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Petra: I am very excited.  We have never been to this place before.  We’ve never been in this position before.  We all thought things were happening.  We thought this was going to happen but we’ve never before have we been in a spot where we know it’s about to happen.  And it really gets me excited…

Frank26: Because you have an official budget you need an official exchange rate.  Who saysThe Fab 4…IMO they can now change – again – the exchange rate…

Militiaman: Saleh…obviously said this today for a reason.  He’s talking about not floating the currency.  He’s in a sense saying we’re not floating the currency but we’re going to do something possibly different…he’s saying that for a reason because this next stage is going to be very short and he’ll need to have communicated what he’s thinking.  Sometimes he tells you the opposite…they tell you what they’re not going to do…in this particular case  it sounds like he’s got it sorted that…he’s not necessarily going to float the currency…I’m not saying it’s 100% right but the implications is it should be a strong sustainable exchange rate…

Don961:  The war on the corrupt is escalating … international newspapers and websites follow up on news of the arrest of senior Iraqi officials by the Al-Kazemi government.

Policy  ,   2021/04/21 17:56   Baghdad – Iraq today:

“The deadline given to the corrupt by the government to settle files and return the money voluntarily has apparently ended, and the stage now is comprehensive accountability and no one will escape from it.”

With these words a political source concludes what is happening now in Baghdad, where he sees that “President Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi reasonably prepared his comprehensive war against corruption, and offered a settlement to return the stolen money of Iraq, and he meant that exactly as it turned out, and that the man is determined to recover the money, after accountability, and he will not be satisfied with the arrest of the corrupt. “

In an interview with (Iraq Today), he describes the scene in the political and governmental corridors, that the autumn season has come in its time for the corrupt, whose files have begun to be subjected to in-depth criminal investigations, and it seems that escaping from the grip of the Diwani Order 29 Committee headed by the human rights team Ahmed Abu Ragheef has become distant Very fetched. ”

He added, “The major task of the Al-Kazemi government was to organize early elections and restore the prestige of the state and the law, but the man put an important agenda on his program, as if he was saying that any early elections and restoring the prestige of the state and the law can only pass through the path of eliminating the corrupt, so he goes on despite – Since it has no party, no bloc, and no clear political support – moving forward and will not back down anyway. ”

The Iraqi Public Integrity Commission announced the issuance of arrest warrants and summonses against 58 current and former officials accused of corruption.

“The judiciary issued eight arrest warrants and 50 summonses against current and former officials last March,” the commission said in a statement.

And she added, “arrest warrants against a deputy in the Iraqi parliament, a former deputy, a former minister and a former deputy minister.”

The statement indicated that the arrest and detention orders included current and former governors, as well as 25 executive directors of state institutions, including current and former officials, in addition to a number of government employees appointed to temporarily fill vacancies.

The statement indicated that 22 members of local councils and others are also wanted by the authorities.

The commission did not name the parties concerned or the charges against them, and it was content with their involvement in corruption cases.

In February 2020, the authority announced the issuance of 82 summons and arrests against former and current ministers and their subordinates, in addition to summoning 624 executive directors during the year 2020.

Last August, the Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, formed a special committee to investigate major corruption files The tasks of implementing arrest warrants were assigned to the Special Forces headed by the Prime Minister.    LINK

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