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Don961: US satellites reveal information about the President of North Korea

The Washington-based Center for North Korea’s “38 North” has released a number of satellite images that showed what was described as a Kim Jong Un train station, amid reports that the latter’s health condition was deteriorating, and another about his death.

The photos revealed a residential compound of the North Korean leader in Wonsan, taken on April 21, amid ambiguity surrounding Kim’s fate and coinciding with Chinese reports reported by the “New York Post” about his death.

The North 38 Center, which reports on North Korea, said the train, which is likely to be Kim, was spotted at his headquarters in a tourist town called Wasan on April 21 and 23.

Nevertheless, the report said, “The presence of the train does not establish the whereabouts of the North Korean leader and does not indicate his health status, but rather reinforces the value of reports that Kim is staying in an area designated for the elite on the east coast of the country.”

Speculation has increased in the recent period about the health of the North Korean leader due to his absence from the memory of the country’s founder, Kim Il Sung, on April 15.

Reports of his poor health circulated after heart surgery.

The US newspaper “The New York Post” reported on Saturday a news carried by a director on a Chinese-backed TV, saying that the North Korean leader had “died.” The newspaper, which was not named by the American newspaper, is the vice president of Hong Kong TV network, supported by China.

Citing sources described as “strong”, Kim said that Kim is dead, announcing it through the Weibo social media app.

The mystery wraps up all that is going on in North Korea, isolated from the outside world by a steel wall of obscurity and discretion, and if the reports are authenticated this week that the Supreme Leader there is Kim Jong Un is in critical condition, he may have died according to reports whose credibility cannot be verified.

Compounding speculation that “Kim” did something unprecedented on April 15th, as the birthday of Kim Il Sung, his grandfather and founder of North Korea, was ignored, and he did not participate in any event celebration, which is totally unusual in North Korea.

The question that remains of great concern to many is: Who will rule the nuclear-armed country with a population of 25 million people if Leader Kim dies suddenly?

Given that North Korea has been ruled by the same family for 7 decades, it is possible that someone from the Kim family is the leading candidate.

“The likelihood that his sister, Kim Yoo Jung, will inherit power is more than 90%,” said analyst at Sejong Institute in South Korea, Xiong Seong Chang. He pointed out that “it has royal blood, and North Korea is like a breed.”

In recent years, she also accompanied her brother to high-level meetings with world leaders including US President Donald Trump, which prompted some observers to consider the second official in North Korea.

Others see the male culture of the North Korean regime as a barrier to its assumption of power. “The male-dominated parenting structure will remove Kim Yu Jung … as a potential successor,” Bloomberg wrote in 2017.

Kim Jong Un has another brother, Kim Jong Chul, who is also older. But he is widely believed to be not interested in politics or public life, and his late father, Kim Jong Il, considered him “so much like girls” that he did not have the strength. So there are only a few who think that he can be pushed into a leadership position, but he has “royal blood” and he is male, so there could be a role for him.

Kim Jong Un has children, but they are not old enough to take over.

There’s also 65-year-old Kim Byung-il’s uncle, who was reported to have returned to North Korea last November after having worked as a diplomat in Europe for decades. But he was out of power circles for some time.

Some fear that a power struggle will erupt, and if that happens, it could lead to serious instability in that region, with the possibility of nuclear weapons falling into unknown hands, and possibly large numbers of refugees flocking to China.

But all this speculation remains tied to the health of Kim Jong Un, who is still in his mid-thirties, and presumably receives excellent care, qualifying him under normal conditions to survive and stay in power until at least 2060, which is enough time to qualify his male offspring to receive Power in time   LINK


Don961:  Scientists develop a sterile substance that protects against corona infection for 90 days

Corona News 04/27/2020 20:04 771 Editor: gf
Baghdad today – follow up

Researchers at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology said they have developed an anti-virus layer that can provide “significant” protection for 90 days from bacteria and viruses such as corona causing Covid-19 disease.

The researchers at the university explained that the development of this layer, which is called “Map-1”, took ten years, and it can be sprayed on surfaces that people use repeatedly such as elevator buttons and stairs barriers.

“These places are being touched repeatedly and are at the same time a very effective medium for transmitting the disease,” said Joseph Cowan, associate professor at the university and a leading researcher on the team that developed the product.

The layer that forms after the material is sprayed contains millions of nano-sized capsules, which contain antiseptics that Kwan says will remain effective in killing bacteria, viruses, and germs even after the layer dries up.

Quan explained that, unlike disinfection methods such as bleach and dilute alcohol, the MAP-1 was reinforced with polymers that cover and release antiseptics when humans come into contact with them.

The researchers confirm that the layer is not toxic and it is safe for the skin and the environment, that is, it protects against the Corona virus, without side effects.

In February, the product received approval for consumption by official agencies and citizens, and will arrive at store shelves in Hong Kong next month.

With help from a local charity, the non-toxic class has already been sprayed into the homes of more than a thousand low-income families in the city.

On Sunday, Hong Kong recorded no new cases of the virus, leaving the total number of 1038 cases and 4 deaths.  LINK