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Samson: Economist: The people being financially besieged will lead to major, irreversible crises

09:39 – 11/05/2020

Economic expert Ammar al-Jabri said that the government’s restrictions on the people under the pretext of the borrowing law and holding Parliament responsible for voting on the disbursement of large sums of money will lead to crises crises that cannot be rectified, pointing out that the market will suffer greatly because the citizen will move away from shopping as it was previously and thus enter the country in Real crisis.

Al-Jabri said to “the information”, that “the abundance of supply and the lack of demand will lead to spoilage of foodstuffs and other commodities as a result of their remaining in the shops, in addition to the fact that the owners of those shops and merchants will incur financial burdens as a result of not disposing of the goods and paying rents and salaries to the workers.” He added that “the citizen and the employee in particular will be significantly reluctant to shop and shop in light of the crisis created by the government to achieve certain goals by borrowing more than 40 trillion dinars.”

And he indicated that “what the Al-Kazemi government is doing has never been done by another government, despite the war against terrorism that Iraq has lived through and real crises, as the current crisis may lead to an explosion of the street and the people to come out in revolt against the government”, pointing out that “Al-Kazemi was unable to find sources funding the country, and also he was unable to exploit the current resources to maximize budget revenues, and therefore he entered the country into a new cycle that will not end without his departure.   LINK

Don961:  {Digitize} the reform paper

Thursday 05th November 2020 Dr.. Basem Brahimi

In order for any plan or strategy to succeed, we must be able to measure its effect on the ground, in other words it is necessary to “digitize” the plan or strategy in order for the speech to be based on scientific evidence, but if we do not have numerical indicators to measure the application, then that Will lead to controversy about the success ofLack thereof.

As it becomes then based on diligence and subjective impression, and this matter is subject to difference, which applies to a large extent to most of the previous strategies, if not most of them, as we find that they included in their chapters non-measurable goals or measurable goals, but without announcing “their digitization.” That is, it remained open to the ceiling and ultimately depends on the description.

This matter is considered a major reason for the failure of the previous plans to succeed and the inability to follow up or monitor them to determine the extent of success and failure in implementation, especially with no specific body to monitor implementation that has the ability to account and announce the results to the public.

Therefore, what raises concerns today is that the white paper announced by the government will be implemented and that we reach the same previous results that the previous plans have reached, and this matter calls for us to emphasize the importance of “digitizing”, that is, specifying specific numbers for its goals that are set according to realistic data that take into account potential changes. Over the years of the plan.

And then assisting in the implementation process and later evaluating the extent of each party’s success in reaching the special goals Out.

In this context, we reaffirm a proposal that we previously presented that includes the Economic Committee in the Council of Ministers to follow up on the implementation of the paper, as it is a higher body than a ministry as well as it includes economic ministries and entities not associated with a ministry, of an economic nature. Its meetings are to be evaluated achievement and requirements Success.

But if the paper remains with general non-digital goals and no higher body has been identified to follow it up, then this will reduce the chances of success and evaluation together, that this paper is an important opportunity to reform the Iraqi economy and cross it to safety in the midst of the current crisis; So we feel obligated to provide any idea that could contribute to Its success.   LINK


Samson: Iraq hands Kuwait an official invitation

11/05/2020 16:44:06

The Iraqi ambassador to Kuwait, Al-Manhal Al-Safi, delivered an official invitation by Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi to his Kuwaiti counterpart, Sabah Al-Khaled, to visit Baghdad.

A statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, of which Al Furat News received a copy, stated that “this came during Al-Safi’s meeting with the Prime Minister, Sabah Al-Khaled, in which the meeting discussed bilateral relations between the two countries and ways to advance them to meet the aspirations of the two brotherly peoples.”

He added that “the ambassador conveyed the greetings of the Iraqi leadership and its keenness to invest in fraternal relations for the good of the two countries, while he delivered the invitation letter sent by Al-Kazemi to his Kuwaiti counterpart to visit Iraq.”

For his part, the Kuwaiti Prime Minister praised the depth of the relationship that binds the two brotherly countries, stressing “the necessity of working to advance it to broader ranges, and for concerted efforts between the two countries to serve common interests.” “Al-Khaled welcomed the invitation and promised to fulfill it as soon as possible,” the statement concluded.  LINK

DeepWoodz:  Imo….conversation goes like this…Kadhimi-We are raising our rate in the coming days!….Al-Khaled-Great! As long as it’s not higher than ours!…….Kadhimi-Well, maybe we should both go higher since we have a larger more stable basket!…..Al-Khaled-OK then! We will be the envy of the world! A financial HUB!  lol