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Samson: The Pope calls for canceling the debts of the poorest countries

04/12/2020 14:59:08

 Pope Francis called today, Sunday, to “reduce” or “cancel” the debts of poor countries and alleviate the international sanctions imposed on some countries, calling for Europe’s solidarity in the face of the emerging Corona virus.

In his Easter message he read at St. Peter’s Basilica devoid of worshipers in the shadow of domestic stone, the Pope wished, “the easing of international sanctions that prevent the countries subject to them from providing adequate support to their citizens” and called for “international solidarity by reducing if not canceling debts” That weighs heavily on the budgets of the poorest countries.”

Pope Francis called for an “immediate and comprehensive” ceasefire in the ongoing conflicts in the world to confront the new outbreak of the Corona virus.

The Pope prayed that “those who bear responsibility in conflicts should have the courage to support the call for an immediate and comprehensive cease-fire all over the world.”  LINK

Don961:  The US Treasury begins sending checks to citizens at $ 1,200 this week

April 13, 2020 1:44 PMMubasher:

Citizens in the United States start receiving direct government payments this week, as  part of a $ 2.2 trillion stimulus package that aims to reduce the “Covid-19” strike

A press release issued by the Congressional Roads and Media Committee revealed today, Monday, that the Internal Revenue Service will start sending $ 1,200 to middle and low income adults, in addition to $ 500 for their minor children this week

She added that the first payments must be deposited directly into the individuals ’bank accounts, but how quickly these funds appear in the customer’s account depends on the length of time that individual banks usually take to implement direct deposits

According to the statement, the Internal Revenue Service will first send the funds to the individuals for whom the agency has direct deposit information, which is about 60 million people, and then checks will be sent to the rest of the individuals

Priority will also be given to the weakest income earners in the distribution of payments

This process is expected to start by April 20, but it may take until next September   LINK