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CoCo:  The President mentioned currency and exchange discussions had taken place with China. WOW

Rommy:  Here is the clip of the “currency exchange” discussion.

ART OF THE DEAL: President Trump SURPRISE China Trade Deal Phase 1


BlaqueBeauty:  I love the word “conclusion”

Iobey777:  IMO..I’m thinking those that own some Dong are going to be very happy too!! Thanks Mr. President!


Don961:  Trump: We have reached a very important partial trade agreement with China

11 October 2019 11:03 PM

 Direct US President Donald Trump announced that the United States reached a “very important initial phase” in the trade deal with China in the ongoing negotiations between the two biggest economies in the world

Trump said in the Oval Office along with Chinese Vice Premier Liu He on Friday: “The second part of the deal will start almost immediately” after the signing of the first phase of the agreement

Trump said the first deal would address concerns about intellectual property and financial services, as well as the purchase of US agricultural products for $ 40 billion to $ 50 billion

The president said the first part of the deal would be written over the next three weeks

Steven Mnuchin said both sides had “almost complete agreement” on currency and financial services issues

He added that the decision to increase tariffs against China, which was supposed to come into effect next week, will not be enforced

At the talks, which resumed this week, both sides expressed optimism about an agreement in the near future

Earlier in the day, Trump said there were good things happening with China, noting that Washington and Beijing exchanged “warmer feelings” during this round of talks compared to the “recent past”   LINK

Don961:  Oil for reconstruction

Friday 11 October 2019

Thamer Alhims

We are very happy with the approval of the Council of Ministers on the draft law of the Reconstruction Council, which means that the problems of financial, economic and legal investment bodies will be simplified solutions through the law. Creating a performance that elevates the level of creativity through experiences or educational attainment commensurate with the magnitude of the founding work, which should be away from the quotas.

In practice, there are multiple models that are problematic. In Karbala’s infrastructure alone, 245 projects are lagging behind centralized and decentralized management, which cost nearly $ 4 billion.

Through the Karbalai lesson, we can judge the two administrations (central and local) after investigating the causes and results. Proposed centralization of the Council for Reconstruction.

Therefore, this Council comes as an alternative, after being armed with a feasibility research and studies center, especially that the modesty in the performance of our tasks should no longer be one of the scripts of sustainable development, which only need integrity in the performance first with a national will not regional, which was and continues to be the main obstacle to future development projects. .

The Fiduciary Framework Agreement with China should be poured directly into the CDR channel without passing through bureaucracies, poor performance and agendas, to proceed with the Chinese partner.

Taking advantage of his unique experience in the speed of achievement and creativity to complete the infrastructure, especially in the light of the presence of 3 million Iraqis between displaced and displaced suffering the devastation of war.

The reconstruction council may achieve equality, but not justice to the different levels of poverty among the provinces, an obstacle faced by China as well, but the solution was different from the Iraqi considerations, so we must adopt national solutions through projects pledged by the Central Bank to distribute according to the standards of justice and not equality

For the reconstruction board to work within the framework of its major projects of equality and the Central Bank of micro-projects to combat unemployment, as the cash reserves of foreign currency exceeds the standards of international standards, so that our revenues do not go to build the economies of other countries.   LINK