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Don961: The arrest of a bank manager who tried to embezzle 3 billion dinars in Najaf

Data 05/14 2020 12:41 1512 Editor: am
Baghdad today – Najaf

The Federal Integrity Commission announced, on Thursday (May 14, 2020), that it can control cases of fraud and embezzlement in a private bank in Najaf, at an amount of more than three billion dinars (about $ 2.6 million), indicating that the accused in this case is the bank’s director in association with her husband The customer at the bank.

The Investigation Department of the commission stated in a statement received (Baghdad today), that the “Najaf Investigation Office” team that transferred to the bank seized the original deposit and withdrawal bonds that were tampered with and embezzled by the accused (the bank manager), who transferred funds to her husband’s accounts and arrived To (2,708,000,000) billion dinars and (350,177) thousand US dollars, after issuing the financial competencies that were not entered in the bank’s accounts and without deposit funds, “explaining” that they sign on behalf of customers the restrictions of depositing and withdrawing without their knowledge. ”

And the department added, “The defendant canceled letters of guarantee and issued them again without referring to the general management of the bank, keeping the commissions resulting from the letters for their personal benefit, taking more commissions than the prescribed percentage from the public administration, and transferring the extra percentage to her husband’s account, as well as leasing the moneylender located in front of The bank for a period of three years, and depositing the collected amounts in the same account.

She pointed out that “a fundamentalist minutes of seizure of the seizures were organized in the process and presented to the investigating court judge specializing in integrity issues in Najaf to take appropriate legal measures.”   LINK