC:  Mark my brother you have to understand that one of the main reasons why Frank states in his opinion is to cover himself and his teams from getting bashed from other people who are involved with this investment.

Most of what Frank had stated in the past that will happen is actually coming to fruition in front of our eyes within the last 3 weeks. Stoppage of auctions, education of their old and new currency, new small category notes, American dollar not being used or being used in a different way for the corrupt not to steal anymore. It is what the CBI is telling us and the information is all there being shown to us.

These steps have never been done before and we are all witnessing it now.

Opinions are opinions my brother Mark but what Frank and his teams have been explaining to us for so long is factual information not just an opinion anymore. God bless you my brother

ChrisC:  I have had this conversation with a couple of people that have had their hope broken and want to think it is the same old thing over and over in Iraq.  It is not!

NONE of these things we are seeing take place now have happened in years past.  One of the most brilliant moves was Trump taking out Soleimani.  This broke the grip of Iran in Iraq and started to crumble their authority.

If this HAD NOT been done, then it might still be the same ol’ same ol’.  Trump has cut their dollar usage off, he is choking out Iran with sanctions, he crushed the leaders of Hezbollah and the Revolutionary Guard, and is making sure they can’t get funding from the IMF or World Bank.

They can’t steal from the auctions anymore, so they might as well turn respectable as unappealing as that is to their nature.

No, this is not the same old thing.  It is frustrating to wait for this to mature no doubt, but just remember what it was like waiting for Christmas when you were a kid.  Just realize this IS coming.

Iggy:  IMO…Frank has been so far ahead of the curve, the curve now has to catch up with him…

GodLover:  I agree that we are seeing things these days that we have never seen before imo. As you pointed out & I agree, the cutting off the usage of the USD is POWERFUL imo! And no one willing to “fund” Iraq is another POWERFUL message imo. We are reading so many articles that Iraq is on the verge of bankruptcy as well! I honestly believe this is our/their year for this blessing imo.
I know that some probably find my posts frustrating….. but some choose to disregard or only look at the money angle & not the GOI side of it imo.

Even the articles today were laser focused on the NEED for a new seated government that would then implement the demands of the citizens imo. Those demands per articles in the past are in the 2020 budget imo. The budget per articles CANNOT be sent to parliament with the current care-taker government imo. Although I may continually use “imo”, I am taking what I state from articles that have stated this for numerous months imo.

Yes the MR continues to progress & when the other end is ready….. I do believe we will see it imo. They are in a really bad situation & the pressure is on big time imo!

I am still hopeful the PM designate can get approved/seated before Ramadan & can get the 2020 budget sent to parliament imo. It would be nice to see them pass the budget during Ramadan, (hopeful but not expectant), although with their current situation…..maybe they will surprise us imo.

Opening the budget in June would be wonderful imo. I of course would love it sooner, but again the new PM will get the ball rolling….even faster imo.


Don961:  In three stages, Trump issued directives to end the closure gradually

– 18 Hours Ago

US President Donald Trump said his administration has developed new guidelines to gradually restore life to the American economy in multiple phases, after it was halted by the spread of the Corona pandemic.

Trump said in a speech during the daily press conference of the White House working group to combat the Corona virus, that the plan to restore the wheel of the economy to rotation is based on a three-stage approach.

The first stage – according to local media – requires schools and bars to remain closed, while restaurants and sports clubs can be reopened in specific circumstances.

It will also be strongly advised to wear protective masks in public places, provided that remote work remains a rule as possible as possible, and measures of social separation will be maintained.

The most vulnerable should be kept in quarantine, while unnecessary travel is also reduced.

If a return to the epidemic is not recorded, then the second phase can begin with the reopening of schools and the resumption of travel.

As for the lifting of restrictions and quarantine during the third stage, it will take place upon ensuring that the virus stops spreading.

But the rulers of seven states in the Midwestern United States announced their agreement to coordinate with each other to set a date to raise or mitigate social divergence measures, according to scientific facts and expert recommendations.

In a joint statement, the governors of the states of Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, Minnesota and Kentucky, said that the return of economic activity in their states will be subject to factors, most notably the control of the daily rate of injuries, the strengthening of the capacity of the health sector, as well as the identification of the most effective way to implement social spacing in the workplace.

Seven other states on the American East Coast had taken the same step, which is a challenge from state governors to President Trump, who believes that the decision to reopen the American economy is his presidential prerogative and not the prerogatives of state governors.

Record rise
in benefit requests In its latest reports, the US Department of Labor said on Thursday that 5.2 million Americans had applied for government unemployment benefit during the past week, raising the total number of people with these requests in one month to more than 20 million people.

The tough measures the United States has taken to combat the Corona virus have stifled the country’s economic sectors to a degree not seen since the Great Depression nearly a century ago.

On Wednesday, Trump suggested that his country had passed the peak of the Coruna epidemic, and said that some states would open before May 1, noting that his country had made great progress in the field of medicines used to treat people living with the virus.

The United States is the country most affected by the emerging coronavirus, the total number of confirmed cases in its territories has exceeded 650,000, of whom more than 34,000 have died.

Source: Al-Jazeera + agencies  LINK

Don961:  3 major crises are chasing Iraq, most notably the specter of bankruptcy

– 9 Hours Ago

The Italian Post newspaper said that Iraq faces the risks of the Corona virus in the midst of a critical situation the country is going through, as it suffers from a suffocating economic crisis and a state of political chaos, as well as paying the price of tensions between the United States and Iran.

The newspaper added in a report that Iraq recorded 1378 confirmed cases of Corona virus, according to the data of the World Health Organization. In contrast, the numbers are believed to be much higher, and it is worrying that hospitals in the country are unable to cope with a major health crisis, as well as many citizens do not respect the curfew imposed by the government.

The newspaper pointed out that the spread of the virus is adding to three major crises that the country is going through, the first of which is the economic crisis, as the country is on the verge of bankruptcy due to low oil prices. Secondly, its presence at the heart of the conflict between Iran and the United States. And third, the difficult challenges facing Prime Minister-designate Mustafa Al-Kazemi.

Economic problems
The newspaper pointed out that in recent months, the price of oil fell dramatically, first because of Saudi Arabia’s increased production, and then because of lower demand as a result of travel restrictions imposed to contain the epidemic.

In general, this is considered a major problem for Iraq because more than 90% of the state’s financial resources depend on oil. In this situation, the state seems unable to pay the salaries of employees and pensions of retirees. The Ministry of Health was forced to request donations to finance the care of people infected with the Coronavirus.

The newspaper pointed out that matters became more complicated after the restrictions were imposed on movement due to the Corona virus and decreased, and thus the trade exchange. Worse yet, there is no government able to take swift action to revive the economy. The 2020 budget, which can only be approved by the presence of a new government, was drawn up when the price of oil was much higher.

Political crisis
The current political crisis in Iraq began last fall, in conjunction with the outbreak of large and violent protests against the policies of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, as well as the high rate of unemployment and corruption of the political class in the country. At the end of November, the protests led to the resignation of Abdel-Mahdi, but he remained in office to conduct business, while continuous efforts were made to form a new government that could organize early elections as demanded by protesters.

In early February, Prime Minister-designate Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi made the first attempt, but failed to obtain support from Shiite parties and related factions. After that, the other designated prime minister, Adnan al-Zarfi, who holds American citizenship and is highly esteemed by the United States, took over this mission in mid-March. However, his attempt was unsuccessful despite the support of some Shi’a political parties.

On April 9, President Barham Salih assigned intelligence chief Mustafa al-Kazemi to form the government. For him, the first challenge is to get support from Shi’ite parties close to Iran, and he will have thirty days to present his government to parliament and gain confidence.

Settlement of accounts 
The newspaper pointed to the exacerbation of the instability in Iraq after the country became the main arena for settling accounts between the United States and Iran, and tension has clearly increased since the United States killed the Iranian General Qassem Soleimani. In recent months, American forces in Iraq have been subjected to numerous missile attacks that the United States attributes to Iranian-backed factions.

The newspaper pointed out that the spread of Corona had military consequences, as European and Canadian soldiers present in Iraq within the international coalition to fight the Islamic State were forced to leave the country because of this. The US military has also suspended training for Iraqi forces to prevent the spread of the virus.

All of this could serve the interests of the Islamic State and urge the rest of its members to try to take advantage of the growing confusion in Iraq. According to the military expert at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy Michael Knights, ISIS is the armed force most prepared for such an epidemic because its personnel are “preparing for the end of the world.”

The newspaper concluded that these problems could increase the fragmentation situation in Iraq, especially in the absence of a central force that can unite the country to face these challenges. On the contrary, there are several conflicting powers, where Kurds who have tried to secede in the past can return the ball if the government does not give them the promised funding. Sunni leaders may also consider creating their own entity. Moreover, protesters can return to the street strongly once the curfew imposed due to Corona is lifted.

Al Jazeera   LINK