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Don961: News Ticker Saturday 30 January 2021 | 09:16 am

Because their demands were not implemented by the government … a call for the launch of the largest march that Baghdad will witness tomorrow, Sunday

The largest march in the capital Baghdad will start tomorrow, Sunday, and will include all sit-ins (a united march), in the Alawi area. ”The organizing committee of the demonstration called on law-keeping forces (Homeland Protectors) to protect the demonstrators from any sabotage act by terrorist gangs, because the numbers that will come out are in the thousands

They need protection

The march will start due to procrastination and unimplemented promises that affected all segments of society, which led the Iraqi youth to despair not to implement their demands, and that the sit-in will not end without an exception letter from the Prime Minister

The following are the names of the gatherings that will come out in the march:
1- Wages and contracts of the Ministry of Electricity’s engineers.
2- An uprising that brings together all specializations.
3- Watan gathering for graduate degree holders.

4- Contracts for all ministries.
5- Media sit-in gathering.
6- Engineers at B 9 (Al-Alawi Bridge).
7- The Central Association of Institutes of Iraq.
8- Sitters of law colleges in Alawi.
9_ Association of Technology Institutes in Dhi Qar.
10_ Volunteers of the Ministry of Defense.
11_ Mutasim unified technical institutes.

12\Administration and Economics.
13- Administration and Economics 190.

14- Engineers 39.
15- Agricultural Engineers.
16_The engineers of the Syndicate sit-in.
17_ Qualifying Course 83.
18_ Veterinarians in front of the Ministry of Agriculture.
19_ Chemical Engineering in front of the Ministry of Oil.
20_ Higher diplomas in front of higher education.
21_ Engineers of various specializations sit-in in front of the Ministry of Oil
22_ Oil Engineers sit-in at the Ministry of Oil link


Samson:  A police officer disappears with salaries of 700 affiliates in Basra

30th January, 2021
A security source informed Shafaq News Agency, on Saturday, that an accounts officer in Basra police had stolen about one billion dinars, which is the salaries of 700 affiliates, before it disappeared without a trace.

The source said, “The accounts officer of the Basra Police Command’s emergency regiments stole about one billion dinars, which is the sum of the salaries of 700 members of the Basra emergency regiments (the ninth emergency regiment) and fled to an unknown destination.”

In the context of the circumstances of the theft, the source explained, “On the day of the Iraq and Kuwait match (Wednesday), the officer in charge of salaries distributed small sums to some of the affiliates, as the rest were in the task of securing the match.” He continued by saying, “After the match ended, the members returned to their department to receive their salaries, but they were surprised by the disappearance of the officer with the salaries.”

The source pointed out that “initial information indicates that the officer fled the country.” The source also suggested that the stolen amount is still in Iraq, given that such an amount cannot be carried during travel. The source said, “The investigation is still ongoing.”  LINK