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Don961: The malls of Baghdad are out of their silence … and have moved towards reopening their doors

2020-06-29 Yassin Iraq: Baghdad

The departments of a number of malls in the capital, Baghdad, issued a statement today, Sunday, demanding that they be allowed to reopen their malls, as they compared the opening of markets, which are very crowded, and refused to open malls run by specialized cadres.

According to the statement, which “Yes Iraq” received a copy of, it is that “since the beginning of the Corona pandemic that we ask God (the Almighty) to keep it away from our people and our country sooner rather than later, the views of the competent authorities differed between a total curfew and a partial curfew, investigation and tightening, without feeling With the economic and psychological situation people are going through. ”

The statement added that “the closure of shopping malls (malls) has clearly affected the lives of the Baghdadi citizen, whether the worker or the shopper, and the visitor.” He pointed out that “public markets are fully open with none of the ingredients required to maintain public health conditions while malls run by specialized departments And closed art for many months. ”

The statement appealed to the administrators of the country’s administration from Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi to “consider this issue with consideration and professionalism and reopen it on conditions that include measures of social separation and create a psychological atmosphere that raises the morale that was considered the first immune line that prevents infection with this damn virus.” LINK