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Samson:  Russian Prime Minister infected with Corona virus

04/30/2020 19:55:33

The Russian Prime Minister, Michael Michaustin, announced that he had been infected with the new virus “Coronavirus” COVID-19.

During a meeting on Thursday with Russian President, Vladimir Putin, said he Micustin were infected with Corona will be subject to health isolate.   LINK

Samson:  Abdul-Mahdi: Iraq workers will achieve success by returning work and production and moving the economy

01/5/2020 15:38:36

The head of the caretaker government, Adel Abdul Mahdi, confirmed on Friday that Iraq’s workers will achieve success by returning work and production and moving the economy.

Abdul-Mahdi said in a statement that he received {Al Furat News} a copy of it: “This year commemorates the International Labor Day, and all mankind faces a serious health challenge that has stopped the wheel of life and work.

He added: “We are fully confident that the workers of Iraq will also achieve success in returning work and production and moving the national economy again.”

Abdul Mahdi said, “On this occasion, we bless the workers of Iraq with the anniversary of the International Labor Day, asking God Almighty that our people and sincere workforce can overcome all challenges, preserve their security and safety, and achieve their legitimate aspirations.”   LINK


Samson:  The Chinese agreement returns to the fore .. How will it save Iraq’s “gold bullion” from the collapse of oil?

10:02 – 04/30/2020
Adviser to the Prime Minister Abdel-Hussein Al-Hanin confirmed Thursday that the Iraq-China agreement was carefully designed to protect the country from the tremors of the oil markets, noting that the experience could be expanded to include other countries.

The advisor to the Prime Minister emphasized: “In short, we were able to guarantee a ready and guaranteed buyer of oil and that the experience of the collapse of the current oil prices from which no one was spared only from Mexico (from which some countries were previously ridiculed before the current collapse of oil prices),” noting that “Mexico sold its oil at a fixed price was less than the market price in the days of high prices while today it is considered an imaginary price in favor of Mexico compared to the current prices, this experience should teach us a useful and important lesson.”

Al-Hanin said in an article seen by (the information), “The Iraq agreement with China was carefully designed to constitute a real protection for the country from these tremors in the market, or at least it would have guaranteed a steady buyer of oil wealth in exchange for projects after it became clear that Iraq in the last days is looking for Buyers did not find.” He added: “I can say with confidence after the storm of deformation and counterfeiting against this agreement subsided after some thought that they succeeded in stopping it or at least postponing it and postponing the projects related to it. I say that the agreement was an advanced economic reading of the oil market. And an attempt to avoid betting on an extremely volatile market.”

He explained that “Chinese companies will enter into competitive rounds on Iraqi projects within the market standards, so that Iraq chooses the best specifications, the most appropriate prices and the highest technology, and the matter will be available to Western companies as well if it requires the addition of high and advanced technology.”

Al Hanin pointed out that “the financial framework with China is a source of smooth financing, in exchange for 100,000 barrels per day. Where oil is formed in a similar way (gold ingot), which makes Chinese companies and their high-tech partners eager to start their business in Iraq without fear of any political or economic fluctuations.   LINK

Don961:  Including the China agreement .. a government adviser puts five points out of the economic crisis

Politics 04/3020 13:37 1088 Editor: ha

Baghdad today – follow up

On Thursday (30 April 2020), Advisor to the Prime Minister, Abdel Hussein Al-Hanin, presented a set of points on finding a solution to the financial crisis that will strike Iraq soon in conjunction with the collapse of oil prices, and in light of the spread of Corona.

Al-Hanin said in an article that he followed (Baghdad Today), that “the Iraqi agreement with China was carefully designed to constitute a real protection for the country from these tremors in the market, or at least it would guarantee a stable buyer of oil wealth in exchange for projects.”

He added, “Many factors contribute to changing oil prices globally, the most important of which are the economic growth rates in China and India, in addition to the Asian tigers, and the ability of these countries to return again to the resumption of their steady growth after recessions (capitalism renews itself), to be an additional factor in Change course prices. ”

In his article, Advisor to the Prime Minister called for working with several solutions, namely: “expanding the agreement with China to reach the number between (300 – 500) thousand barrels of oil per day and with it the projects will expand.”

He added that “the second solution is to start concluding similar agreements with other developed countries, such as (the United States, France, South Korea, India and Egypt).”

Al-Hanin stressed that “the third solution is to engage in broad negotiations to sell part of Iraq’s exports (according to the experience of Mexico) at a fixed price for a period of not less than 20 years to ensure a steady income for Iraq, and we leave the rest of the factors of supply and demand in the market and this may push Iraq to exit from OPEC, It may be a good time after the oil price returns to rise again. ”

He continued: “The fourth solution is to amend the oil investment law that was born dead in 2007, because it is devoid of factors that attract investors to build refineries and other oil projects, and that the reason for the death of the law is the totalitarian mindset that unconsciously controls the minds of the political class but rather most of the Iraqi public. And I do not claim any discovery if I say that the price of a barrel will multiply several times if it turns into petroleum products or petrochemical commodities.

The advisor to the Prime Minister continued: “The fifth solution begins with launching the investment of Iraqi gas, and that the wait will bring us more losses and remorse, but this file must be removed from the political and partisan controversy.”  link